Cold Bloooodeeed~

maameeeee.jpg Shuks txtd me early this morning kan mbawa lepak… just when I was semangat to go out of the the house today.. ujan tiaaa~ maaaaan~ sorry che.. eh bah.. if ur reading this….Saturday.. Soto Hj Tuah di Tutong..bawa c Rol@Jeng Jeng.. so I stayed home pretty much the whole day… then went to JP for some light dinner at Aladdin… eh ok Geng, we need to have our Shisha session back man~.. Aladdin@JP is definately the place.. inda kacau, inda ramai urang and sanang parking.. S&S is just too…….hmm.. well u knw…….. eeh lapar ku eh~ masak indo mee jap…….*after a while* ….back! oooh~ enaaaaaaaak~

The Fantasticar

Here is an exclusive first look of the Fantasticar from the upcoming sequel to 2005s Fantastic 4, Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer…based on the title itself, obviously the Silver Surfer will be in this..which also means, Galactus – the Devourer of Worlds (he literally eats planets) will surely have a part as well.. so this will surely be bigger than the 1st movie…all the major casts are back..and Tim Story returns in the director’s seat.. The anticipated sequel hits theatres on July 15th 2007


Marvel’s first family of superheroes, The Fantastic Four, meets their greatest challenge yet in “Fantastic Four and The Silver Surfer” as the enigmatic, intergalactic herald, The Silver Surfer, comes to Earth to prepare it for destruction. As the Silver Surfer races around the globe wreaking havoc, Reed, Sue, Johnny and Ben must unravel the mystery of The Silver Surfer and confront the surprising return of their mortal enemy, Dr. Doom, before all hope is lost.

No iPods in North Korea..? what has the world come to

 kimmy.jpg In an effort to sanction North Korea via luxury items, the US is engaging in the first ever effort to “personally aggravate a foreign president” by targeting items he personally enjoys.  The list includes:

iPods, cognac, Rolex watches, cigarettes, artwork, expensive cars, Harley Davidson motorcycles or even personal watercraft, such as Jet Skis, Mercedes, BMW and Cadillac cars; Japanese and Harley Davidson motorcycles; Hennessy XO cognac from France and Johnny Walker Scotch whisky; Sony cameras and Japanese air conditioners. The new ban would extend even to music and sports equipment.

what better way to piss off an authoritarian ruler than by taking away his (probably pink)iPod..huhuhu

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*yawn* signing off@3:36am…


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  1. Lovely As a Summer’s Day « ShitSoil Says:

    […] I’ve talked about the Fantastic 4: Rise of The Silver Surfer earlier this month and of course, based from the title itself… the Silver Surfer will have a mjor role in this one… so here’s an exclusive first look at the Silver dude himself… (he’ll fully be in CGI just so u knw) […]

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