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Do I Do

December 31, 2006

adladha2.jpg Assalamualaikum… sorry for the lack of update guys~ been, well.. busy really but mostly lazy… today was extremely boring and slow for some reason… *sigh*… but oh well… just got back from late night dinner with my brother really.. left at around 11pm.. and just cruised around sunyi Bandar before having our dinner… it was more like a feast really.. had martabak telor, cashew chicken, roti kuning, shark fin soup..u name it….. so here I am, kalat mata kekanyangan…besides, need to bangun awal for raya prayers isuk pagi and prepare myself from having my mum bang on the door and saay..”banguun~~”. so I’m gonna do another short entry… sorry sorry soryy~….. SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDIL ADHA and HAPPY NEW YEAR….have blast wherever u r~ but adangtah kan be-party..kana pancar kilat karang… :p


ok.. based on the ‘control ayu’ picture above, I just realized that I have an egg-shaped head…hahah…anydooders, a new year will come our way in a few hours and I’m going for a BBQ at my uncle’s soon…wow, it’s prolly gonna be one of their Karaoke nights.. ‘can’t wait!’.. pfft~ oh well, I’m after the food….. I’m sure everyone’s got their New Year’s resolution by now.. so might as well join the masses… I’m in a hurry actually, so I’m just gonna type anything  that comes out of my head..

Shady’s New Year’s Resolution:

1. Wake up before noon

2. Go to bed before 4am

3. Get a Job (Amin Amin Amin)

4. Get a love life

5. (Cont’d from #4) Try not to screw up my love life if #4 is achieved

6. (Cont’d from #5) Double check and make sure.. eerr..she doesn’t have an adam’s apple..hahahah…eeh Nauzubillah…hee hee hee

7.   Get a job and a love life… haha.. majal.. uum..let’s see.. get my social life back.. or better yet to get a life for that matter…. after all, I am blogging about my New Year’s resolution.. sad but oh well… haha

8. Make sure Shadow doesn’t grow up to be a cat-bitch

8. Last but not least, master the ‘boneless panda’ dance

hehe.. but on a serious note, mudahan panjang umur & murah rezeki..Amin Amin Amin… and have a wonderful 2007 guys and gals 🙂

“I’m Rick James B**ch!” 



December 30, 2006

Just finished watching another movie marathon… this time its the X-Men movies…nothing much happened today~ it was just another dull and rainy Friday…oh, there was a black out tonight…it’s been a while since it happened….just when I was siuk chatting.. *poof* it gt dark…i was just so frustrated coz msn was fucked and now tutup karan….so there I was, walking around the house in pitch black while trying to keep my sarong up on one hand and holding a phone on the other hand calling Bulat just to tell her how I couldn’t see jack shit~ hahaha!…….. oh shoot~ Shadow@cBulat is awake~ eeek~ another tidur ayam night for me again? well, I hope not… oh well, i’m sure it’ll be okay than the 1st night…I only had 3 hours of sleep coz I jst kept on waking up fearing that I’ll squish her small body.. or worse, fearing that she’ll poop on my face.. haha..but at least i succeeded in potty training her today~.. atu pun main pajal~ had to manually show her the right way to scoop the litter box… sigh…the thing’s i do for love.. hahah.. ok…I’ll just end it here tonight~ kalat mata ku.. insyAllah, I’ll add more tomorrow~ so keep on visiting.. jgn jara.. Assalamualaikum & Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha~ 🙂


I Don’t Mean 2 Come Off Like a Telemarketer

December 29, 2006

ok I just finished watching Casino Royale again.. and it got me thinking.. after getting his balls busted from the torture scene… how in the world was he able to have sex right after~ but then again, he is James Bond afterall, so they probably made him mechanical balls or something..hahah..ok, putting that aside now

I don’t think I’m ready to have kids… why? well, I got a new kitten today… and lemme tell u this…she’s already a tough one to handle~ and I’m tired with all the ‘Hep’-ing and the ‘Don’t do That(s)!’……. jst a while ago, she was beating the shit out of my Spongebob~..inda lagi mau tidur in the basket tu~ mau jua d that’s what I call spoilt…hehehe… i named her Shadow btw… but Bulat and I prefer to call her… well, c bulat…haha.. the reason’s self-explanatory really… ok she’s asleep shhh~



iPad Part Deux

This is what the $800 million Dubai iPad will look like…doesn’t resemble an iPod to me.. but the expected to be finished by 2009 building is said to built in a leaning position (the same angle as a docked iPod).. but hey, at least it looks better than my proposed butt crack inspired building (i still don’t know how designing that would be possible tho..hahhaa)

ipad1.jpg ipad2.jpgipad3.jpgipad4.jpg

courtesy of SkyScraperCity

007’s Next Villian?


