Aku Lapar!

papers.jpg…seriously man, it’s one of those late nights where I’m so hungry~ and Sel’s making it worse coz as I’m typing this, she’s telling me (probably on purpose) that she’s cooking ayam and sayur ‘cara complong’ at this time of the night…hahaha… but now here I am, munching on rice and bits and pieces of fish coz I just can’t get myself to cook something at 1 in the morning~ ok that’s it.. I’m gonna buy a whole lotta cup noodles karang for my late night munching sessionS…see how i emphasize on the ‘S’…hahahaha~ on a sad note.. one of my cats died today…..so I woke up at 7am to help dig his resting place… despite pissing in the house occassionally, he was part of the household and will truly be missed… rest in peace buddy…

Books Books Books

liseystory.jpg As ‘big’ as the Da Vinci Code was.. I honestly never read it.. i mean, i bought the book as a b’day gift for my lil bro when it 1st came out and that was pretty much it…but there’s just something about a Stephen King book that just pulls me in…his latest offering, Lisey’s Story is a departure from his usual horror-themed novels…but nonetheless is said to be character oriented, with twist and turns which King is also known for..Now, I haven’t read the book yet, but the reviews have been positive so I’m planning on getting it if duit mengizinkan..nevertheless… I still can’t decide which to get.. his last gore/zombie-galore book, The Cell which is more my cup of tea, or the different Lisey’s Story…hmm choices choices

Lisey’s husband, Pulitzer Prize–winning author Scott Landon, has been dead for two years at the book’s start, but his presence is felt on every page. Lisey hears him so often in her head that when her catatonic sister, Amanda, begins speaking to her with Scott’s voice, she finds it not so much unbelievable as inevitable. Soon she’s following a trail of clues that lead her to Scott’s horrifying childhood and the eerie world called Boo’ya Moon, all while trying to help Amanda and avoid a murderous stalker.

courtesy of Publisher’s weekly

X5: A closer look 

It’s been a while since I posted anything car related so here it is.. a closer look at the ‘real-life’ photos of the 2007 X5 BMW model.. enjoy



photos courtesy of AS


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