who is she?

jbless.jpg ok ok…since I last blogged, things didn’t really go exactly as planned… instead of going for my movie marathon I just couldn’t stop myslef from taking my afternoon nap yesterday… hahaha… c’mon, I had to wake up at 6 in the morning for my ‘ujian bertulis’..so making up for loss sleeping hours was a must for me…hahaha…. maan, about 200+ turned up for the ‘special duties officer’ position…saw a few familiar faces as well as ones that caught my eye~ hey, at least it woke me up~ hehe.. it was a 2hr+ exam…had to answer 3 questions… it wasn’t that bad.. but as always, I didn’t make a big deal out of it… all I know is that i tried my best and if it’s meant to be, then it’s meant to be…i got another ‘ujian’ on the 6th… weee~! “can’t wait”…… couldn’t really enjoy my malam muda-mudi last night since I had to stop by at my aunt’s for dinner d j’dong… but it’s all good..jgn nulak rezeki~ so kalau nada apa2 jalan ku karang insyAllah… 🙂

Nokia N97……….or so we think

This device has been popping out in tech-related sites since yesterday and it is rumored to be Nokia’s latest N-series phone… the N97. According to the rumor mill, the handset is equipped with a 3 inch display and will in all probability have a 5 Megapixel camera with 20x digital zoom. But since now news is available on this device, we can’t be too sure if it’s even a real phone or a result of someone’s photoshop skill…only time will tell.. Nevertheless, from the looks of it, the phone looks suhweeeeet! (sweet as in cool.. not the ‘aawwww..that’s so sweeeett’ type of ‘sweet’.. hahaha)

photo courtesy of mobilewhack

“So I’m gonna put it in a letter..”

Penned by Ne-Yo, ‘Put It In A Letter’ is the 1st single from an upcoming child prodigy, Mic Little. Little is the youngest artist at age 12 to be signed to hip-hop/R&B record label Def Jam. I’m really feelin’ this joint at the moment…it’s the best cinta-monyet song I’ve heard in years..his voice reminds me of the golden days of lil Michael Jackson before he was known as ‘wacko jacko’..

*ok..this is really pissing me off, espeed is at it again… so I’ll just post this before it gets worse… more updates as soon as the conenction gets back on its feet…


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