kerupuk.jpg After the hype died down a bit, I brought my lil bro along to the mall cinema to finally catch the new Bond film… but I’ll get back to that in a bit..went to catch the 6:40pm show but I got there pretty early…2hrs earlier to be precise…’elek-elek for a bit, read the paper etc..posh246@tiqz  joined us while she was waiting for her movie to start….bought my weekly dvd…and more waiting after that..2hrs was a longer wait than expected……inda pa-pa..it was better than ‘menalur’ di rumah…

The Bond That Got Away (Review)

To be honest, I was never a big fan of James Bond….but now I can honestly say that I have been converted….if you were expecting an over the top ‘Pierce Brosnan’  type of Bond with its over-exaggerated gadgets…then you’ll definately be disappointed…Instead, Casino Royale, based on a novel by Ian Fleming is a prequel to the James Bond franchise…it tells the story of how Bond got his double ‘O’ status, how he got to become M’s least favourite asshole agent to her most trusted agent….and of course, there is the infamous and beautiful Vesper Lynd.. THE FIRST Bond girl and the only woman he EVER loved…if you are familiar with the Bond saga, then you should also know that she is the reason why Bond becomes a playaaaa~~ (YOU DA MAN!)…..as mentioned before, do not expect any sequences with James Bond flying through the air using a jetpack on his back..but what makes this movie better than the recent Bond films is its element of real-ness…and it is a story heavy movie..With its gritty and dark mood throughout the movie, you will witness how the cold-blooded assasin/bad ass Bond evolves into the cool and suave James Bond we all seem to be familiar with… So how good was it to me? Well, let’s just say I already had goosebumps when the stylised opening credits started rolling (accompanied by Chris Cornell’s gritty theme song “You Know My Name”). I would put Casino Royale in the same ranks as From Russia With Love (1963 Bond film).. as for Daniel Craig as Bond.. unlike many who doubted him, I always knew he wasn’t going to disappoint..his perfromance was top-notch and I’de definately put him up there with Sean Connery in the Bond list..he may be blonde but HE IS James Bond


*Bond 22 is currently in pre-production and is expected to be released in November 7, 2008 (TBC) with Daniel Craig reprising the role of the legendary British secret agent…YAAAYYY!!



Here’s an interesting bit regarding a big cellphone insurance provider Asurion’s exclusion of coverage:

L. Any Loss or damage caused by or through or in consequence, directly or indirectly, of Nuclear Hazard, meaning any weapon employing atomic fission or fusion; or nuclear reaction or radiation or radioactive contamination from any other cause; but we will pay for direct physical Loss caused by resulting fire, if the fire would be covered under this Certificate.

uuum…if there was some sort of nuclear strike… a replacement of my cellphone would be the least of my concerns buddy…..now that is what i call a definite ‘WHAT DA!?”


6 Responses to “whaAAAAT!?”

  1. emma29 Says:

    i agree with ur bond review totally…. and since i didnt know it was a prequel when i watched it.. i was a bit surprised that Bond was in lurve with the girl berabis.. rupanyaa his first love tah sudah tu… hehe now it all makes sense to me…. and all his clumsiness atu.. i kept on mumbling to myself ……….

    1. where’s the gadgets..
    2. how can he fall like thatt….
    3. BOH… james bond in love? he’s a player jua…

    then i got quiet.. 🙂

    p/s: hope u dont mind me commenting.. i just found ur site from maurina… nice site.. 🙂

  2. maurina Says:

    i just found ur site from maurina… nice site.. —> glamer by association 😉

  3. shitsoil Says:

    hey emma…not at all. welcome-welcome~ 🙂 well, i’m glad my Bond review cleared the air for you… hehe.. u’ll probably get to see more gadgets and the James Bond we all know in the next installment coming out in ’08 😉

  4. shitsoil Says:

    hahahha..~ much thanx to ‘THE’ maurina~ hahahah!

  5. emma29 Says:

    maurina: yep yep i found lots n lots of great reads from ur blogroll.. yatah i dont have to link them up hehehe… u r my links archives

  6. Quantum Of Solace…whatever that means « Trylobyte’s Corner Says:

    […] that I liked not just as a ’ James Bond movie’ but as an action movie in general (check our review of Casino Royale). So I can’t for this installment since they are following it […]

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