Luxury is a Bitch

Isuk Raya! Isuk Raya! hehe…Nevertheless, it’s really kinda sad that Ramadhan’s going to be over. So I’m assuming everyone is doing their last minute shopping and I’m sure there are those who left their office earlier than usual  today…and this just demonstrates how ‘productive’ Bruneian workers are…hehe..biarkan tia, for the sake of the festive season~


Checklist of things to do tonight:

Pasang cucul

Pasang Pelita

Main Badil

Do the raya Hokey-Pokey

…ok I made up the last bit just for the sake of making it look like I got a lot of things to do tonight.. hahaha~

25: Awu Dud, after making a blog entry like that, I am probably being tapped even as I type this… So if they are reading this I might as well ask tarus.. ada keraja kusung arah kamu atu?? hehe… a bit of publicity won’t hurt 😛

Sash: Awu Sash, it’s an Ipod shuffle…ngga gue tau if it’s out here udah plg.. but since it’s not that new.. it probably is~ check ya d ‘Melben’ jua~ it’s $79


Singapore airlines just can’t sit still can they. On 17th of October 2006, Singapore Airlines anounced the details of the new cabin designs and enhanced KrisWorld IFE system for SIA’s 19 new Boeing 777-300ER which will be put into service by the end of 2006. Its seats in all classes as well as its amenities are upgraded which includes Givenchy designed bedding amenities in First, Business, and Economy class.

The new Boeing 777-300ER


Economy Class


Business Class


First Class


…yes, you are looking at a 23-inch high-resolution widescreen LCD monitor…DAMN SON! 

thanx to abidoi for the heads up

photos courtesy of singaporeairlines


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