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October 31, 2006


Today must’ve been one of the seeloweeeest day for me… Pretty much stayed home the whole day… nda beraya langsung.. and besides, it was a nice day to sleep in .. heheh.. So anyways~ HAPPY HALLOWEEN… i know this is way too American, even for me… but what the ‘hay… I remember back when I was in Elementary, I would always dress up for Halloween… and I remember dressing up as the Terminator and Dracula complete with blood and fangs which would pop out off my mouth if I wanted to speak… haha.. but my all time favourite would hafta be dressing up as FREDDY KRUEGER.. u gotta admit, that is pretty cool for an 8 year old.. and it sure scared the shit out of the rest of the lil boys and girls.. hahaha….I mean, I REALLY dressed up as FREDDY complete w/ the striped shirt, the hat, and a bit of fake skin on my face for the burn effect.. and best of all, the gloves maan~ don’t even bother dressing up as Freddy if u don’t have the ‘freddy’ gloves…haha… but this was in Elementary… the whole dressing up dwindled a bit during Middle school…but of course, for the sake of the Halloween spirit.. I managed to put on a couple of props such as one of those fake knives that goes through one side of ur head and comes out on the other end… nothing extravagant really~ those were the days…. but come to think of it, they probably created Halloween just to suck out the life (financially) of people… like.. uuh.. ME! hahaha… speaking of costumes, If I were to dress up for Halloween masa ani… I’de really wanna be Michael Jackson in Thriller… with the whole red outfit.. compelete with ‘seluar tingkai-nya’ and those white socks.. hahah~ cool tu che!! Anyone wanna share their ‘I wanna be ………. for Halloween’??

Candy Cannon

canon1.jpgWell since this is my Halloween blog edition, I might as well give you the Candy Cannon…. I’m sure nada yang celebrate Halloween here as they do elsewhere especially in the States… But this is actually handy when kids come by trick or treating.. instead of just putting candies in their sacks, why not shoot it to them… and hope the Sneaker chocolates hit them in their faces.. haha.. ok I was kidding about that bit.. no violence please…ok, I do have the instructions on how to make it.. but knowing banyak urang yang ‘lului’ di sini ani… On second thought, I don’t think it’s such a good idea… haha..

ghostmse.jpgNow this is obviously just a mouse that’s shaped like a ghost.. nuff said


saw_tiga.jpgSaw is ‘gergaji’ kan?? haha.. antam sja tia.. I’m sure many of you know by now the 3rd installment of the SAW movies made it on top of the movie chart, grossing $34.3 million in its first 3 days…which is a record for Lionsgate studio… and surprise surprise.. the studio is already planning a fourth installment.. or should I say..SAW IV..for the same time next year… man, majal durang ani… seriously guys, don’t screw up the franchise… it’s best to leave it while ur on top~ but then again.. I could be wrong… 🙂

mm.jpgSpeaking of horror movies… there are a couple of them that you should look out for… one of them being a revival of a slasher classic.. Halloween… Rob Zombie is helming this one… bare in mind.. it’s a not a thank goodness.. instead, Zombie’s vision of the film is an entirely new take on the legend and will satisfy fans of the classic Halloween legacy while beginning a new chapter in the Michael Myers saga..ok, I’m a bit eager to see what Rob Zombie will do for his version of the Halloween franchise..I mean, this guy is twisted when it comes to making films… to those who has seen his movies, House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects should know what I mean…it’s just plain disturbing… so Rob my man… Go crazy… it’s expected to be released on October of 2007.. probably this time of next year, so those responsible for SAW IV should step up their game…

tm1.jpg Ok… I saved the best for last…Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures gives you… THE MESSENGERS.. now, just by watching the trailer.. I have a feeling this movie is gonna be good..moreover, it is directed by The Pang Brothers who brought us The Eye a few years back.. Click here for the trailer…

*note: the trailer is only available for viewing from 10pm and 5am.. but to those who can’t wait.. just adjust your PC clock anywhere between those times just for the sake of viewing the trailer..enjoy

ShitSoil’s Halloween Movie Recommendation

1. The Shining

2. Pet Cemetary

3. Hostel 

*update* HOSTEL II

hostel-poster.jpgI just had to add this movie on my Fright Night session. Eli Roth is back for his next intsallment of those who don’t know, the 1st movie revolves around two American college buddies  who backpacks through Europe… Upon encountering a fellow traveler, they eventually get lured into a particular Hostel in an out-of-the-way Slovakian town stocked with gorgeous Eastern European women.. (seriously HOTT che!) Initially distracted by the good time they’re having, the two Americans quickly find themselves trapped in an increasingly sinister situation that they will discover is as wide and as deep as the darkest, sickest recess of human nature itself…