This is the the latest scoop on the next installment of the 007 franchise:

Although Casino Royale has just been released, some of the creative powers-that-be behind the film are already talking about the next (22nd) installment in the James Bond series.

In an interview with the BBC, longtime Bond screenwriters Neal Purvis and Robert Wade spoke about what fans might expect from the sequel. “In the next film the emphasis has to be on the unfinished emotional business at the end of Casino Royale,” Wade said. “It has to be dealt with in such a way that his character continues to have an arc.”

He continued, “It can’t just be he’s tough and he’s tempered steel and totally impervious. There are things he still has to resolve. So that’s the legacy of Casino Royale and it’s important to have it so the actor has something to play.”

In a more SPOILERISH interview, actress Eva Green, who portrays Bond’s love interest in Casino Royale, revealed who she understands will be the villain in Bond 22.

“I think it’s too confusing,” Green told Entertainment Weekly about Vesper’s motivations in Royale. “But they’re going to do a second [movie] where you’ll understand what’s going on in her mind. It was really hard, and Barbara Broccoli helped me understand. You would think, wait a minute, she had an Algerian boyfriend, and she’s been sent on this mission, and then she begins to feel guilty. She’s in love with Bond. It’s a deep love. The Algerian boyfriend was something light, an affair. So there’s an internal conflict.”

Green then revealed, “The plan is, the Algerian boyfriend is going to be the baddie in the second Bond, and we’ll understand [better]. But you don’t have to think about it too much.”

This would seem to confirm recent rumors that Green will have a cameo in Bond 22 in a pre-recorded video message that Bond discovers.

In our on-camera interview with Daniel Craig, the new 007 advised IGN that in the next film Bond will go after “the threat behind the threat,” targeting the No. 1 behind the organization Le Chiffre was associated with. He would also not rule out that this network might be SPECTRE.

sounds good to me… 🙂

courtesy of IGN

Virtual Meal


The Virtual Family Dinner was created  so that friends and family separated by distance could enjoy “virtual” dinners together. A TV, speakers, camera and mic capture you on one end while a similar set up does the same on the other. The concept is designed to keep the elderly from eating alone. It is also perfect for those in a long distance relationship and of course, highly recommended to those with relatives with B.O (that’s Body, I love laughing at my own lame ass jokes~ :D) problems~ this thing will cost you about $500-$1000… what a rip off i tell u…

courtesy of USATODAY

The One

December 28, 2006

Man.. I’m sure many had difficulties in connecting to the internet today… please correct me if i’m wrong, but apparently the disruption was due to a damage of one of the international cables in the South sea of China caused by an earthquake..  oh well.. so anyways,  jst finished watching THE MATRIX marathon and I’m just gonna do a short entry today coz I really need my here’s the new trailer from the upcoming Fantastic Four  sequel…just click the banner below… enjoy 🙂


before I go to schleep… just wanna say good morning to my ‘bwoh’…. when you read this, I’ll probably still be snoring and scratching my butt..hahaha.. 😉

..that was always meant

December 27, 2006

aloooo~ jst got back from dinner at my cuz tonight..enaaaak and kenyang~ Alhamdulilah.. but I’ll be hungry again iiiiinn~ let’s see.. probbly by the time i finish today’s post… so anyways… whats been happenin in a day in the life of Mohd Ashady..well, Ka’Damoi called me this afternoon to take me makan2~ her treat~ and i never turn down free food.. hahaha~ it was the usual ‘meet up with mamoi’ session lah~ with the laughter, talking etc… inda sah nada the Ka’Damoi laugh…. anyways, aftr meeting up w/ mamoi today.. I’m thinking of getting together the Centros and maybe some of the ex/current Brisbane-ians?…maybe a bbq for old time sake? or shisha maybe? don’t knw, this is still in the angan2 stage really….



