huhu.jpg it’s 12 noon… and I just slept about 6 hrs ago… hheheh..but I’m feeling as fresh as ever…coz i already had my nap earlier that night from 9pm-2am…so it’s all good~ i pretty much made up my 8hours of needed sleep dah…..so so so~ what have I been doing.. well, Friday morning I drove up to Bandar arah Lexus just for a bit of this and that… then had my roti kuning for breaky at Jing Chew.. had my beloved soluna washed, pumped my tyres, isi minyak… courtesy of ‘bidoi… went straight to Jame’ for the Friday prayers.. met up w/ ‘biya… and went back to tutong to my aunt’s for doa selamat. and yes, more free food~ haha.. and for today, i really don’t know… I was planning on having my weekly noon Dome/newspaper session… but it seems like it’s gonna rain…and gerenti tonight’s gonna be packed since terima udah… so Shuks.. if you’re reading this.. insyAllah, I’ll try to make it to your BBQ yai…if nda belaku, sorry bui… makan kan ja utk aku.. u have a gud one che.. once again..HAPPY belated B’DAY buddy..adang tah lului lagi ah..haha.. eh be-charge kah bbq mu ani? berapa sekali gigit? cheap ass prick… hahahahaha..

Different Design.. Same Shit

thumprosmall.jpgOk, I suppose Oakley didn’t really find the Thumps as lame as we did…despite the flop in sales… Oakley have just recently released the Thump Pro… The Pros have a memory ranging from 256MB up to 1GB and will supports AAC, MP3, WMA and WAV audio files. Prices begin at US$250… but at least they look better than the previous Thumps…but just by a bit…so don’t get too happy

2007 Evo X and Subaru Impreza WRX STi – First Look


Could this be the design of Lancer’s Evolution X and the Subaru Impreza WRX STi??  … well we’ll jus have to wait then According to Autocar, we’ll get a first view of the actual production version of the EVO X in the Tokyo Motor Show in October 2007. It has been reported that, being a member of the Lancer family, the EVO X will be based on the Dodge Caliber platform.

courtesy of Autocar

more updates later on.. insyAllah


25 Responses to “*praaaaaaaaaapp*”

  1. emma29 Says:

    and the picture of the phone is…..? r u phone blogging kah.. cool jua tu ah.. what phone is that? and what do u think of a ‘dopod’..the 3g dopod…

  2. emma29 Says:

    ok im not trying to flood ur comment box… but i cant find the ‘edit’ button arah my previous comment.. and i just noticed something…

    is there reallly a smiley face at the bottom of ur page anie???? my god thats really cute haha.. and did anybody ever noticed it? 😛 now i want one in my site!!!!… grrr

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. shitsoil Says:

    hahaha~ no biggie..besides, meramaikan jua bah..oh that’s a nokia e61.. n yes i use it to check my blog at times.. 🙂 … hehe, ur ryt.. there is a smiley face.. baru ku notice tu eh.. hahaha…

    and yes, wolverine is cool..the movie should be based on the ‘Wolverine:Origin’ comic book series….and you’ll get to know how he gt the name Logan (his real nme is James Howlett..but he doesn’t know that), his dark past and why he doesn’t remember anything from his past.. so it should be good 🙂

  4. maurina Says:

    darling ku yang berdua, all wordpress hosted blogs have smileys! all you need is a detailed eye and no job. 😉

  5. dee Says:

    testing testing…mr shady at home? hai maw and emma…hehehe

  6. shitsoil Says:

    hahah~ kabur mata ku mau.. nda ku nmpak~.. hello dee~ welkam welkam~ 🙂

  7. emma29 Says:

    maw: seriously????????????? *click my blog n re-check..kajap aa 5 seconds* and OH MY GOD! awu ada!!! but its more obvious here becos his page ani exactly in the middle and ada silver background… mine is all white and my comment box inda sampai kebawah sekaliiii (excuses excuses excuses… keke welll i managed to spot it in less than 2 months.. haha)

    dee: hiiiiii darrrllinggg… bah lets floood mr shady’s comment box.. (i assume shitsoil’s nick is mr shady? ill use dat keke cos i dont feel like calling people ‘shitsoil’ and oh my god baru ku realise napa Maw type ‘tahi tanah something’ in her comment box!! eh buleh ku slow berabis!! *slaps forehead*)

    mr shady: ok dont spoil the wolverine movie for me aaa hehe.. and last nite i tried to comment inda mau.. so hopefully this one kana publish keke.. btw i was wondering if ur e61 atu is a pda-ish phone? and is it 3g? can u tag people using dat phone? and can u drop comment in people’s wordpress using that phone? [yep i am thinking of buying a new phone.. hence the millions of questions :P]

