kalatmats.jpgFinally went out today after…let’s see~ about a week or so… Was even encouraged by the parents since I’ve been memburuk in the house lately..hahaha.. Just went to The Mall to get a couple of DVDs and of course, my usual Dome and newspaper afternoon session.. it’s actually been a while since I went there… but nothing new really.. Oh and I had the Tandoori Chicken Slammer… it was actually really good.. will definately be one of my usual orders from now on…and no Dud, inda ku ‘betinggir di escalator te- “psst psst, hey bebeh…” ‘…. nada jua ada yang kan di psst psst tadi atu..hahahaha…

Lexus LS460


If you’ve been reading the Borneo Bulletin these past few days, I’m sure u have come across a teaser Lexus LS460 ad which takes up one whole page. So what’s so special about the car, well to me its definately the gadgets. There’s a 30GB hard drive for both music and navigation, 3 cameras to help you park the thing as well as keep you in your lane. There’s also the obligatory touchscreen voice-activated navigation system, Bluetooth for your phone, and a 19-speaker Mark Levinson sound system that can play back MP3s. There’s also an 8-speed automatic transmission (world’s first). The LS460 L on the other hand has a standard self-parking system which enables the car to park itself (which is an optional feature for the LS460 model). If u ask me, it’ll probably flick the finger to Mercs and BMs if those people at Lexus had included an arm on the car. It will be launched here in Brunei on Friday (10th November) and there’s a good chance I’ll be dropping by at Lexus. Just look for the guy slobbering…*drool*

What if…..

……there are those among us who have powers…not in a dukun type of manner but powers in a ‘superhero’ sense. Well, that’s exactly what NBC’s hit series HEROES is all about. It follows eleven ordinary people who suddenly discover that they have superhuman abilities such as telepathy, time travel, flight. Not only do the characters discover what having superpowers means to them, but also uncover a larger picture concerning the origin of their superpowers and the need to come together as they are destined to save mankind. The characters eventually become involved in each other’s lives as they attempt to evade the series antagonist, who wishes to harness their “super DNA” for his own ends. When the series premiered nationally in the United States, it was the most-watched program that night among adults 18-49, attracting 14.3 million viewers overall and receiving the highest rating for any NBC drama premiere in five years. Other than my beloved ‘LOST’, this has got to be one of my fav series at the moment. It’s been out for quite some time now (7 episodes to be precise)  but if you get the chance, go watch it..better late than never 😉   


Brasiiiiil~ Na na na na na na~


These are the Brazil Exclusive Nike SB Dunks custom designed by artists Favio Samelo, Cezar Gordo, Fabio Cristiano, and Rodrigo Gerdal.

photos courtesy of vintagekicks

*yawn* …’night people


2 Responses to “Non-stick”

  1. BEAVER Says:

    jangannnn branti k dome! aku mau eggs benedict with extra BEEF bacon n sausages on the side plis… ehh liat prison break arah you tube. CRITICAL CHE! btw, i think heores kan tarik suda sumwa on you tube. i have my backup org ber torrent.hehe. nasib nasib. mun inda mental ku yai

  2. I wanna be a Von Trapp « ShitSoil Says:

    […]  I’m so HAPPY~ weee!.. i finally found my SpongeBob The Movie DVD after weeks of being frustrated finding it…so to make up for loss times…watched it tonight with a smile on my face, a Snapple on one hand and a smoked beef sandwich on the other…hehehe… now I’m in my room, just finished watching an episode of Heroes… ani taking a break for a bit and obviously blogging… and sambung lagi right after this…so I’m just gonna keep it short tonight…”whoooooooo~ lives in a pineapple under the sea~?!” […]

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