more than just a thang

peacemofos.jpg I’ve been TRYING to go out today…but there’s just something that hindered me from going~ or maybe I just couldn’t get my lazy ass self to leave the house and just drive off.. haha..hmm.. 28Pornstar & Co. came over to my place today all the way from bandar… had a few drinks…chatted… was planning on catching a movie tonight but unfortunately, it was raining.. so I couldn’t bother myself by having to drive all the way to gadong from tutong maaan..~ so I’m planning on making this up by treating myself to a movie marathon this weekend insyAllah… probably on saturday…. but oh darn, that reminds me.. I have a test that morning for a job position..hmm.. maybe I’ll go at noon~ at least it’ll prevent me from taking my afternoon naps…..speaking of naps, i gotta change my sleeping/waking hours… and i think i gotta shave coz i’m starting to look like a neanderthal posing like a japanese tourist giving the peace sign as shown above…

Jak się masz! My name Borat. I laik yiuu. I laik sex. Is Nice!

 boraaaat.jpg If you’ve followed the Ali G show, I’m sure you know who Borat is….and that his movie, Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan is making big bucks in the States… as a matter of fact, I just finished watching it a while ago and I would have to say that Sacha Baron Cohen is a genius! The movie was extremely hilarious as expected. As offensive and degrading as the movie was, (“Is not a problem that woman have smaller brain than man?”, “Quick children, smash the Jew egg!” and many more..hahaha) it showcased how some ‘people’ can be preoccupied in their own, so called perfect world…for instance, a person in his/her right mind would know that Kazakhistan is not a ‘primitive’ country as Borat has ‘promoted’… so while his ‘victims’ in the movie probably thought they were dealing with some stupid dude from an underprivileged country, little did they know, the joke was really on them.. Sacha sure did succeed in showing how arrogant and ignorant ‘people’ can be……… “US and A number 1!” uuhh… i don’t think so

So what’s next for Sacha Baron Cohen? well, other than several movie role offers, he’ll be back causing more mayhem as Bruno, the gay Austrian tv personality…more on that soon……… maybe…hehehe


if you’ve been a loyal reader, u should know that i love my gadgets and toys.. so surprise surprise.. another entry on… yes, u guessed it..iPod related news!! Rumors of Apple bringing a cellphone to the market are about as old as ur grandma’s grandma…ok i shudnt have said that.. tulah, tulah (this fear is known as the ‘siTanggang-o-phobia’)… pokoknya it’s been circulating around for quite some time now… So what’s the latest word on this? Well, it is COMING next year…well, at least that’s the story if you believe a Chinese-language news paper, the Commercial Times… according to the paper, Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd has secured contracts from Apple Computer for 12 million mobile handsets that also function as music players whcih will be launched in the first half of next year.. this provides more evidence that the iPhone will likely be revealed during MacWorld in January….


*oh how i wish it’ll end up looking like this mock-up design~

Let’s kick it Kimono style


I know I haven’t been posting anything that’s specifically for girls since I started this blog… coz I just can’t seem to know what is considered as ‘purty’ for u….i might post something that looks good from a guy’s perspective while u may go ‘eeeww.. that is so yesterday’… hahaha.. so apologies ladies… but I’m gonna take my chance on this one.. Inspired by the traditional style of the Japanese Geisha, these are the Puma Yutori Kimono made from real kimono dress fabrics. In addition, what makes these shoes unique other than the fact that these one of a kind materials carry an abundance of high quality and detail is the way the shoes were designed using very elegant folds to represent how a Kimono is worn by Geisha’s. so cana? how did i do? lawa? ok now i’m wondering if i even have a lot of female readers~ any hott laydes out there? hahaha..don’t mind me…this is known as the ‘being-single-for-too-long syndrome’… c Dud is familiar with my disorder… hahahaha

kimono2.jpg kimono5.jpg

‘Omong Kosong’ of the day

Now speaking of girls, based on research by Sheffield Hallam University and Virgin Mobile, British men consider their mobile phone an important status symbol – particularly in helping to attract the opposite sex. The research reveals that men see their phones as a tool to help them impress women and that in social situations, men actively display their phones and its capabilities in a bid to look important and popular…..hey, if it works i might even just give it a try.. hahahaha!! NOT!!

signing off at 4:30am… Chenquieh


10 Responses to “more than just a thang”

  1. maurina Says:

    hahahahaahahha! alai soka borat!!!!!!!! chali bah eh eh eh. “this is my sister, number one prostitute in whole of kazakhstan” hahahaahahahahah.

  2. shitsoil Says:

    hahaha.. salah mau…number FOUR prostitute in whole of kazakhistan~ best sex in mouth… i laik~ hahaha

  3. maurina Says:

    yarabbiiii salah! eh kau ada kah dvdnya yang clear? mana ko bali?

  4. shitsoil Says:

    ada ku dvd nya but unfortunately alum ada yg tarang.. wait for a couple of weeks.. should be ada… or d/l kai torrent

  5. maurina Says:

    dui, mun nda tarang, baiktah meliat di YOUTUBE hahahahaah. maritah ku membali sudah ada yang tarang. belawan tani siapa paling hapal. hahahaahah.

  6. shitsoil Says:

    hahahahaha~ movie nya ada lam youtube wah?? oh well~ heeeey~ shudnt u be studying missy..hahahaha

  7. maurina Says:

    ehhhhh, rehat bah eh. jangan bah ku disuruh belajar 24jam. inda ko beatiparut kah ah.. sob sob. isak2. hahahaha. lapar ku eh. apa ko makan tadi.

  8. shitsoil Says:

    mau… baiktah ko bagi aku ur msn~ haha…ngalih ku cani ani~ hahaha

  9. maurina Says:

    hahahahahaha. nah:

  10. Shayza menayza « ShitSoil Says:

    […]  With Macworld coming our way, there’s increasing speculation about the existence of the iPhone.. first there was this, now LoopRumors has given us some bits, reporting that the music-playing part will be created by PortalPlayer, the same people behind the original Ipod’s innards. Moreover, they believe that the Iphone will use a clever cut-dwon version of Apple’s next gen operating system, the OS X Leopard. If these reports are true, expect an ultimate smartphone from Apple complete with Ipod magic, portable widgets, iChats and Itunes…well, we’ll hafta wait for another 1 month+… […]

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