  8. dee Says:

    hehehehhe atu awal kana comment…Mr Shady here is an old fren of mine whom I have just discovered his blog. He doesnt know it yet (i think). Bah teka..teka…Hwahwahwa…Awu eh inda kan dipanggil shit soil…

  9. shitsoil Says:

    dee: tau ku kali aah~ urg perth~ hahhaha!

    emma29: u can call me anything u want baby.. haha! nada wah..yes, the name’s shady…and the phone.. well yea i suppose it’s pda-ish.. and yes, it’s a 3G fone.. and yes u can do pretty anything while on the net… tpi the connection won’t be as fast as ur comp of course.. and they charge it through ur fone’s credit… unless the phone detects a wi-fi connection… i jst simply like the phone coz of its big screen and its QWERTY keypad..its much easier when txting..

  10. emma29 Says:

    *melts*… kana baby baby ani tah nada nie nah.. *lol* and im buying that phone next month..erks semangat keke.. it looks pretty good from the picture and i like the keypad as well and the huge screen (is it touchscreen as well?)…

    honestly i wanted to buy a blackberry bah hehe.. mcm in most tv-series n movies… semua bah pakai blackberry.. i feel like owning one… yes i can easily be influenced by movies n pictures.. hehe.. do they sell blackberry in brunei kah? if they do.. where? and how much?

    dee: i think shady never sleep early hehe.. and i olwez wake up at 5.30am :P. hence the early comments…

  11. shitsoil Says:

    hehe.. bah selagi mampu.. bali~ blackberry ada kali eh d brunei..well at least I think I’ve seen one here..i think u mean Sidekicks? yg screen nya flips open? if I’m right, those are only available in the US.. and just recently in the UK… hahha.. mun kul 5 baru ku kan tetidur tu~ man i gotta adjust my bodyclock 🙂

    sidekick pix –> http://www.t-mobile.com/shop/phones/Detail.aspx?device=154e9bca-a74c-4299-99eb-48a1159c922b

  12. emma29 Says:

    yessss that onee….. tepun c rory (gilmore girls)… and i am browsing thru QQEstore at the moment (first time nie) and i feel like buying so many phones now…

    when is that sidekicks coming to brunei? never? di singapore pon nada nie?

  13. shitsoil Says:

    haha~ go crazy… aku alum mampu….. and the sidekicks won’t be coming in Asia any time soon..or maybe even NEVER… the system’s just not compatible w/ ours yet.. but if it does come by our shores… it won’t be cool anymore.. coz everyone will have one.. gerenti!

  14. emma29 Says:

    im also broke lah… so im a bit miserable at the moment… this is why i NEVER browse thru hp sites ani… *uwaaa*…. apple even worse tu…

    how much did u buy ur e61? and where? singapore is selling at $605 now.. qqestore $638…. selamat kah qqestore anie…

  15. shitsoil Says:

    hahah.. at least u got a job~ and terima jua udah ni.. hahah.. i bought mine abt $700..time awal2 kluar d QQ…

  16. emma29 Says:

    i am the kind of girl who is always broke…….hihi

  17. dee Says:

    naah is the kedapatan…inda apa ehh wang siuk blog mu ani suka ku baca…nanti ku add kau arah msn baharu ku ahh..

  18. shitsoil Says:

    eh too late. nyamal ku udah… jgn tah d add.. hahahha! eh nada wah~ bah add eh.. ko ani.. lupa ko udah kan aku kah..hahhaa

  19. emma29 Says:

    hehehehe invite shady to the gathering this december girls *lol*

  20. shitsoil Says:

    ai.. ada gathering wah? ada alai? makan free?? haha..

  21. dee Says:

    ehh jgn dibagi ideas arah si shady ani hehehe…nada nada mana adaa..

  22. maurina Says:

    ada syarat2 nya tu.. please refer to jazzmoney’s blog. hhahahaah.

  23. shitsoil Says:

    kariit karit…aku tau tu syarat2 nya.. mesti tuck in burung kan~ hahaha~

  24. emma29 Says:

    hahahaha…. ukan lagi tuck in.. REPLACE my dear.. u have to let IT go *LOL*

  25. emma29 Says:

    BTW u didnt telll me ur phone nada CAMERA!!!! grrrrrrrr now i have to think twice about it.. hehe

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