I was fortunate enough to catch the movie a couple of months back in Brisbane coz I knew that there was no chance the film was going to get a cinema release here… not so much due to the sexual contents.. but the gore… Honestly speaking, alomost throughout the whole movie I just couldn’t watch it without having my hand over my face and peeking through my, I’m a  horror movie maniac and I can stand blood and gore…as a matter of fact, I enjoy it to the extent that I even scare myself sometimes…haha.. but this was way too much, yet in a satisfying manner where I went ‘more more!! shiiieet! wow, they can do that!!?’..hahaha… I don’t know if you’ll get the same experience as I did considering that I had the ‘cinema experience’ but GO GRAB THE DVD~ and play it using a projector.. haha.. that way, the anticipation for the sequel will grow!

The sequel is going be released in Spring of 2007, and this time it revolves around a group of American girls who study in Europe and will obviously go through what the dudes in the 1st movie experienced…in addition, Eli will further bring us deeper into the ‘organisation’ and the ‘clients’…. and more BLOOD and GORE please! HAHAHAHA *evil laugh*

Click here for the teaser trailer (This is the first trailer which was released in Germany)

*right click, copy shortcut and paste it on your Windows Media Player*



October 30, 2006

‘Horray horray, horray horray… bergembiraaaaaaa~!’ I reached my first 1000 Hits~!.. hehe..I know reaching a thousand hits is ‘macam kacang’ to many of you established bloggers out there, but for something that started off as a pass time saja…. I am extremely overwhelmed.. so once again, THANK YOU to all who have visited my blogsite..coz without ya’ll (eseeeh meeenn….hahaha!!) ShitSoil, will simply be.. well.. just plain Shit really.. so thank you and jangan beranti visiting 🙂

ketupat.jpgI was right… it was a long and busy day……~ ngalih ku ‘yai’….but it’s all good… it started off slow….. but not long after, it  got a bit chaotic… I apologize if ada yang inda lagi telayan….I was just busy busy busy…. Thank you to all that came….  and a big thanks to my fellow Centros that made it, Shuks as well as Amy and our very own Porn King of Unit 28, Din…to those who couldn’t make it today, please don’t hesitate to drop by anytime… lapai ku eh… (just so u knw how hungry I am, I’m munching on my Zinger as I’m typing all this..haha)

mna.jpg tah1.jpg

ok I’m out for the night…

‘udah ku nada kan’

October 29, 2006

yum.jpgWent to my uncle’s at Jerudong tonight for a bit of Raya bbq..all I can say is..nyaman che~ reminds me of the gud old times w/ the rest of the Centros…nantitah InsyAllah, jumpa di Brunei…

Just when I was blabbering about raya crashing in my previous post, there were two ladies who came ‘raya-ing’ at the bbq tonight and assuming they were friends of the host, we just let them in..and it turned out, they were in the wrong house… hahaha…and they were in there for quite some time ‘beraya’ before realizing that it was the wrong house.. oh well ladies.. di hari raya, semua orang di jemput… no sweat

tomorrow’s probably gonna be a long day for me and the rest of the family as we are hosting our FIRST open house di Brunei in 4 years…managed to text a couple of friends and siapa kan datang di jemput with open arms… 🙂


‘Udah ku nada kaaan…’…I must’ve said this line a couple of times udah today and this has been an ongoing issue for me since I left Brissy.. seriously man, throughout the 4 years i lived there, nada wah kan di aga di brisbane atu or kan di bali for that matter..and not long after I left, a Nudie jeans boutique was opened whereas back then going to the GoldCoast was the only way to get ’em…then a freagin’ sneaker shop di Adelaide street! Which sells Air Jordan 1s I might add! and to add to my list of ‘udah ku nada di brisbane kan’ THIS...My ‘correspondents’ Marha and Rol should have an idea to what/whome I’m referring to.. HAHAHA! maybe I am jinxd afterall..oh well, quoting c ‘Bundan’.. ‘jodoh di tangan tuhan..’ hahaha….. all the best to Centro and my fellow GU, QUT & UQ buddies on the upcoming exams… mudahan lulus.. AMIN

*i apologize for my lack of updates on movies, music and gadgets lately.. just let me get through the raya phase…so stay put, coz there are plenty coming your way… and THANK YOU to all who have visited 😀

Di hari raya..terkenang daku..

