“maybe someday you’ll see myself among the crowd~”

A’kum and morning wahai ShitSoilers~ It’s 2:45Am… and I just got back from my saturday malam muda-mudi~ had dinner at TPH, went to the mall to check out the late night movies..~ unfortunately nothing good is out at the moment.. so headed straight to JP Aladdin.. be-shisha the whole night w/ my brothers and cousins… its been a while~ I just can’t be bothered w/ having to make my own at home~ bekeraja ulihnya..maybe nanti2 when I desperately need my fix.. haha.. mcm be-dadah bunyi nya.. updates updates..~


The darkness takes over

Just a new image from Spiderman 3…….


Maliq & D’essentials


As a fan of soul music, it is my pleasure to introduce to you my favourite Indon band, Maliq & D’essentials (MALIQ stands for Music And Live Instruments Quality). With the constant popularity of Dangdut and Pop-rock music, Maliq & D’essentials dares to introduce a new subgenre that is still considered as alien to the majority of the Indonesian population – known as neo-soul. Led by Angga’s vocals, the band’s music is smooth, dominantly soul + R&B with a dash of pop and a nice chill-out edge, slightly mellow but nonchalantly funky. Their lyrics are a mixture of English and Bahasa Indonesia. Their big big break began when they performed at the Java Jazz Festival which drew a large crowd and eventually had people, including Eric Benet, dancing to their jams. And as they say, the rest is history. It is safe to say that Maliq & d’essentials has started their own small revolution, bringing something fresh to the Indonesian music scene. Though they have been around, for quite some time now, I just thought it’de be great to introduce to those who aren’t familiar with these smoothe cats. Unfortunately, their debut album, aptly titled 1st is not available anywhere except for Indonesia due to label issues. But with their fanbase now constantly growing in Malaysia as well as Brunei (yes, they have performed in Brunei), be on the look out for their second album coming soon entitled Next due early 2007 which includes their new jam, Free Your Mind.

Official site: maliqmusic

Angga (Vocals), Indah (Vocals), Widi (Drums), Jawa (Bass) , Ifa (Keys) , Satrio (Guitar) Amar (Trumpet)

SBTG New Customs


SBTG (Sabotage) is at it again with 3 new custom kicks (the Prowler, the Boxer and Street Wreck).


courtesy of slamxhype

*yawn* blogged pretty late tonight… n all I can think of is sleep at the moment~ nanti gi update~ later folks~ signing off@4:02am


6 Responses to ““maybe someday you’ll see myself among the crowd~””

  1. alyaap Says:

    Maliq & D’essentials have performed in Brunei? I’m seriously looking for their first album and it’s hard to find the original here in Brunei, earlier this month I was in Spore and they were out of stock. Erm… 😦 Oh well I hope their second will be out here or if not in Spore. Hehe.. 🙂 Ohh i like ur website. it’s cool 🙂

  2. shitsoil Says:

    yes they have… but not many people here knew who they were back then… so too bad.. lets just hope they come back~ ..yea, I’ve got the full album thanx to the internet..but im trying to get the original at the moment~ 🙂 baru ada ‘umph’… anyways, welkam welkam~ I’m glad u lyk the site 🙂

  3. alyaap Says:

    yea the same goes for me.. i don’t know whether it’s the full album but yea i have lots of their songs.. thanx to the internet. ohh the other hand i like looking at the gadgets.. mimpi saja kan dapat! haha the ipods lawa lawa!!

  4. shitsoil Says:

    hehe~ hey i notice ur wordpress is empty..~ hmm~ do u have another blog site or something?

  5. alyaap Says:

    haha yea i do.. it’s http://princesasophie.blogspot.com do enjoy..

  6. Pablo Says:

    I’m a fan of Malique too. Bumped into their CD through an Indonesian friend while I was in Jakarta last year and really enjoyed hearing their 1st album. One of the songs featured Camelia from Malaysia. First time I heard someone sang a song with ‘assalamualaikum’ in their intro when they were not even a nasyid group! I think they are pretty cool! If you like R n B, this is the stuff for you..

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