It’s been rumored that Dubai-based real estate developer Omniyat Properties is going to build a $800 million, 23 story building that’s “inspired” by the iPod. The structure—which will definitely have iPod docks in all the toilets —will be started in 2007 and completed in 2009 (that’s pretty fast). 

But I mean, c’mon..i don’t blame them for making something ‘wierd’ like this… if I had as much money as they do..including 4 billion barrels of oil reserves…I’d probably make a building shaped lyk butt cracks if i wanted to…(i don’t knw how that’ll turn out looking tho..haha)… 

Dreamgirls OST (Album Review)

dreamgirlsost.jpg Straight from the Oscar-hyped movie, the soundtrack to Dreamgirls is jst… well, simply put…Inspiring…Entirely Produced by the Underdogs (Harvey Mason Jr & Damon Thomas) who has produced hits for Mario, Omarion, JoJo, Brian Mcknight and Babyface just to name a few… the soundtrack is filled with sounds from -just as the setting of the movie – the 60s and 70s…ranging from Disco, Motown, classical to 60s surf music… Straight from the movie, the actors themselves contribute the singing for the soundtrack such as Beyonce Knowles, Jennifer Hudson (American Idol fame), Jamie Foxx and Eddie Murphy..yes THE Eddie Murphy… the highlights of the album includes… Beyonce Knowles – Listen, Jamie Foxx – When I First Saw You, Jennifer Hudson – And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going….The Soundtrack overall is definately, I’ll just have to wait for the movie 🙂

it’s been a very slow day.. and i don’t think i have anything else that’s worth posting today on ShitSoil… so I’ll just leave it here~ sorry folks.. ok..i was right.. lapar ku balik~ I guess I’ll go eat AGAIN now..


December 26, 2006

I’ve been waiting for my presents to turn up under the tree….yet, nothing…. it’s probably due to the fact that I’m waiting under a pokok kelapa instead of the usual pine tree…ok..aku merepek just now actually..took me 2 minutes to think of an intro sentence.. so wat better way to start than by making something schtoopid up and be random~ weheheeey~ see… I managed to write about 5 lines with my ‘omong kosong’… anyways.. i actually just got back from dinner with my brothers… right after, well.. honestly mati akal wah… didn’t knw where else to go..~ wow the beauty of Brunei.. eat eat eat… and then.. uuuhh.. the hardest part, thinking of where and what to do next other than go straight home … so i figured.. why not go to the Empire and check out the ‘winter wonderland’ and what the whole fuss was about…. so we got there… it was pretty packed with people taking pictures… there was also this white dude with a guitar singing along to traditional Christmas tunes… wonder how much he gets paid for doing it…. urg putih mana lagi durang putik atu…~ I won’t lie tho.. I was tapping my feet and singing along to Jingle Bell Rock in a very mousy voice for a second there.. hahhaa.. so yea.. there we were going around The Empire which I honestly haven’t done… I mean, I’ve been to The Empire to pee or for a bit of golf… but that’s pretty much it.. I’ve never reallly SEEN The Empire like I did tonight and moreover we were treated with a tour using the resort buggy….so it was cool….. and it just amazes me that the resort is actually IN Brunei.. I mean I still get goosebumbs looking at the huge atrium… it’s so… *sniff* purty~ and such a great place to bring along your spethal someone….haha… but seriously, it is… I mean yes, AMEDEO “unwisely” used a lot of money for their projects… one of them being The Empire itself… but then again, without such projects.. we wouldn’t have The Empire to be proud about… so putting aside the ‘finance’ issue.. kudos for those responsible for making one heck of a kick ass Empire…..






ai sasak ku eh.. i ‘stole’ these pictures from marha’s blog..inda ku ‘duli.. hahaha.. so as i was saying.. eh boreeeng! udah ku nada ada tia one big ass x-mas tree d brisbane atu!

Autobots Transform!

