correct me if I’m wrong… but this is new……or maybe aku ketinggalan zaman/outdated…i think they should ‘localize’ it by renaming it to…cooorrnyyyyyyy~! Hahaha….see I’m probably the only one laughing right now *flicks ‘the finger’* (2pm)



5 Responses to “”

  1. bojeng Says:

    Ai banar rupanya! hahaha pikir macam joke. SAYA RASA BERTUAH! LOL

  2. shitsoil Says:

    hahah.. ada usul2 muka penipu kah?! hahaha.. awu it’s real.. anyways welkam to JARINGAN saya~ hahaha

  3. dee Says:

    that’s a good one Jaringan….cool cool..

  4. bojeng Says:

    CARIAN TERPERINCI mengatakan ada lah jua sikit usul penipu hahaha Advanced search tah sudah tu artinya hahah Very interesting site, emoticon (Y)

  5. Kiodlo Says:

    redtube mature [url=]redtube mature[/url] redtube mature [url= ] redtube mature [/url]

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