Oops! ‘ShitSoil’ Did It Again..


Britney Britney Britney… now you know you’ve made it big when your divorce seems to be making more headlines currently than the election campaign going on in the States. Britney Spears is asking for sole custody (allowing visitation rights) of their children and that each party pays its own attorney fees. But Kevin Federline, or should I say ‘K-FED’ isn’t going without a fight. While he agrees that one parent should have sole custody to their children, it’s who gets sole custody he disagrees with. He’s also contesting how much money each of them ends up with. You know what man, I really feel for you buddy..I mean, THE Britney Spears dumped you..via Text message I might add..but hey look at the bright side, unlike your predecessor, Jason Alexander only got 55 hrs while you got 2 and a half years…*salute*

Here’s a clip which apprently shows the exact moment Kevin receives the ‘divorce’ SMS from Britney. According to the video, cameras were following him around the entire day for an interview, part of which was him gushing about his wife and kids.


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