Ok… i didn’t really mind the flames on Optimus… but honestly speaking, the leaked pictures of him were just plain crap and scrawny-like…. I mean, he’s supposed to be the leader of the Autobots damnit! Even Bumblebee looked more bad ass.. But after finally seeing the final design of Optimus, I take it all back…. here’s a first exclusive look at the final OPTIMUS PRIME courtesy of Empire magazine…now we’re talkin’ baby


Japanese Confessions Microphone


If you ever borrowed your best friend’s boxers without telling them or snuck into the girls locker room and wish to confess… here’s your chance.. This is the Mosaic Show a digital voice changing mic with a clear panel attached to censor your eyes…Go ahead and tell the world how much of an asshole you are while preserving anonymity (wow, the eye cenconsoring panel must really work huh? haha)… It even makes beeping and moaning sound effects in case you want to block out swear words or reenact that *ooh la la* moment you had with your (married) secretary…

courtesy of TokyoMongo

Kryptonite This You Moth…..

Remember how in my previous post I said that this picture annoyed the heck out of me and that i felt like knocking those teeth out.. soooo, unfortunately for him I…..well, see for yourself… tee hee hee~


Ho Ho Ho!~

December 25, 2006

xmas2.jpg  It’s Christmas!~ You know, as a non-Christian… I still do tend to have that Christmas spirit in me. Putting the religious aspect aside, I see this day as a joyous and a great holiday where everyone whether he/she is a Muslim, a Christian etc can just come together and have fun just like Hari Raya… I believe that intolerance and ignorance for one another has been one of the main driving force of today’s conflict, may it be war or in a smaller scale…. I personally, have grown up and lived in Christmas-celebrating countries almost my whole life and it is safe for me to argue that respecting one another’s belief and festivities is vital if ‘peace’ is what we are really aiming for.. Sadly, it is easier said than done… Still today, discrimination, may it be on race, sex and religion remains… but I suppose we can still do our part by wishing everyone A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year… 🙂

Wham! – Last Christmas

one of my all time favourite Christmas tunes from my favourite era – the 80s – where the bigger your hair, the cooler you were… looking back at the music video, I find it odd that people couldn’t figure out that George Michael was ‘on the other team’..but then again, as Charlie Murphy have said – “..the guy who looked the most like a bitch was getting all the women” in the 80s… enjoy 🙂

ShitSoil’s Recommended Toys To Give To Your Kids For Christmas

The Wee-Wee Chopping Giraffe


‘Talk Like A Gangsta’ Wheel


My First Suicide Kit


Junior Poacher Kit


My Nieghbourhood Stranger Playset


Divorced Barbie Set


Grind For Fun


Pull My Finger (With Sound and Scent)


courtesy of Worth1000

Shady’s Christmas List

Well..if I really had a choice.. I’de probably ask Santa for cash, a mansion and a Lexus…and on top of that, a ticket to Brisbane… hee hee hee 😉 …….but then, that wouldn’t be reasonable would it~ and besides… sorry to burst your bubbles but Santa doesn’t exist kids… the one you saw was probably your dad or a guy on parole working at the mall wearing a pillow-stuffed red suit and fake beard..hahaa.. *oops* did I say that out loud? Anyhowdoodly~ I want these….

clwmchine.jpg You know those Claw Machines..and how you get extremely frustrated when it grabs a toy or a chocolate bar and just when you’re about to get it..the damn claws jst drops it due to its really crappy grip… and that’s when you know you’ve been robbed of your dollar.. and i’de usually jst start kicking and knocking it…*looks around for mall security*…and when its safe..kick it again… hahaha.. well.. I want one! I mean, with all the banging and punching walls due to the may be good excercise for me.. and besides, I can always open the machine myself after 100 failed attempts..haha

antfrm.jpg What every kid has and what I always wanted…an ANT FARM…. Back in Brisbane, I remember going into the National Geographic store with Shuks one afternoon looking for an ant farm… and they had these! Instead of using traditional sand, it uses a Nasa-created goo which serves both food and housing for the ants.. and while the sales lady was rambling about it to me… I asked…”so can I mix red ants and black ants in this thing?” and she said yes, but they’ll probably bite each other’s heads off… and my reply to her was “COOL!” *eyes sparkling*…. but last-last… inda jua jadi mbali.. angat-angat tai ayam… BUT I SHOULD’VE! Since it was on sale! uurrgh~ so to my ‘Kambing’ yang berada di Brisbane atu…. Shady wants an ANT FAAAARM~~ Teeennxx!!! hahahaha! 😛

