test4.jpgThe 2nd day of raya was another hectic day. Makan, minum, makan, minum…and it just keeps on going on and on…oh, and I got my first AMPAU in 4 years..hahaha~ I doubt I’de reach my usual $100 worth of ampaus as previous rayas.. inda lagi dapat di tipu..tarang-tarang dah TUHA bagak..hehe… At the end of the day, my brother and I went to the mall to pick up something…it was so sunyi.. if only the parking lot at the mall was always that empty…Then, despite spending the whole day makan saja.. we did what Bruneians do best…Eat..haha. Went to Escapade for a bit of sushi…. mana kan nda boroi ni parut… oh well, janji hepi…..

Regardless of having my license for quite some time now, I honestly didn’t know where to go raya-ing…Then it hit me. I realized the sad truth that I have limited friends here in Brunei…and yes, this is the part where u feel sorry for me.. hahaha…but this is a fact. I got home at about 9 last night…and that is pretty early…i mean, c’mon 9 is probably the time when ‘mummys’ and ‘babahs’ go home…and I thought to myself, ‘urg muda-muda yg lain siuk ni.. jalan ke rumah kawan-kawan sampai akhir..be-jolly’… not that I’m restricted and have a curfew or anything.. that’s just it…I HAVE LIMITED FRIENDS here in Brunei…haha.. sad but true…..I suppose that’s the downside of living overseas all my life..so friends come and go…i mean, I get more Christmas greetings than Raya greetings for goodness sake..hahah … i actually had this conversation with Marha last night.. and all she could say was ‘sabar…ada tu nanti…’… With me permanently living in Brunei this time…well, let’s just hope she’s right 🙂

Happy Birthday to my cuz, Bebeh (Nadia)..Semoga Panjang Umur Murah Rezeki..Amin..Study ur ass off d sana atu 😉


4 Responses to “AYAYAYAYAYAYAYA!!”

  1. fiz Says:

    Awu eh..Ada tu nanti kawan2 yg ko cari2 selama ani..Naaah~ ku offer kn kwn sma ko nda ko mau..”brunei grand sale udah ni”. Hehe..

    Hmm..all this while ku pikir guys aren’t so caught up w the notion of ‘having friends’ like girls are..Lain definitions of the concept kali..

    Terhibur ku memikirkn ko dpt christmas greetings ani..Hehe..Teingat ku dulu2nya msa ko baru2 balik dri philippines,urg somehow pikir ko half filipino..

  2. bebe a.k.a nadia Says:

    makaseh abg shady =)) huhu…

  3. maurina Says:


  4. shitsoil Says:

    haha..awwh~ *sniff* 1 new friend added.. a few more 2 go (preferably a few hundred)! now all i need is a girlfriend.. hahah!

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