The Dark Knight

Another movie update. First there was Batman Begins, now comes the sequel.. THE DARK KNIGHT.. frankly speaking, if u thought Batman Begins sucked.. ur not in ur ryt mind buddy..haha. Anyways, where was I?… yes the sequel. Christian Bale, Michael Caine and Gary Oldman are returning..thank goodness. Don’t you just hate it when a sequel comes out and a different actor takes over (e.g: GEORGE CLOONEY and the Batman Nipple suit! sheesh.. whyyyyy!). Ok, I’m drifting away.. YES the DARK KNIGHT… if you’re wondering who the villain is… it’s the Joker (not really a big surprise to those who has seen the movie). But here’s the cool part….the Joker will be played by…… *drum roll*…………… Heathe Ledger! It’s actually a good choice come to think of it… different from Jack Nicholson (Joker from the Tim Burton Batman movie just so u knw)…yet a good choice. But don’t expect the usual Joker look with the heavy make up, green hair and purple suit. This one is gonna be darker and more sinister. According to a reliable source, it’s gonna have that “Orange Clockwork” vibe.. so expect some disturbing shit from the Joker. Let’s just go on now shall we… other than the jester himself… Harvey Dent (Two Face) will make an appearance..probably before he got the whole two-face look going on..they’re gonna save that for the 3rd movie. So that’s pretty much it basically. I’ll keep u updated.



2 Responses to “The Dark Knight”

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