suparman.jpg Last but not least..I wanna be just like Superman~ hahaha… i mean, with all the gym workouts I’ve been doing…why don’t I just buy one of these~! instant muscles! haha.. with this, I can sit back, relax, eat all I want and still look..well, as Paris Hilton would say… ‘Hawt’.. I wonder if it comes with a step-by-step manual to make my hair look lyk this kid?..speaking of the kid..this picture is annoying the heck out of me really… feel like knocking those teeth out..hahaha

courtesy of IWantOneOfThose, ThinkGeek & Mattel

Boyz II Men & Brian Mcknight – Let It Snow

I’ll just end tonight’s post with another of my all time favourite Christmas song from the early 90s… This was the during the glory days of R&B music when the number of blings and bitches you had didn’t really matter….but they do look kinda tacky though.. with the whole seluar tingkai and granny-knitted sweaters..and look how skinny Brian Mcknight and the Boyz were! hahaha..nevertheless, great music 🙂

Mariah Carey – Miss You Most (At Christmas Time)

Kambing Gunung

December 24, 2006

sykt.jpg oh shoot~ i lost track of time… actually forgot to post today’s entry~ but then again, it was well worth it ah 😉 ..hohoho…I’m just gonna do a short one today~ gonna sleep early for a change.. so here goes nothing..

Monkey ‘Balls’ anyone?


If you have ever wanted your own set of monkey balls you are in for a treat. These magnetic monkey balls even sing when you play with them and can make different sounds depending on the nature of your play. Spin your balls in the air and they will make a whistling noise, attach your balls to each other and swing them like a pendulum back and forth, but beware if you get your balls too close together and they might crash into each other thanks to the magnetism monkey balls possess. Trust me no one likes it when their balls crash together. Place your balls on the desk, pinch them and spin them about to be greeted by a subtle fluttering sound, try spinning your balls on different surfaces to get different sounds. Beware; don’t leave your balls lying around they can damage CRT displays and pacemakers with their magnetism.

Sounds… uuuh.. gosh.. i’m speechless… DISTURBING really! yet.. i am curious on how to play with Monkey Balls… see! i can’t seem to find a way to say it without making me sound like an animal molester! hahhaa..

courtesy of i4u 

How To Masculine-ise you Phone

Mari sini I teach you….The guys at Double Viking have been kind enough to help us “man-up” our phones.. so here’s how…

#1 “Man” Up Your PlanGot unlimited night minutes starting at 6 PM, free texting and 1000 anytime minutes?  Wow—that’s great! You vagina. First off, don’t take the free texting.  Men don’t text. Our thumbs are far too large and hairy to push those little buttons fast enough to form words.  Naw dude—we yell.

And what’s with all these minutes, dog? Spending a lot of time calling up your bros to compare outfits? “Yo, Anthony—what sneakers you think match my red bra?” A real man only needs two minutes a month on his cell phone—for the two times you feel like answering when your bitch calls.  Nuff said.

#2 “Man” Up Your Phone

YOU: “Check out my Sidekick! It’s got email, IM, games, a web browser…”

DOUBLE VIKING: “Does it come with a carrying case…for your balls? Since you cut them off and everything.”

Men don’t use “smart phones.” We don’t use skinny phones, razor phones, camera phones, mp3 phones or video phones, either. We need that super cheap phone…the one where you actually get money back when you buy it.  When you drop a man’s phone, it shouldn’t break.  It should bounce.  Twice.  Then you should be able to pick it up, head to the park and shoot some hoops with it. 

And we want our phones big—so big it takes up your hold hand, with the second hand being used to carry the oversized battery pack.  Unless it comes with backpack straps. Now THAT’s manly.

#3 “Man” Up Your Ringtone

Just because it’s technologically possible to have Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl” as your ringtone doesn’t mean you have to use it.  A manly ringtone? Something offensive and loud.  I personally rotate between three tones—the sounds of gunfire, the sound of a dentist’s drill gnashing and burning teeth, and, of course my mainstay—Cher’s 1999 hit single, “Believe.”  What?

