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BRUNEI: The Year 2015
Here’s an article worth posting which talks about what many of us Bruneians are concerned about – the future of  Brunei, job opportunities/unempoyment. The article simply stresses that the prospect of Brunei going downhill is not impossible nor is it an exaggeration – as we seem to be heading there. As mentioned in the article, that over the years, jobs (opportunities) dried up in Brunei, and like the ‘highly qualified engineer graduate’ mentioned in the article, making a living elsewhere was the only realistic option for him. He among many others, ‘is one those people who are worried about local employment. “At this rate Bruneians like me are not able to sustain locally. And that is a start. Others lower down the scale will have to go out of the country eventually until we reach rock bottom” he added.’

The article went on further by saying, ‘But in the face of this many Bruneians still live on in a dream. In terms of attracting foreign investment here the situation remains moribund. It is obvious Brunei does not hold the lure for foreign investors. To make them put their money down you need something else……….What is needed is a change in mid-set. “But that is easier said than done. It is the years of accumulated sloth and non-action and false fear that has fossilised our behaviour, attitudes and thought process that we have to get rid of. And that is not going to be easy” ‘


This has to be one of the most important and worthwhile local article I’ve read in recent years. Being a graduate myself, and not to mention unemployed, I can easily relate to what the locals being interviewed were saying. While my scale of frustration is no way near their’s YET, I believe it is important for myself and others to have something to think about. Hundreds, if not thousands, including myself are finding it very difficult to get a hold of that (job) opportunity which is rightly ours. As an extension to the article, it is no secret that ‘equal opportunity’ in Brunei is to an extent, a blur. There are those who ‘cut the line’, there are those who judge by looking at one’s background rather than his/her qualification and determination to work. Simply put, ‘nepotism’ still prevails in this beloved country of ours. Now look, I am not here to whine about my own misfortunes and criticize my country, but whether we like it or not, this is reality buddy. yet, Alhamdulilah, we live in a peaceful country where His Majesty has given us many benefits such as free education as well as free medical services. However, I believe in order for us to be able to move forward, certain aspects of how the system works here needs to change. Nevertheless, God encourages us to keep on striving no matter how hard the obstacle, so never give up guys. As they say, ‘rezeki itu di mana-mana’ and it’s just a matter of finding it.

excerpts courtesy of BruDirect

Any thoughts? The comment link is just a click away..haha. More updates later on InsyAllah 🙂


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  1. 25 Says:

    baru jua hari atu ‘cerita’ psl kraja ani … i think our wires are tapped. haha. that’s it dude, sambung bljr ku ni. no chance kn dpt kraja. heh heh. selamat hari raya! =) sabar saja dulu, insya Allah dpt kraja ni kau soon. lps atuuuu lanja mkn yes! haha ;p

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