Family Matters

r_5.jpgAs expected, it was a long, 1st day of raya…Haven’t experience this for quite some time, and as I always’s good to be home… Back in my Brisbane days, on the 1st day of raya is usually my first day of exams.. but looking back, it’s all worth it. Of course, woke up early for the Raya prayers and pretty much went to visit family and friends for the whole day..kan pacah ja nda ‘bladar’ ulih minum saja. It was overwhelming to be able to visit relatives though, especially ‘Ninis’ that I didn’t even know I had… it was somewhat an emotional discovery…and those small things just makes u realize how valuable family really is… but the reality is, today’s youth including myself are neglecting and drifting away from our own roots..which is unfortunate…Therefore, let’s take this raya opportunity to ‘merapatkan’ lagi that bond before, as my dad always say.. ‘saudara sendiri pun inda kenal’…


My ‘masang pelita’ moment from last night…haha

Robin Thicke – The Evolution Of Robin Thicke


The artist formerly known as Thicke, is back with his sophmore album, The Evolution of Robin Thicke. Despite not being widely known as an artist by many, his Grammy winning writing and production is surely heard by many in his work with Mary J Blige, Usher, Brian Mcknight just to name a few. Now under Star Trak records (Pharrell William’s record label), it’s time for him to shine. Personally, I think this dude is a genius which is evident in his lyrics and melodies. It is an album that tells the tales of love, loss, temptation, redemption and finding hope when all the odds are against you. It has a bit of everything from Soul/Funk, Hip-Hop, to Rock. If you’re thinking, ‘aww..not another white boy trying to sound black…’ just give the album a chance and then you be the judge.. tracks to look out for are ‘Lost Without You’, ‘2 The Sky’  and ‘Wanna Love U Girl’…

1. Got 2 Be Down
2. Complicated
3. Would That Make U Love Me
4. Lost Without U
5. Ask Myself
6. All Night Long
7. Everything I Can’t Have
8. Teach U A Lesson
9. I Need Love
10. Wanna Love U Girl
11. Can U Believe
12. Shooter
13. Cocaine
14. 2 The Sky
15. Lonely World
16. Angels

….check back 4 more updates soon InsyAllah 🙂


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