*phew* just got back from bandar with the  whole family..maaan, of course Kiulap and Gadong was packed..obviously because pay day is coming up ISUK and, if I’m not mistaken, some got theirs a day early.. so you get the picture.. pay day + brunei + RAYA LAGI = berabis-rabis~ that’s Brunei for u buddy..anyhoots~ went to the Mall for a bit just to see the crowd, cuci mata, minum2.. u knw the usual… I tell you, it was packed…kan betamu batang idung ja nda… I wonder what it’ll look like tomorrow..betamu gigi kali….I’ll just leave it here for tonight.. A’kum and take care

Mr. Gigi

Ok, I’m not even gonna lie to you and say that this is not one of those videos that doesn’t give you a heartattack. But it’s worth watching… I scared the shit out of my mum tonight when I told her to look at the monitor reaaally close.. hahaha.. it was hilarious! thank gudness she didn’t smack me and say something like..”tulah! mau ya jadi batu mcm c tanggang!”.. haha.. enjoy~ just make sure you have ur speakers on VERY LOUD and concentrate if you want THE experience~enjoy


One Response to “YAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!”

  1. Sash Says:

    betamu gusi kali eh. anyways, thanks for the link. selamat hari raya maaf zahir dan batin. peas to the world.

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