‘Horray horray, horray horray… bergembiraaaaaaa~!’ I reached my first 1000 Hits~!.. hehe..I know reaching a thousand hits is ‘macam kacang’ to many of you established bloggers out there, but for something that started off as a pass time saja…. I am extremely overwhelmed.. so once again, THANK YOU to all who have visited my blogsite..coz without ya’ll (eseeeh meeenn….hahaha!!) ShitSoil, will simply be.. well.. just plain Shit really.. so thank you and jangan beranti visiting 🙂

ketupat.jpgI was right… it was a long and busy day……~ ngalih ku ‘yai’….but it’s all good… it started off slow….. but not long after, it  got a bit chaotic… I apologize if ada yang inda lagi telayan….I was just busy busy busy…. Thank you to all that came….  and a big thanks to my fellow Centros that made it, Shuks as well as Amy and our very own Porn King of Unit 28, Din…to those who couldn’t make it today, please don’t hesitate to drop by anytime… lapai ku eh… (just so u knw how hungry I am, I’m munching on my Zinger as I’m typing all this..haha)

mna.jpg tah1.jpg

ok I’m out for the night…


One Response to “Whoaheheeeey~”

  1. unemployed buddy Says:

    Eseh…banar eh masuk blog tarus gambar ku ah hahahahaha bagus bagus! anak anie inda berubah ulajnya…every year bukanya mikin berakal but mikin babal sama lului ada pulang =D bah shad jgn lupa kerumah ah.Anytime saja kau bulih dtg but parking bebayar lah…biasa…kawan kawan punya price HAHAHA Selamat Hari Raya PAREEEEEE!

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