October 27, 2006

cucul.jpg*phew* just got back from the usual raya-ing…I can just feel that the raya mood is declining as days go by…probably, by next week abis tia kali… apart from open houses in the weekends that is…. just to be brief, went beraya to a couple of houses, cruised around..just the usual. U know how in my previous posts I mentioned about not knowing where to go for raya… and just today I was thinking about what I’ve said…and I came up with the idea of ‘Raya crashing’..u knw, just like the ‘Wedding Crashers’… haha..imagine just barging in to someone’s home randomly…and i’de probably introduce myself by saying..’astah..bukan urg lain aku anii~’… or ‘kediaku bah.. yang budak hingusan kita jaga dulu….’..besides, everyone in Brunei is often related to each other anyway…so it’s not like I’ll be lying to them or anything.. hahaha..



While beraya and passing through Lamunin, we passed this house located on a hill which is supposedly freagin’ haunted….and yes, being my usual pemajal self, I just had to stick my nosy head out of the car window and take pictures of it.. hahaha! Apparently, an expat used to live there once..probably in the 90s…and during the long school break, his colleagues, neighbours etc thought he had left Brunei for good as he went missing…After finding out that there was no record of him leaving the country, they finally checked the house and found his dead body… probably murdered..pokoknya ‘parai’ lah. After the incident, there were several people who rented the place, but after only a couple of months or even weeks, ALL moved out for the same reason…the house is HAUNTED…It seems that the tenants frequently heard and saw things while living there… One story has it that, one of the tenants saw a head rolling down the stairs….don’t take my word for it… but that is fucked up…. hahaha.. so anyways, the house is currently empty and has been empty for a long time…regardless of the fact that I am shameless when it comes to self-promotion..I am not making this up to boost my ‘Hits’.. i mean, I’ll probably post naked pictures if I wanted to do that..hahaha! Below are the pictures of the house….if by any chance, u r the owner or related to the owner of the house in any way… Maaf Zahir Batin tah tu eh.. but c’mon! it is HAUNTED!




October 26, 2006

test4.jpgThe 2nd day of raya was another hectic day. Makan, minum, makan, minum…and it just keeps on going on and on…oh, and I got my first AMPAU in 4 years..hahaha~ I doubt I’de reach my usual $100 worth of ampaus as previous rayas.. inda lagi dapat di tipu..tarang-tarang dah TUHA bagak..hehe… At the end of the day, my brother and I went to the mall to pick up something…it was so sunyi.. if only the parking lot at the mall was always that empty…Then, despite spending the whole day makan saja.. we did what Bruneians do best…Eat..haha. Went to Escapade for a bit of sushi…. mana kan nda boroi ni parut… oh well, janji hepi…..

Regardless of having my license for quite some time now, I honestly didn’t know where to go raya-ing…Then it hit me. I realized the sad truth that I have limited friends here in Brunei…and yes, this is the part where u feel sorry for me.. hahaha…but this is a fact. I got home at about 9 last night…and that is pretty early…i mean, c’mon 9 is probably the time when ‘mummys’ and ‘babahs’ go home…and I thought to myself, ‘urg muda-muda yg lain siuk ni.. jalan ke rumah kawan-kawan sampai’… not that I’m restricted and have a curfew or anything.. that’s just it…I HAVE LIMITED FRIENDS here in Brunei…haha.. sad but true…..I suppose that’s the downside of living overseas all my friends come and go…i mean, I get more Christmas greetings than Raya greetings for goodness sake..hahah … i actually had this conversation with Marha last night.. and all she could say was ‘sabar…ada tu nanti…’… With me permanently living in Brunei this time…well, let’s just hope she’s right 🙂

Happy Birthday to my cuz, Bebeh (Nadia)..Semoga Panjang Umur Murah Rezeki..Amin..Study ur ass off d sana atu 😉

