Flying High


This just got in. “The Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) yesterday announced that  beginning November this year it would be accepting bid proposals from foreign and local companies interested in projects to turn the Brunei International Airport into a regional air hub…….The Airport National Development Plan Projects envision to upgrade the existing airport. Scheduled for completion by 2031, the projects are intended to turn the airport into a hub for the BIMP-EAGA region (Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines – East Asean Growth Area).” Full article

excerpts courtesy of Brunei Times

Sounds like a great project to me. Just by skimming through the the article, consultancy services, communications, navigation, surveillance, air traffic management are the major project categories for the development. Moroever, the passenger terminal is aimed to be enhanced into a state of the art facility for the comfort of passengers. It’s about time the international airport gets a major facelift. But with its completion targetted at 2031, I’de probably be in the stage of my life where I really don’t give a rat’s rectum about it, other than counting the days for my retirement..haha..only time will tell.


man.. I gotta start waking up before noon. This is bad. Been waking up at 1pm and sleeping at 5am since puasa ani. I mean, I love sleeping in and all but as the old saying goes, “siapa bangun akhir inda rezeki datang”.. well, at least i think it goes something like that. So basically, I gotta start waking up early.. i doubt it’ll happen anytime soon though. Speaking of waking up early, I got an early ‘interview’ tomorrow morning at the Min of’s probably gonna take an hour or so (I hope). Seems like my brother is dropping me off at the place and my dad picking me up afterwards. You guys reading this are probably going… “macam inda belesen saja” (*cough* Marha’s reaction)…well, just to keep my pride from going down the drain, here’s the problem…I haven’t been in Brunei long enough to know directions.. yes, I’m that bad..haha..the only place I know is probably Gadong..and maybe Kiulap..sad, but true…so please cut me some slack.. hahaha. Man, I gotta at least read something for tomorrow.. 

Do The Right Thing (Spike Lee)

As a self-proclaimed sneaker freak..(at least back in the days when I could afford them..) it would be very wrong not to post this. Here, I give you..the Air Jordan Spiz’ike. Just a brief background, the shoe itself is a hybrid of AJ3, AJ4, AJ5, AJ6, and AJ20. Probably designed by Spike Lee, just by looking at the logo. Proceeds from the sales will help donate a new film institute at Morehouse College. It’s coming out this Saturday, at least in the States. The good news is, it is said to be available worldwide as well. The bad news, only 4032 pairs are available (yes..worldwide). If it does make it to Asia, your chances of getting one nearby would be Singapore..but hey, with only 4032 pairs available (again..WORLDWIDE!) ..well you get the picture.


photos courtesy of hypebeast


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  1. fiz Says:

    ~~~waaang…cubatah ber tagboard..hahaha eh blog counter mu penipu..last minute it was 100 hits, now it’s 108!

    “aku mana femes”… ~Wooooooo~~


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