NO VENOM!!….in the trailer that is

ls7.JPGSorry for the lack of updates folks.. if you’ve been visiting, I’m sure you noticed my BRB was just one of those days when espeed inda mengizinkan… So anyways, I kept my word and went to the Lexus LS460 launch this morning… at 9am! even mummy and babah made it to the launch that morning….Just as soon as I entered the show room, I couldn’t help but ‘te-kidum’ saja..went straight into the drivers side of the car.. and my eyes were probably sparkling with joy… I was literally like a lil boy going into a toy store…haha..With regards to the car, let’s just say the morning trip was well worth it…two models were displayed.. the LS460 and the LS460L which costs around $140k and $160k respectively…the sales rep was even kind enough to demonstrate the 19-speaker Mark Levinson sound system.. and take it from me~ it was like a home theatre with wheels.. I was soo amazed! can u sense my excitement while I’m typing all this?? hahaha! and I just had to ask them about the self-parking system.. unfortunately, its only available for the US market as the parkings here are not standard sizes…but overall, I would have to say that it’s not a suitable bachelor/urang bujang automobile…rugi in the sense that the luxury is experienced in the back if you’re driving, what’s the point.. it is more of, what you call, a ‘chauffuered’ car…and personally, with a $150k or so, baik ku mbuat rumah dulu…as I’ve said to the sales rep earlier…’tunggu tah ku menang lotto’…hehehe…oh yah, they were giving out free drinks and food.. hahaha!


Just before heading home, we stopped by at ‘Jing Chew’ and just thought I’de share about what I ordered..I’m sure many have tried this udah but please cut me some slack, I just got back… as I was saying, it was called… apa ah.. damn, now I can’t remember… it sounded something like ‘Alzheimer’ kway teow..antam saja tia, it is what it is just bare with me… anyways, when it was served I just had to blurt ‘napa inda masak ni..’  hahah.. the dude serving was probably going..’what theee~’  haha.. but it was surprisingly good..~ sorry sakai boss… hahaha


I’ve been browsing through a couple of blogsites set up by local Bruneians tonight and I can honestly say that I am proud and quite impressed…especially with Brunei Resources in particular….I’ve actually come across this site since Brisbane, but this was the 1st time I actually got the chance to explore the site…Kudos to you my friend *clap*clap* now that i think of it..ShitSoil sucks… hahaha~ No lah, mine may never be as good but I actually like what I ended up with… a lot of jibberish.. yet satisfied…I think 4 years of doing political science at uni is enough for me at being serious… now it’s my time to let loose and go koo-koo…*victory dance*


chichi.jpgI’m sure everyone agrees with me when I say that pooping is a very boring ordeal…(unless ur one disturbed mofo that is) But not to worry, someone out there has come up with the ‘Potty Putter’…ok wait wait.. just let me laugh for a minute…i mean, u gotta admit, this is hilarious…hahaha! ok, where was I..yes, the potty instead of merenung and khusyuk while taking a dump.. u can now, well…..PUT….and see, what amazes me about the guy in the picture is that despite having the luxury to put, he still needs his magazine.. i suppose he must be one of those super poopers…

well, i think that’s enough for the night…signing out at 3:00am..


8 Responses to “NO VENOM!!….in the trailer that is”

  1. N ;p Says:

    Biaryaaa Shadi! Sia sia pun kway teaw Jing Chew atu. I call it ‘Mee Padas’. The person paham jua. Tapi inda plg padas. Sikit sja. Haha.


  2. fa8 Says:

    oi oi ‘zhi ma’ tu nama nya

  3. shitsoil Says:

    alzheimer…zhi ma…. sama aja laaaah~…hahaha

  4. shitsoil Says:

    siapa itu ‘N :p’ aaaah~ huhuhuhu.. c fa8 atu.. my guess wud be c bundan kali

  5. m7d24 Says:

    shizee… lawa tu krita ah.. and yeah the kuew teow nyaman… but i still prefer the ruti sandwich talur sana.. man.. is alryte nda lagi batah..

  6. Abiya Says:

    haha…. lama dah nda membaca ur site ani… i saw someone familiar… in one of ur pics… mcm aku jua sul nya… hehe..

  7. ..and i wiped it out… REEEaaaL GEeewwd~ « ShitSoil Says:

    […] This is my second entry on ‘pooping for your convenience’ item..i don’t know, but there’s just something that attracts me with pooping related items.. hahaha.. now lets continue now shall we.. here i present to you the Babykeeper harness which keeps your baby safe while you need to use the facilities at the mall, the stadium or maybe even a strip club..hahha…I don’t know about you, but I find this picture disturbing..i mean, look at seems as if he’s enjoying every minute of it…or maybe he just finds it amusing when his dad goes… “that’s my *uurrgghh*… good…*plop*..boy”.. hahah.. was that graphic enough for you? ..sorry..hahahaha […]

  8. I wanna be a Von Trapp « ShitSoil Says:

    […] ok, I’ve talked about the new Lexus LS460 a few months ago and I talked about how shitsoil-ish (i mean that as a compliment) the IS500/IS-F is…so brace yourself, coz I’ve got more in store….Though the GS has always been my ‘motivational’ car to get my lazy ass up and finish my assignments, I always wanted a Lexus wagon…..and guess what, *jeng*jeng*jeng*… the people at Lexus are actually in the process of making one… The LF-X…. below are a couple of concept designs… so far, they look ‘nyeeehh’..let’s just hope the production version will look way better… […]

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