Family Matters

October 25, 2006

r_5.jpgAs expected, it was a long, 1st day of raya…Haven’t experience this for quite some time, and as I always’s good to be home… Back in my Brisbane days, on the 1st day of raya is usually my first day of exams.. but looking back, it’s all worth it. Of course, woke up early for the Raya prayers and pretty much went to visit family and friends for the whole day..kan pacah ja nda ‘bladar’ ulih minum saja. It was overwhelming to be able to visit relatives though, especially ‘Ninis’ that I didn’t even know I had… it was somewhat an emotional discovery…and those small things just makes u realize how valuable family really is… but the reality is, today’s youth including myself are neglecting and drifting away from our own roots..which is unfortunate…Therefore, let’s take this raya opportunity to ‘merapatkan’ lagi that bond before, as my dad always say.. ‘saudara sendiri pun inda kenal’…


My ‘masang pelita’ moment from last night…haha

Robin Thicke – The Evolution Of Robin Thicke


The artist formerly known as Thicke, is back with his sophmore album, The Evolution of Robin Thicke. Despite not being widely known as an artist by many, his Grammy winning writing and production is surely heard by many in his work with Mary J Blige, Usher, Brian Mcknight just to name a few. Now under Star Trak records (Pharrell William’s record label), it’s time for him to shine. Personally, I think this dude is a genius which is evident in his lyrics and melodies. It is an album that tells the tales of love, loss, temptation, redemption and finding hope when all the odds are against you. It has a bit of everything from Soul/Funk, Hip-Hop, to Rock. If you’re thinking, ‘aww..not another white boy trying to sound black…’ just give the album a chance and then you be the judge.. tracks to look out for are ‘Lost Without You’, ‘2 The Sky’  and ‘Wanna Love U Girl’…

1. Got 2 Be Down
2. Complicated
3. Would That Make U Love Me
4. Lost Without U
5. Ask Myself
6. All Night Long
7. Everything I Can’t Have
8. Teach U A Lesson
9. I Need Love
10. Wanna Love U Girl
11. Can U Believe
12. Shooter
13. Cocaine
14. 2 The Sky
15. Lonely World
16. Angels

….check back 4 more updates soon InsyAllah 🙂

Suasana Hari Raya

October 24, 2006

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir & Batin. If I ever did any of you wrong, please forgive my wrong doings. Enjoy this joyous month, and ‘berhati-hatilah di jalan raya’


Luxury is a Bitch

October 23, 2006

Isuk Raya! Isuk Raya! hehe…Nevertheless, it’s really kinda sad that Ramadhan’s going to be over. So I’m assuming everyone is doing their last minute shopping and I’m sure there are those who left their office earlier than usual  today…and this just demonstrates how ‘productive’ Bruneian workers are…hehe..biarkan tia, for the sake of the festive season~


Checklist of things to do tonight:

Pasang cucul

Pasang Pelita

Main Badil

Do the raya Hokey-Pokey

…ok I made up the last bit just for the sake of making it look like I got a lot of things to do tonight.. hahaha~

25: Awu Dud, after making a blog entry like that, I am probably being tapped even as I type this… So if they are reading this I might as well ask tarus.. ada keraja kusung arah kamu atu?? hehe… a bit of publicity won’t hurt 😛

Sash: Awu Sash, it’s an Ipod shuffle…ngga gue tau if it’s out here udah plg.. but since it’s not that new.. it probably is~ check ya d ‘Melben’ jua~ it’s $79


Singapore airlines just can’t sit still can they. On 17th of October 2006, Singapore Airlines anounced the details of the new cabin designs and enhanced KrisWorld IFE system for SIA’s 19 new Boeing 777-300ER which will be put into service by the end of 2006. Its seats in all classes as well as its amenities are upgraded which includes Givenchy designed bedding amenities in First, Business, and Economy class.

The new Boeing 777-300ER


Economy Class


Business Class


First Class


…yes, you are looking at a 23-inch high-resolution widescreen LCD monitor…DAMN SON! 

thanx to abidoi for the heads up

photos courtesy of singaporeairlines


October 22, 2006

Morning mortals. Had an early morning today.. as usual, didn’t get enough of my beauty sleep.. so as I am typing this, paning lalat ku ni.. Went to nini’s kubur today to pay our respects and baca Yassin…it’s been a while. Makes you think back of the good old days and that nothing lasts forever..On a lighter note, hari ani meliat anak bulan..but just by looking at the condition outside, there’s a slim chance the moon will be sighted.. but you never know..So, plans for today..honestly I don’t even know and at the moment all I’m thinking about is sleep sleep and sleep just for a bit…

Went to the mall yesterday..and as predicted it was packed than the day before… as quoted by Sash..‘betamu gusi’..haha…it was great tho.. you don’t see that sort of crowd everyday in Brunei… at least I don’t..