#4 “Man” Up Your Voicemail Message

“Hi, this is Joe.  I’m not in right now…so leave a message.  Thanks!”  Beep—WRONGGG!!!

Dude, how pussy is that? You’re giving up waaaay too much information.  You might as well give them your measurements and a list of your top five favorite poems. Douche.

Here are some suitable messages:

“It’s me. Leave it…bitch.” <!–[endif]–>

“Yo. Bye.” <!–[endif]–>

“Sup? Beep’s comin…”

“Hello? What?  I can’t hear you…wait, hold up…”

“Thanks for callin’ Dudetown, USA—population me.”

“Sorry, bro. Getting electrolysis treatments on my lower back. Leave a message.”

 *note:  if you’re too lazy to read through all that.. here are the main and crucial manly cellphone commandments that you should remember:

1.”Men don’t text. Naw dude–we yell.”
2. “When you drop a man’s phone, it shouldn’t break. It should bounce. Twice.”

courtesy of  DoubleViking

Beatles-branded iPod?


First there was the iPod by Bono/U2.. now it’s the Beatles‘ turn..

Fortune magazine is reporting that Britain’s EMI Group (the Beatles’ record label) is close to making a deal with the house of Jobs. There’s talk of bringing The Beatles’ catalogue exclusively to iTunes and even using one of their songs in an iPod ad. But what’s even more interesting is talk of a Beatles-branded iPod.

courtesy of iLounge

Sorry~ Sorry~!

ok before you watch this… let me just give a brief intro so you won’t get lost since it’s in Dutch, German or watever European language it is in… so basically, this is supposed to be a serious talk show which talks about surgery that’s gone wrong…it is hilarious.. yet…well, just watch…. i actually feel sorry for the Host…


Lovely As a Summer’s Day

December 23, 2006

Let me just start off by saying ‘Bwwwohhh~’ .. don’t ask what it refers to but God knows how many times that word has been used today~ haha.. kan kan kan~ 😛 anyways, just got back from dinner… today was seriously a one-man feast day… let’s see, I had king prawns, Ayam penyet rice, $13 worth of satay… now don’t me wrong.. I am not ‘gelojoh’ as you might think… the satay was for sharing… but then again, I probably ate more than half of it myself…. ok fine.. I am gelojoh~ haha.. pedahal I already said my ‘before meal Bismillah‘… guess I was just hungry~ and yet, I said I was gonna live healthy.. hahah~ oh well, lapar maaan~ hmm wat else wat else… oh, i knw this is totally out there and random… but i just realized that I’ve become darker… skin tone-wise that is….  I mean, a few years ago when wearing baggy jeans and pretending u were black was the IN thing, I wouldn’t have complained as much since I would have been a step closer from becoming 50 Cent…all i needed was my own bitch and get shot… hahaha.. ok, as usual I’m drifting away from what i was talking about.. so yes, mikin itam ku che~ i guess this place is jst too darn hot~ thank gudness for photo editing..hahahah… oh well…. anak MELAYOOO kali aah~ anak MELAYU KAMPUNG for that matter… and u knw wat, I love the lifestyle~ *c Shady bubut ayam* …………… “baleek kampoong~ oooh ooh ooh, baleek kampppoongg~”

The Silver Surfer

I’ve talked about the Fantastic 4: Rise of The Silver Surfer earlier this month and of course, based from the title itself… the Silver Surfer will have a mjor role in this one… so here’s an exclusive first look at the Silver dude himself… (he’ll fully be in CGI just so u knw)


Pirates go Arrrr~

Even since the 2nd installment of the Pirates of The Caribbean franchise came out, rumors have been circulating with regards to Keith Richards (of The Rolling Stones) playing  Jack Sparrow’s (Depp) father… Although the producers and cast have been tight lipped on the matter.. it can now be confirmed that Keith Richards will indeed play the father of Jack Sparrow in Pirates of The Caribbean: At Worlds End .. yipeee!!


Cubic egg anyone?

