Vwassap Vaneela face

cil3.jpgJust another boreng day really… but I managed to go beraya for a bit today at my aunt’s and uncle’s… unfortunately, no ampau…darn it…….no wait, I did get one from Bubu..kana spare some change for the jobless dude…cukup jua utk mbali a couple of nasi katoks…hahha..sedih bunyinya..  but thanx buuu~ so yea, i’m at that stage where my raya mood has reduced dah.. and everyone is busy with work, assignments and exam preparations…………ok i don’t have anything to say much about today.. pokoknya boreng lah… and it’s likely to be like this everyday~ let’s just hope I come up with something interesting soon.. so baik tah kamu bawa ku beceta.. or else I’de hafta use my secret weapon and talk about ‘cara-cara membuat kek mata kucing’ as suggested by c Dud..hahahaha!

Happy Birthday to Kolah 🙂


ytube.jpgDue to issues of copyright violations, several Comedy Central clips including The Daily Show With John Stewart and South Park, in Youtube have been removed. A week earlier, nearly 30,000 clips of TV shows, movies and music videos were taken down after the Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers cited copyright infringement. BOOOOREEEEENG~ why now? Why did Comedy Central take so long to act if copyright was a worry.. gtau saja karit…So to those who use YouTube as a means of watching their favourite TV shows (mcm c ‘Antastasia Beaver Hausen’ who’s a HEROES addict at the moment..haha).. better make full use of it before those darn network execs decide to make the same move….I better get my Dave Chappelle fix on before they remove the clipss~ NOOooooo~!

 Vrrroom with Style


if you thought owning a Murcielago would make you ‘kambang idung’ while driving around town.. owning a Murcielago designed by Versace would probably result in you being kambang to the extent that your breakfast cereal would burst out of your nostrils at a very fast pace…yet, you still wouldn’t give a fuck even if people saw you…This Versace/Lambo collab is only limited to 10 cars worldwide and features a full Versace print interior along with a metal Versace tag inside so you can brag to your passenger that it’s a Versace designed Lambo……. as if owning a Murcielago wasn’t enough for bragging… sheesh…i hope they accept lay-by.. haha


photos courtesy of freshnessmag


2 Responses to “Vwassap Vaneela face”

  1. BEAVER Says:

    HEROES KU HILANG~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ !!! cana ni??

  2. shitsoil Says:

    sel… i posted this post arnd 2am brunei tym.. so d sana 4 pagi tu yai.. nda ko pndai tidur lagi kah~? hahah! d/l saja wah kai torrent

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