Ai ryk beri beri mach..

obat3.jpg*yawn* I just had my nap….buruk eh…i think i’m gonna end up sleeping at 4am again mun cani ani. anyways, today was a good day to stay home and that’s exactly what i did..other than that, sakit wah parut ku che almost the whole day~ i think its the ‘raya’ bug.. becampur aduk dah makanan lam parut… but not to worry, minum obat ‘cina’ dah ku (which looked more like hamster droppings i might add..but hey, it works)… and just wen i was about to eat ’em, i just couldn’t stop singing that ‘obat cap ibu & anak’ song, which goes somthing like..‘kisah seorang anak yang duka nestapa kerana ibu nya sakiit~..’ and now it just frustrates me coz I forgot the rest of the lyrics..ingan2 atu tah saja tu balik2..



1. Nintendo Wii

wiilogo2.jpgIn the ‘age’ where the PlayStation and Xbox dominates, Nintendo is coming back with a vengeance as it unveils the revolutionary Nintendo Wii which will be released on December 8. What makes the gaming console ‘unique’ is its controller, known as the Wii remote, which may be used as a handheld pointing device and can detect motion and rotation in three dimensions. Wii sports makes the best use of the controller. For instance, to play a game of tennis,  you hold the controller like a racquet and hit the ball on the screen pretty much as you would if you were playing for real. The controller is just about sensitive enough to work out the angle and power of your shot. Moreover, the additional nunchuk-like controller becomes your gloves when playing a Boxing game, allowing you to repeatedly beat the shit out of your opponent… 

I know many are more anxious with getting the PlayStation 3 which is without a doubt waaaaayy powerful. As compared to the Wii, graphically, the PS3 is mesmerizing. But when you’re in the middle of beating baddies by whirling ur Wii wand around, you probably wouldn’t give a rat’s ass about polygon counts and progressive scanning. With the Wii, what you lose in graphical ability, you make up for sheer enjoyment……..and it’s smaller (8.5 inches long, 6 inches wide and less than 2 inches thick..roughly the size of 3 DVD cases stacked on top of each other) unlike the bulky PS3….and cheaper

wii.jpg feature_main_img_wii_remote.jpgfeature_main_img_nunchuk.jpg


photos courtesy of Nintendo 

2.Air Jordan I

These are the 2007 re-released Air Jordan I’s pack. It comes with the black/yellow combo, the Carolina/white UNC combo and of course the white/red of the Chicago Bulls color scheme…


3. 2008 Lexus IS

Bare in mind. This is not the IS you see driving around town. This is the Lexus IS500 set to be released in 2008 but I like to call it the ‘M3 and AMG killer from Japan’. Not much is known about the IS500 as Lexus have been tight-lipped about it, but we do know for sure that it’s going to be one powerful car.

Here are the main specs of the IS500: a V8 (2UR-FSE) engine that develops 420bhp (at 5800rpm) and 550Nm of torque (at 3800rpm), 5.0L displacement, overall dimensions of 4665x1820x1435mm with a 2730mm wheelbase and a total weight of 1685kg.

here’s an exclusive first look at the IS500


photos courtesy of Nihon Car & Bike

4. Now all I need is a job and a…..well, let’s just say being single is sucha bitch~..

*note: kepada kawan-kawan ku yang ‘labih-labih baik’ kan menolong atu.. please, don’t make me have to stress this balik-balik…bini-bini2 ‘TULEN’ please..hahahaha!

ok, it’s 4am+ …i better TRY to get some shut eye now…


5 Responses to “Ai ryk beri beri mach..”

  1. C-Miss. Says:

    *heheh* Shadiii, Shadii~ U never fail to make me laugh even when you’re not right in front of me…banar tah anak ani..baik tah cari keraja lai…. ;p Btw, keep up the good work…you can even beat Russell Peter…banar…ada potential…

  2. shitsoil Says:

    well well well.. if it isn’t c-miss…. miss, thanx for the compliments.. and i think i love u… i know ur waaaaaaaaayy older than me.. but at the moment… I’m up for anything~ *smooch* HAHAHA! bah doa kan saja ku supaya dapat kraja~ 😀 huhuhu..c u in Brunei yea

  3. BEAVER Says:

    ehhh~~!! mun d offer suda bini bini tulen, indaaaaaaaaa jua mau~~!! baik tah travel the world shadi. i know u have savings. jumpa tu future wife mu. cari kaja negara lain. hewhewhew

  4. shitsoil Says:

    HAHAHA! YAI! bini2 tulen my ass! yg ‘kong’-pius ada lah kamu offer…haha.. nda nda abis dah savings ku…kapeh che…~ bah i u better come to brunei sel~

  5. Jual kacang « ShitSoil Says:

    […] You should know how much I love my Lexus..a couple of months ago I mentioned a bit about the upcoming Lexus IS500… well, it’s finally here…. well sorta..since it’ll be called LEXUS IS-F instead.. According to the Toyota Press Release, Lexus will stage the world premiere of the 2008 IS-F sport performance car and an exciting concept vehicle at a press conference at the 2007 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. […]

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