..and i wiped it out… REEEaaaL GEeewwd~

catfight.jpgI think I over slept………..so what’s been going on since I last posted..well, c Boy called me up at noon telling me he was n tutong..so had a few drinks and ate a bit which eventually became a feast when his dad invited us to his plaza….. u made my day..hahhaha…. and that was the last time I got out of the house… hahaha….hmmm..what else what else, oh maurina doesn’t like tauge but likes stevie wonder..HAHAHA….’Hai Faiv!’…moving on~

who the f*ck ate my porridge?

These are the Nike SB Three Bears Pack…rumored to be released at end of november…i actually don’t mind being seen with these around….ooh! ooh! I wanna be papa bear!




pictures courtesy of Nikeskateboarding

Jaap aaah laaai~ u just hang in there


This is my second entry on ‘pooping for your convenience’ item..i don’t know, but there’s just something that attracts me with pooping related items.. hahaha.. now lets continue now shall we.. here i present to you the Babykeeper harness which keeps your baby safe while you need to use the facilities at the mall, the stadium or maybe even a strip club..hahha…I don’t know about you, but I find this picture disturbing..i mean, look at him..it seems as if he’s enjoying every minute of it…or maybe he just finds it amusing when his dad goes… “that’s my *uurrgghh*… good…*plop*..boy”.. hahah.. was that graphic enough for you? ..sorry..hahahaha

QUACK! or is it ..Meow??


This entry is dedicated to c Patu, our unofficial pet duck… he comes by our yard pretty much everyday… so what does he do… well other than pooping unhesitatingly siring rumah, he hangs out with our cats and not to mention eats their food…gelojoh lah ya ani… A few days ago, I even caught him eating a piece of fried chicken..he’s practically eating the flesh of his relative for goodness sake…i think he’s confused himself as a cat…..talk about losing you own identity…tsk tsk


2 Responses to “..and i wiped it out… REEEaaaL GEeewwd~”

  1. nur25 Says:

    Ai dude haha, dulu kami ada Ayam (jgn tah ku di tanya cemana ku bulih ada ayam) ia ani pun suka ikut lepak sama kucing kami and makan their food. and there was one time c Ayam ani (bapa ku panggil ia c jinggo, tapi aku panggil ia AYAM) makan ayam that was meant for the cats. mcm INDA CANNIBALISM KAH TU?!?! hahaha. i guess cats are the cool ones, drg ani just trying to fit in.. tsk tsk

  2. maurina Says:

    awu eh, eeee, taugeh inda nyaman!!!! YAK!!!

    tapi stevie wonder nyam.. eh salah.. LAWA. 😛

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