it’s now exactly 12:07am.. i just woke up from my kitty nap..with my cat who was hogging the bed I might add~ and here I am… makan a Burger King WHOPPER… that’s Hungry Jacks ‘Whoppa’ for u Aussies out there~ Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi Oi Oi!..that’s my beloved second home right there…ok, I can’t concentrate while enjoying this burger… so i’ll take my time…blog slowly~.. eat it slowly~ and hope it’ll last for a few days.. but knowing me… I highly doubt that~ maaan, I gotta start eating healthy…NOT! haha..but seriously, living in Brunei just makes it 10xs harder…. speaking of eating healthy..I was recently introduced to a ‘soon-to-be Nutrition-ist’ DIETICIAN (my bad, sorry Sa! hahah..HEP!) by “very good friends of mine”… a cute one I myt add.. though she probably disagrees… but I doubt she reads my blog… but if she does… ‘HEP! SHUSH!’  dont argue..hahaha…*burp* Alhamdulilah



oh and if u notice.. I’m trying to grow my hair..finally, after 4 years…..mana tau membawa tuah..  but we’ll just have to see how long I’ll last until I shave it all off again.. haha

Album Review

Brian Mcknight – Ten


I haven’t done this is for quite some time now due to the lack of ‘real music’ they are exposng to us nowadays…(e.g: yo where ma beetches at… uh huh uh huh~ *sample music*) now don’t get me wrong.. I love Hip Hop, but maan~ let’s just say they don’t make Hip Hop albums like they used to like Run DMC, Public Enemy, The Roots….and MC HAMMER… hahaha… KIDDING!… HAMMER TIME! 😛 ok I’m drifting away..

Fifteen years and 16 million albums sold later, Brian Mcknight is hungry than ever as he will be releasing his 10th album, aptly titled TEN on November 5th. The album will be distributed through his new record label, Warner Brothers Records. “I wasn’t very happy with the situation at my former label and perhaps that attitude was reflected in the material,” McKnight says. “Right now, I am optimistic of what I can do in my new situation.” It’s always been my goal to try and bring back real R&B music,”  “When I was growing-up it was all about the seventies soul men. From the first time I ever stepped into a studio, my daydream was to pick-up where Marvin Gaye left off.” His first single ‘Used To Be My Girl’, a Tim & Bob (Bobby Valentino, Boyz II Men, Musiq, TLC) production is arguably the best ex-boyfriend, ex-husband and baby daddy anthem. “Go ahead playboy, do your thing,” McKnight teases nastily. “I must admit that she’s a ten/bet she didn’t tell you about way back when/when she was my girl.” Other than the ‘diss your ex’s current lover’ track..the album also features several stand outs such as  ‘A Little too Late’, the quiet storm ‘More and More’ and my personal favourite, ‘Find Myself In You’ (highly recommeded!) This album is filled with its usual B-Mcknight upbeat tracks and ballads.. but as much as I love my ballads.. the Mid Tempos are the highlights in this album.. in all honesty, this is the best R&B album that I have heard this year…. 🙂


  1. Used To Be My Girl
  2. Comfortable
  3. Find Myself In You
  4. What’s My Name
  5. Unhappy Without You
  6. A Little Too Late
  7. Holdin’ On (Missin’ U)
  8. Shoulda Been Lovin’ You
  9. Again
  10. More and More
  11. Can’t Leave You Alone
  12. I Do
  13. The Rest of My Life
  14. Red, White, And Blue with Rascal Flatts
  15. Don’t Take Your Love Away

Women’s Nike Air Force One Premium – “Peacock”


These are the new Women’s Nike AF1’s which features a peacock pattern print on it’s upper leather panels. The contrast of the peacock designs give off a nice swirl pattern to accent the colors that go along with its black colorway counterpart.


courtesy of kix-files

Apple Porn-filled Laptop – I wonder if they have more of this in stock in Brunei’s Apple Store


Apple reportedly sold one of their MacBook to a customer in London which was full of Pornographic JPEGs…to add to this, the guy bought the lap top for his 11 year old daughter….i wonder if the lil girl went, “mumsy..why is the keyboard sticky?” but i doubt it, coz according to Dave Chappelle, Mac keyboards are Non-Stick.. hahahaha

ok.. i better force myself to go to sleep now~ got an early morning… gonna be a good big brother once in a while by attending my brother’s ‘student cemerlang’ awards…pffft.. he probably bribed his teachers for those.. hahah.. sakit ati.. later folks… signing off@2:40am


16 Responses to “nyeeeeeeeeehh~”

  1. dee Says:

    Aiiii mana kau dapat Burger King aahhhhhhh? This is not helping with me being here…makan Hungry Jacks kali ku? Uh..Noooo…

    Me hungry…

  2. emma29 Says:

    aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii *sobs sobs sobs sobs*.. akuuu mauuu mushroom burger king 😦

  3. emma29 Says:

    btw u’ve got sexy fingers.. haha bleh kalah jari jemari c r&al nie… do u play guitars?

  4. shitsoil Says:

    ai~ achelerr~ haha.. uum.. nda.. jari ku strictly for kurik idung saja.. haha

  5. Shadi's Girlfriend Says:

    eh those sexy fingers are MINE! jgn jeles k… sungguh pun utk kurik idung .. jgn tah berfoyaq foya aku inda d brunei atu! 😛

  6. emma29 Says:

    lol… boh kadoiii ada warning ni bahhh hahaha…. bah bah shadi’s gf…. his fingers r safe… *sewa nda bleh? :P*

  7. mash Says:

    i don’t know if you remember me, but its your childhood friend, mash 😛 I was just browsing and I somehow ended up at your site. BURGER KING! Hahaha.

  8. shitsoil Says:

    hahaha.. aku nda masuk campur eh~ .. hey mash ingat ku eh~ my buddy di Jipun dulu kan~ welkam-welkam 🙂

  9. emma29 Says:

    adei sampai di jepun ani bah.. what were u doing there? exchange students? 😉

  10. mashes Says:

    ingat iaaaaa. fuuuuuh~ anyways, loving your blog. you have really interesting stuff in here. keep it up! you in brunei?

  11. shitsoil Says:

    mashes: ingat eeh~ inda jua batah~ it’s been ONLY wat? 11 years? hahah.. glad u lyk the site.. n yes I’m in brunei.. just got back about 3 months ago.. 🙂

    emma29: lived there for almost 5 years 🙂

  12. mash Says:

    well we gotta hook up then. 11years is too long 😛 hahaha. has it been that long? geez.

  13. emma29 Says:

    bohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 5 yrs di jepun???? bahapa??? pandai tah ko ckp jepun nie??? seteady eih..

  14. maurina Says:

    emma29: melacur lah apa lagi. si Shadi GEISHA kali ah, u know, the OTHER kind. 😛

  15. shitsoil Says:

    haha.. AWO AWO.. side income tah~ haha

  16. emma29 Says:

    hehehehe.. no wonder mampu ehh :p 😛

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