cha yIbaH qara’DI’

Had a good nights rest last night as I actually slept this time around rather than my usual ‘staying up until sahur’. Is it just me, or don’t you just hate it when you get woken up at 4am for sahur and you’re pretty much half  unconscious. For me, I’m usually in my deep sleep, then a knock…and at times a bang on the door comes next, courtesy of my beloved mum. I then start moving on to the kitchen like a zombie, sit…look at the food and start munching. And it’s just so frustrating when I actually know the food is suppose to taste good but then you just can’t help but lose your taste buds…take for example, we had prawns/shrimp/udang for sahur a few nights/mornings ago… and trust me when I say that I am the king of all udang eaters, yet it felt like I was chewing on rubber… u knw, that sorta feeling….and that’s the main reason why I prefer staying up and actually have a smile on my face while I eat at 4 in the morning~ may seem a bit freaky and disturbing if u picture it.. but hey~ i love food… heee :D…oh hey, thanx to c Phyz (for her sarcastic “aku inda femees” statement), c Dud and Maurina for their comments…and for the rest of you~ just a reminder again, don’t hesitate to leave any comments on any of the topics…or even suggestions..ckp kusung pun okeh~ i don’t bite…the worse i can do is probably delete your comments…can i do that tho? i still need to check if there’s actually a feature which let’s me do that~ hahaha.. oh well

Do you speak Klingon?

If you’re wondering what my main heading on top says… it’s actually Klingon-ese which translates to ‘fire the torpedoes!’..haha~ (just for those who don’t know, Klingons are a warrior race of humanoids in the fictional STAR TREK universe.) Ok, this is how I came up with the topic. I woke up this morning..and while still palau, called up Tasek Brasserie at Sheraton to cancel a reservation..then being my random self, i thought..wouldn’t it be cool, in a nerdy kinda way, if I could speak Klingon…and as they say, the rest is history. Now, i’m gonna show off a bit… here it goes… ‘IqnaH! tlhIngan Hol Dajatlh’a’. Hab SoSlI’ Quch! buy’ ngop.. sounds cool doesn’t it…..but here’s what I really said…..Mucus! Do you speak Klingon? Your mother has a smooth forehead (note: this is a major insult! haha) That’s great news.


Here are some great tips courtesy of

There is actually an entire language to learn if you like, but this will see you through most of those Klingon language emergencies.

Here’s How:

  1. First, spend a few minutes thumping your chest and snarling. This language is mostly about attitude.
  2. Say “Ha! Ha! Ha!” as loudly as you can to get used to forcing sounds up from your diaphragm.
  3. The most important word to know is “Qapla'” (pronounced “kap-LA!”), which is a way of wishing people “Success!” Imagine five scenarios where you might say this. Practice grunting it out, putting heavy emphasis on the second syllable.
  4. The second most important word to know is “putaQ” (pronounced “poo-tak”), which is a nicely general insult.
  5. There, now you have a sentence, “Qapla’ putaQ!” (I wish you success, you jerk!)
  6. Go up to someone you don’t like, thump your chest, snarl, and grunt very loudly, “Qapla’ putaQ!”
  7. Run.

Tips: All words sound better with some of that long Klingon hair to fling around as you speak.


4 Responses to “cha yIbaH qara’DI’”

  1. fiz Says:

    Hahaha..Maula’ sa jiyu tu tiru’ lai!
    Must b the receptionist’s lucky day..Hahaha..jgn ko~ kalinya ia ada blog jua.. harassedreceptionist.Wordpress.Com..Haha..Posting sal ko..Ataupun masani ia googling ‘receptionist+strange language+tasek brasserie’.. It wud’ve been nice if ia happen to knw the language n ia balas ko in a similar fashion..Heh..Kinyam ju..Haha!

  2. serz Says:

    shad..are u realli that jobless…hahahah…

  3. shitsoil Says:

    yes i am~ hahah..yatah doakan ku laju2 dapat kraja~! 😛

  4. jeng jeng Says:

    a comment..

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