maestro12.jpgI notice that I’ve been starting my posts by telling you how boreng my day has been… well, it is safe to say that this past few days.. it’s been OK I suppose… nothing special yet a-OK~ But OH! I got to drive ‘the forbidden’ LEXUS a couple of nights ago..  now it’s just a matter of waiting for him to actually go overseas for one of his conferences.. and just hope he leaves the keys behind…*evil laugh*.. or else, my beloved Soluna will just have to do for now.. hee hee hee….

Thanx to c Din for my long awaited Centro Maestros shirt..cheers buddy

Goodluck to Denny M, who will be leaving for Brisbane once again to do his Post-Grad.. Sorry kalau inda te-antar Den.. all the best buddy

Sorry for the boreng entry.. I’m gonna have an early night since I’m going to Temburong in abooutt.. 4 hours or so.. so I need my sleep.. SORRY SORRY SORRY~ so for now, I hope you enjoy this Nike-Japan Ad….it was shot in the Akihabara district, the hub of everything that is related to electronic, gadget, anime, manga, and cosplay (costume play) of Tokyo..I know someone is going to Japan soon, so oleh-oleh ah…jgntah mahal-mahal..a Nintendo Wii will do just fine…hahah!. . I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t stop laughing my ass off the 1st time watching this…especially the bit where they go.. ‘WOo! Aaah! Yay! *clap*clap* Wooh!! Wooh!’……watch and enjoy…Jya mata. Oyasuminasai 🙂


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  1. uuh..i don’t think so « ShitSoil Says:

    […] Ever fantasize being part of one of those colored coordinated-tights wearing Japanese superheroes? Well, this is the closest you’ll get to fulfilling that fantasy. But before u ‘transform’, I suggest you watch THIS first for a bit of ‘umph’! and once you’ve done laughing…. then go crazy by going HERE … enjoy.. […]

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