Aloha… we meet again…I’ll just go on with the updates… ūüôā

Jack Is Back


Here are exclusive pictures from the anticipated ‘Threequel’ of the Pirates of The Caribbean franchise, entitled Pirates of the Caribbean:At Worlds End. While the plot of the third movie is not yet known, in addition to the familiar faces from the previous movies, Chow Yun Fat will be joining the cast presumably as a Chinese (well duh!) pirate.¬† The movie is expected to be released¬†on May 25tth 2007.


courtesy of Filmz.ru

Jay Z “water For Life” Customs


Sean Carter aka Jay Z recently took a tour around Africa called Water for Life. These custom designed sneakers were made in conjunction with the good cause, . The customs use a nice blend of different shades of blue with a green that really looks fresh. A good custom for a good cause.


courtesy of thejgcustoms.com

Al Dente~ HIT IT! “The pasta’s readdyy~~”


Here’s an interesting kitchen¬†item for you¬†pasta chefs out there. Known¬†simply as Al Dente (no Mr…just Al Dente… just like Prince), it is your personal pasta assistant which activates when you put it in boiling water. After 7,9 and 11¬†mins, it just starts singing.¬† The songs are “Triumphal March” from Aida (at 7 mins); the “Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves” from Nabucco (at 9 mins); and “La Donna √© mobile” from Rigoletto (at 11 mins). I don’t know¬†what motivated the maufacturer to create this.. could it be for fun? or maybe chefs just enjoy boiling little men for a bit of ‘umph’… heeee ūüėõ

courtesy of solutions.com



One Response to “Absofuckinlutely”

  1. emma29 Says:

    i love captain Jack Sparrow (eh lurus kan sparrow haha.. )… and u shud seriously watch De’Javu… or sudah u liat? :p

    i wonder what movies r coming up soon.. im seriously bored…. everyone is working… and im just sitting here.. staring at my screen.. willing my download to finish quickly so i can go home… my arse pun sanggal sudah.. grrrr…..

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