onesheet.jpgWent to catch The Prestige…Directed by Christopher Nolan…The movie is bascially about the rivalry between two magicians which as time went by became deadly. As usual, the visuals were top-notch.. it had that dull/dark vibe..something you’de expect from Christopher Nolan.. The story was fresh, yet at times predictable….but its a very character and story driven movie. I suppose, the best part of the movie were the great performances by the all-star ensemble which includes, Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Scarlett Johansson, ‘Gollum’ himself-Andy Serkis and David Bowie. It’s a 2hr+ movie, so those looking for mindless action and expensive CGI…you’re better off watching Open Season or that new Jackie Chan movie…BUT if you always wanted to see a standoff between Wolverine and Batman, this is the closest you’ll get… haha….take it from me, it’s worth a watch.. *two thumbs up*

Batik is the way to go..

This is from the ‘Adidas Materials of the World’ series..obviously this one is the Indonesian series. Ok, I can’t help it but…. THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOOOO COOOOOOL!!!! haha.. 


‘Inspired by the very act of creating a Batik-Made fabric which has a strong symbolic meaning for the Javanese. It is said that each time the Batik craftsman executes a particular intricate pattern the design is not only fixed to the cloth, but the meaning of the design is engraved ever more deeply in the soul of the Artisan. This highly skilled process, involving complicated dyeing and dye-resist processes, is regarded highly by many Indonesians as one of the six Priyayi or “High Arts”.’ 

courtesy of Hypebeast

Who says size matters

Here’s the newly improved Ipod Shuffle…It’s not that new.. just thought I’de share it. It is the world’s smallest digital music player which holds up to 240 songs (1GB)…You can clip it on ur belt, ur sleeve, ur bag… u get the idea…It also has a battery life of up to 12hrs of continuous play… and it’s CHEAP! So to those who are on a tight budget, yet crave for an Ipod.. this is for u…unfortunately, similar to the previous Shuffle, no screen.. Oh well..u lose some, u gain some….and that makes the world go round……………..kah?


photos courtesy of

The KKKs

October 21, 2006

BRUNEI: The Year 2015
Here’s an article worth posting which talks about what many of us Bruneians are concerned about – the future of  Brunei, job opportunities/unempoyment. The article simply stresses that the prospect of Brunei going downhill is not impossible nor is it an exaggeration – as we seem to be heading there. As mentioned in the article, that over the years, jobs (opportunities) dried up in Brunei, and like the ‘highly qualified engineer graduate’ mentioned in the article, making a living elsewhere was the only realistic option for him. He among many others, ‘is one those people who are worried about local employment. “At this rate Bruneians like me are not able to sustain locally. And that is a start. Others lower down the scale will have to go out of the country eventually until we reach rock bottom” he added.’

The article went on further by saying, ‘But in the face of this many Bruneians still live on in a dream. In terms of attracting foreign investment here the situation remains moribund. It is obvious Brunei does not hold the lure for foreign investors. To make them put their money down you need something else……….What is needed is a change in mid-set. “But that is easier said than done. It is the years of accumulated sloth and non-action and false fear that has fossilised our behaviour, attitudes and thought process that we have to get rid of. And that is not going to be easy” ‘


This has to be one of the most important and worthwhile local article I’ve read in recent years. Being a graduate myself, and not to mention unemployed, I can easily relate to what the locals being interviewed were saying. While my scale of frustration is no way near their’s YET, I believe it is important for myself and others to have something to think about. Hundreds, if not thousands, including myself are finding it very difficult to get a hold of that (job) opportunity which is rightly ours. As an extension to the article, it is no secret that ‘equal opportunity’ in Brunei is to an extent, a blur. There are those who ‘cut the line’, there are those who judge by looking at one’s background rather than his/her qualification and determination to work. Simply put, ‘nepotism’ still prevails in this beloved country of ours. Now look, I am not here to whine about my own misfortunes and criticize my country, but whether we like it or not, this is reality buddy. yet, Alhamdulilah, we live in a peaceful country where His Majesty has given us many benefits such as free education as well as free medical services. However, I believe in order for us to be able to move forward, certain aspects of how the system works here needs to change. Nevertheless, God encourages us to keep on striving no matter how hard the obstacle, so never give up guys. As they say, ‘rezeki itu di mana-mana’ and it’s just a matter of finding it.

excerpts courtesy of BruDirect

Any thoughts? The comment link is just a click away..haha. More updates later on InsyAllah 🙂