Seriously, of all the gadgets that I’ve posted on ShitSoil… this has got to be the coolest invention/gadget so far~ *in an advertising voice* Ever felt bored with your breakfast? Well~ worry no more! Coz u can now have a cube-shaped boiled egg! Impossible u say? *smack* of course not! see for yourself smartass


what did i tell ya~ cool huh? so how does it work? well, the egg cuber thingy takes in a still-warm egg and squashes it into a cubic shape, all without leaking out the yolk inside. Take the pleasure of freaking out kids and your grannys with this thing~ haha…

iPhone? probably fake..yet believable


yea yea yea, here I am again… ranting about the ‘possibly not even gonna come out Apple phone’…. not sure if this is the real thing… but real or not, this is probably the most credible as compared to the other fakers… There’s the dual-screen touch-screen system as  previously rumored… Secondly, there’s a touch-sensitive bottom section which can be either a wheel or phone buttons, plus the iPod Nano-esque body that matches what other rumors, and Kevin Rose have said. BUT, the poster still uses the name iPhone… so there’s a chance that we’re being duped here once again since…… well…. just read it here

courtesy of amobileme a box

it took me a while to stop laughing after watching this SNL (Saturday Night Live) skit featuring Andy Samburg and Justin Timberlake…considerng the holiday season is here, i just thought this was very suitable… hahaha! enjoy…


December 22, 2006

‘lo…~ went to the gym and did a couple of laps at the tracks again today… and well, just as any other Bruneian would, right after working out… eat eat and eat.. haha.. drove all the way to the Mall (surprise, surprise) tonight for dinner and of course more DVDs!! yaay! so wat did i get today? Children of Men. I was actually looking for The Pursuit of Happyness… but I guess they don’t have it yet.. but even if they do, the quality’s probably still crappy where I’de have to endure watching the movie really close due to the bad picture quality and reading subtitles that don’t even make sense…. something like..“hey let’s go for dinner” which turns into “ey, let’s go and eat her..” pokoknya something totally way out from what is really being said… so that was it really… Shady’s usual Bandar escapades – go to mall, eat, buy pirated DVDs… then straight home… I’m still waiting for the ‘shave kambing’s goatee’ adventure.. ah ah Sa~ hahaha….



Looky looky~ i actually found out this afternoon…ShitSoil “…..broke the 100 referral mark for November” in RanoAdidas…. hurraaah! haha..i knw it’s probably not a big deal for most, but please, this is my moment~ so let me be..*skipping sissy-ly w/ pride & joy* haha..but on a serious note, big cheers to Ranz for the acknowledgement….. it’s probably a one time thing, unless I keep on pressing the refresh button over and over again…. wait, does that even work…..? *evil sneer* haha

screen shot courtesy of RanoAdidas

‘Walking in a Winter Wonderlaaaaand~’ ……in Brunei


picture courtesy of AnakBrunei

I’m sure many have seen the new Christmas Decorations nearby the Lexus showroom…. And it really looks puurtyy~ I haven’t had the chance to take pictures there since many are still hogging the place at the moment.. so hopefully, I’ll get a chance really soon.. so if menjadi, I’ll  take decent pictures and of course the ‘usual’ Shady pictures if you know wat i mean…..ShitSoil coming throouugh~ AnakBrunei took some great shots of the decos.. so check em out by clicking the link



Nissan collaborated with the well-known athletic company to create this 159-inch-long (13.3 feet), 1.5-liter study whose stated purpose is to have a “wearable” exterior and interior. The grille, the bodysides, and the wheels mimic the bottom of a tennis shoe. Inside, durable, colorful sportswear fabrics and rubber materials have been applied to the doors and the instrument panel, and the enameled glove box is opened and closed with a zipper


courtesy of CrookedTongues

Vacuum Shoes from Electrolux


This is way cool, not only does it let u clean ur house just by walking, it also gives you the daily excercise you need~ ………Bye! gotta vacuum my room now..*clickedeeclack*clickedeeclack* ok, i don’t really know what walking sounds like… hahaha

courtesy of T3

Before I end tonight’s post.. i just wanna say Bon Voyage to a very good friend of mine, c Dud who will be leaving for Tokyo today! Have fun dud! I guarantee you’ll have a blast  there… and remember, gambar kan rumah ku lama which is right next to the Brunei Embassy keh! “ai wanda if u knw how dey libu in tokeeyo~ pas and puriioooossss~”