the new black

Knight ‘Rider’….

Ok, this is just plain amusing. David ‘The Hoff’ Hasselhoff has shocked students during an appearance at Trinity College in Dublin when he made a comment that his talking Knight Rider car, KITT was gay. He continued by saying, “We have some fairly X-rated outtakes on ‘Knight Rider’….KITT was constantly asking, ‘Do you want me to take you home Michael?’ in that very camp voice of his..” Come to think of it… he does have a point~! hahaha! Speaking of Knight Rider, a new movie is in the works.. surprise, surprise…another remake from hollywood.. But with the gay comments, I won’t be surprised if they’re having second thoughts in bringing back the franchise…thanx to the HOFF! U RUINED MY CHILDHOOD DREAM OF OWNING A TALKING CAR! NOW IT’S JUST NOT COOL ANYMORE!


‘Pengait’ Brunei 

I dont know if any of you have read this a while back, but here’s an interesting article published by a major lifestyle magazine in the States which talks a bit about Brunei…I’ll just leave it at that and go ‘head hunting’ now…Read it here if you wanna know what I mean..pffft~
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7 Responses to “the new black”

  1. 25 Says:

    “This is a place where they are still beheading people,” hahahaha duudddeeee … where did they take her?? pasar???? ya rabbi … kasi malu. haha

  2. Pengait « Turquoise and Roses Says:

    […] I can’t believe how stupid some people can/allow themselves to be. Dear lord.  Via ShitSoil, I came across this article about singer Monica. You all know her yes? […]

  3. shitsoil Says:

    najamkan pemarang ku dulu…*ooga*booga*ooga*booga* ..haha

  4. Sash Says:



    nada datu nini ku pengait !! waris ku nada waris pengait eh!! *emo*

  5. shitsoil Says:

    awu sash~ others have been trying 2 justify that maybe she’s referring to capital punishment etc… but no~ nda ku ‘duli.. i still think she’s assuming dat we’re pengait savages! hahah.. anyways.. welkam welkam~

  6. Sash Says:

    awu. inda berakal monica atu ah.. hahaha.. its either that or the press got it all wrong. saja kan menaikkan marah. kan marah kau kan? hehehe.

  7. shitsoil Says:

    hahaha.. awu “maraaah”

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