‘udah ku nada kan’

yum.jpgWent to my uncle’s at Jerudong tonight for a bit of Raya bbq..all I can say is..nyaman che~ reminds me of the gud old times w/ the rest of the Centros…nantitah InsyAllah, jumpa di Brunei…

Just when I was blabbering about raya crashing in my previous post, there were two ladies who came ‘raya-ing’ at the bbq tonight and assuming they were friends of the host, we just let them in..and it turned out, they were in the wrong house… hahaha…and they were in there for quite some time ‘beraya’ before realizing that it was the wrong house.. oh well ladies.. di hari raya, semua orang di jemput… no sweat

tomorrow’s probably gonna be a long day for me and the rest of the family as we are hosting our FIRST open house di Brunei in 4 years…managed to text a couple of friends and siapa kan datang di jemput with open arms… 🙂


‘Udah ku nada kaaan…’…I must’ve said this line a couple of times udah today and this has been an ongoing issue for me since I left Brissy.. seriously man, throughout the 4 years i lived there, nada wah kan di aga di brisbane atu or kan di bali for that matter..and not long after I left, a Nudie jeans boutique was opened whereas back then going to the GoldCoast was the only way to get ’em…then a freagin’ sneaker shop di Adelaide street! Which sells Air Jordan 1s I might add! and to add to my list of ‘udah ku nada di brisbane kan’..now THIS...My ‘correspondents’ Marha and Rol should have an idea to what/whome I’m referring to.. HAHAHA! maybe I am jinxd afterall..oh well, quoting c ‘Bundan’.. ‘jodoh di tangan tuhan..’ hahaha….. all the best to Centro and my fellow GU, QUT & UQ buddies on the upcoming exams… mudahan lulus.. AMIN

*i apologize for my lack of updates on movies, music and gadgets lately.. just let me get through the raya phase…so stay put, coz there are plenty coming your way… and THANK YOU to all who have visited 😀


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