huh.jpgWas planning on going to the movies tonight. But as usual, te-tidur ku as it started raining… As soon as I woke up, got a bit hungry so, ‘bidoi and I decided to grab a bite and ended up at WyWy Sengkurong at around 11pm or so.. On our way there, we had the radio on and it was one of those segments where the DJ asks a question which u knew had one of those lame ass answers…and the question was .. ‘scorpion ‘color’ apa?’ So as expected, I was rambling on about how stupid this was and how the answer was probably going to be one of those unfunny and lame ones… but kana ku sekali this time… the answer was… ‘ ‘color’-jengking’…and a few seconds later, I was laughing my ass off…it was so lame that it was funny…hahaha…then I just had to start my own lame moment by asking my brother ‘why are pirates called pirates..?’ and the answer… coz  they ‘AAaarre~’ geddit?! coz pirates go ‘Aaar~~’ kan kan?! haha.. ok i better shut up now…..

Stranger Than Fiction

stf.jpg One of the movies to look out for this year. It stars Will Ferrell of Saturday Night Live fame and of course as the streaker from ‘Old School’ (man I love that movie..). I’m sure you are familiar with his physical comedy, pokerfaced wittiness and those hysterical one-liners, but he’ll be playing a more serious-than usual role in Stranger Than Fiction. In this movie Ferrell plays Harold Crick, an IRS agent who lives an incredibly boring and nonexistent life. One day, however, he begins to hear a woman’s voice narrating every small thing he is doing. He soon discovers the voice he is hearing is that of renowned author Kay Eiffel (played by Emma Thompson), who is trying to find a way to kill off her main character who happens to be named Harold Crick. Despite his change of direction acting wise, I’de still expect his comedic talents being showcased in this movie..I mean, it’s Will Ferrell~ “If Ron Burgundy says it… it’s the truth!”

Stranger Than Fiction came out on November 10.. so I hope it comes out here soon as well..

The King doing it China style..


These new Lebron IV China Reds has just been released. Limited to only 4300 pairs, the LBJIV costs $230. They also come with the cool specially designed box.


If you thought that wasn’t enough, a new colorway of the Lebron IV due to be released on the 12th of Nov..that’s today. Inspired by the culture of NYC, it sports a sleek graffiti design.


photos courtesy of Kix and the City & 7inch

kalat mata ku dah.. signing off at 4:13am


4 Responses to “Kamoflaj!”

  1. m7d24 Says:

    Shad.. can i find the shoes in brisbane.. or buy online?… hehehhe..

  2. shitsoil Says:

    i’ll have 2 get back 2 u about that one…hehe

  3. shitsoil Says:

    ok, I just checked.. unfortunately with only 4300 pairs available worldwide.. payah kan kan dpt ni bui… but this is your lucky day, it’s also available online…

    here’s the link:


    ..so kalau kan mbali baik tah laju che.. hahaha~ coz they’re selling fast like hot cakes…

  4. m7d24 Says:

    thanx dude… hahahah.. c bundan balik jua sudah.. hehhehe

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