dinner.jpgI’m not gonna even bother talking bout my day. As expected, I didn’t do jack shit today..even as I’m typing all this, I’m the only one that’s still wide awake…just earlier, I was in the living room sorang2 jadi tikus munching away the raya snacks meant for guests.. haha..oh well..I seriously have nothing better to do really… and I can’t find my ‘Spongebob Movie’ DVD and its frustrating me. Ada blog ya c Dud aaaah~~ woooo!..haha~ She ‘indirectly’ implied that I was ‘lame’ when i asked her to do a certain task during a certain scenario if she goes ‘somewhere’ and sees ‘someone’… confused? well good then.. hahah!.. n mind you.. I was KIDDING Dud….or so u think.. har har har! I’m gonna make myself a hot drink now… be back in a jiff…………………………………….BACK! and that took me approximately 2mins…hey, every detail counts right? 

Singapore: No Strings Attached

This isn’t that new really, but it’s best that I share it with you before it becomes ancient history. By 2007, residents of Singapore can enjoy FREE unlimited Wi-Fi services  almost anywhere within the country. This new wireless broadband service touting access speeds of up to 512 kilobits per second (Kbps) will be available in public areas including town centers and downtown shopping belts. Part of Singapore’s iN2015 infocomm masterplan, the 10-year blueprint also includes the deployment of a national broadband backbone providing Internet access speeds beyond 1 gigabit per second (1Gbps), in addition to other technology initiatives spanning various industry segments. While Singaporean’s already have convenient access to wireless hotspots run by individual service providers, this service known as Wireless@SG will increase the number of hotspots from the current 900 up to 5,000.

As if this wasn’t enough, Singapore has set a time frame to reach a prominent position in the world broadband map. It aspires to transform the island nation into the first totally wireless and wired country in the world by 2015…….’tamaak-tamaaak~’..



I know many of you have heard about SONY’s latest ‘toy’ ingeniously known as MYLO which stands for- My Life Online…those darn people at Sony sure are clever aye..haha.. This personal communicator is basically ur computer, which fits in ur pocket unless ur wearing one of those really tight-ass jeans…  It is used for portable instant messaging and other internet-based communications, browsing internet web sites and playback and sharing of media files.  This pocket-sized, tablet-shaped handheld device has a screen which slides up to reveal a QWERTY keyboard. Additionally,  it also works as a wireless Skype phone. But best of all, the MYLO has no monthly service fees, all you need is an open Wi-Fi connection and you are good to go… ‘it pretty much puts the world under your thumbs’… with Singapore having 5000 wireless hotspots by next year, I wouldn’t be surprised if I see everyone there carrying one of these… for those Bruneians yang tais-liur kan mbali…take it from me, jangan tah dulu..rugi..unless Brunei decides to increase the numbers of Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the country very soon………*wishful thinking*


for more info: MYLO


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