Di hari raya..terkenang daku..

cucul.jpg*phew* just got back from the usual raya-ing…I can just feel that the raya mood is declining as days go by…probably, by next week abis tia kali… apart from open houses in the weekends that is…. just to be brief, went beraya to a couple of houses, cruised around..just the usual. U know how in my previous posts I mentioned about not knowing where to go for raya… and just today I was thinking about what I’ve said…and I came up with the idea of ‘Raya crashing’..u knw, just like the ‘Wedding Crashers’… haha..imagine just barging in to someone’s home randomly…and i’de probably introduce myself by saying..’astah..bukan urg lain aku anii~’… or ‘kediaku bah.. yang budak hingusan kita jaga dulu….’..besides, everyone in Brunei is often related to each other anyway…so it’s not like I’ll be lying to them or anything.. hahaha..



While beraya and passing through Lamunin, we passed this house located on a hill which is supposedly freagin’ haunted….and yes, being my usual pemajal self, I just had to stick my nosy head out of the car window and take pictures of it.. hahaha! Apparently, an expat used to live there once..probably in the 90s…and during the long school break, his colleagues, neighbours etc thought he had left Brunei for good as he went missing…After finding out that there was no record of him leaving the country, they finally checked the house and found his dead body… probably murdered..pokoknya ‘parai’ lah. After the incident, there were several people who rented the place, but after only a couple of months or even weeks, ALL moved out for the same reason…the house is HAUNTED…It seems that the tenants frequently heard and saw things while living there… One story has it that, one of the tenants saw a head rolling down the stairs….don’t take my word for it… but that is fucked up…. hahaha.. so anyways, the house is currently empty and has been empty for a long time…regardless of the fact that I am shameless when it comes to self-promotion..I am not making this up to boost my ‘Hits’.. i mean, I’ll probably post naked pictures if I wanted to do that..hahaha! Below are the pictures of the house….if by any chance, u r the owner or related to the owner of the house in any way… Maaf Zahir Batin tah tu eh.. but c’mon! it is HAUNTED!




3 Responses to “Di hari raya..terkenang daku..”

  1. BEAVER Says:

    biar ya c shadi ani~~~ jgn branti. gatal bah kan ucap psal barang cematu. skali org bertudung puteh pun teriaki nya psal ya ter’kejut’. hehe.
    kontex ‘open house’ erti nya sumwa jua d lagau kan? go crazy mannn.. crash tia very house in the neighbourhood!

  2. shitsoil Says:

    haha~ shouldn’t u be studying?? hahaha

  3. BEAVER Says:

    hep!! raya k! ;P .. n c’mon shadi.. shudn’t u know me better??

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