Morning mortals. Had an early morning today.. as usual, didn’t get enough of my beauty sleep.. so as I am typing this, paning lalat ku ni.. Went to nini’s kubur today to pay our respects and baca Yassin…it’s been a while. Makes you think back of the good old days and that nothing lasts forever..On a lighter note, hari ani meliat anak bulan..but just by looking at the condition outside, there’s a slim chance the moon will be sighted.. but you never know..So, plans for today..honestly I don’t even know and at the moment all I’m thinking about is sleep sleep and sleep just for a bit…

Went to the mall yesterday..and as predicted it was packed than the day before… as quoted by Sash..‘betamu gusi’..haha…it was great tho.. you don’t see that sort of crowd everyday in Brunei… at least I don’t..

onesheet.jpgWent to catch The Prestige…Directed by Christopher Nolan…The movie is bascially about the rivalry between two magicians which as time went by became deadly. As usual, the visuals were top-notch.. it had that dull/dark vibe..something you’de expect from Christopher Nolan.. The story was fresh, yet at times predictable….but its a very character and story driven movie. I suppose, the best part of the movie were the great performances by the all-star ensemble which includes, Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Scarlett Johansson, ‘Gollum’ himself-Andy Serkis and David Bowie. It’s a 2hr+ movie, so those looking for mindless action and expensive CGI…you’re better off watching Open Season or that new Jackie Chan movie…BUT if you always wanted to see a standoff between Wolverine and Batman, this is the closest you’ll get… haha….take it from me, it’s worth a watch.. *two thumbs up*

Batik is the way to go..

This is from the ‘Adidas Materials of the World’ series..obviously this one is the Indonesian series. Ok, I can’t help it but…. THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOOOO COOOOOOL!!!! haha.. 


‘Inspired by the very act of creating a Batik-Made fabric which has a strong symbolic meaning for the Javanese. It is said that each time the Batik craftsman executes a particular intricate pattern the design is not only fixed to the cloth, but the meaning of the design is engraved ever more deeply in the soul of the Artisan. This highly skilled process, involving complicated dyeing and dye-resist processes, is regarded highly by many Indonesians as one of the six Priyayi or “High Arts”.’ 

courtesy of Hypebeast

Who says size matters

Here’s the newly improved Ipod Shuffle…It’s not that new.. just thought I’de share it. It is the world’s smallest digital music player which holds up to 240 songs (1GB)…You can clip it on ur belt, ur sleeve, ur bag… u get the idea…It also has a battery life of up to 12hrs of continuous play… and it’s CHEAP! So to those who are on a tight budget, yet crave for an Ipod.. this is for u…unfortunately, similar to the previous Shuffle, no screen.. Oh well..u lose some, u gain some….and that makes the world go round……………..kah?


photos courtesy of Apple.com


2 Responses to “*poof*”

  1. Sash Says:

    kita semua sepakat..di kampong hai pening lalat.. mengucapkan selamat .. hari raya. huhuhu. the mini ipod is hot.

  2. Sash Says:

    kita semua sepakat..di kampong hai pening lalat.. mengucapkan selamat .. hari raya. huhuhu. the mini ipod is hot. eh bukan mini. shuffle. keluar sudah kah di sa-antero dunia?

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