Osh Kosh Bigosh!

hehu.jpg It’s been.. well, a Krispy Kreme-ish day i suppose, thanx to Selly who’s selling them around $2+ a piece… oh this just in… SOLD OUT DAH….. a couple of people have been rubbing it on me about it today… Din@Pornstar28 being one of them… he was even kind enough to even put it in his msn nick saying ‘Thanks Selly for the KRISPY KREME…….Inda apa SHAD aku makankan half mu’… and to add to the ‘pain’, Bulat was eating her ‘oh so shiny and delicious’ K.K donuts while chatting with me..HAHA.. THANX A LOT! …inda papa, sini ada… uum..ada… MACAM-MACAM! ok.. I’m just gonna keep it short today.. I got a written test early tomorrow for a job…. wish me luck! 🙂



ok..it’s not really called an iMote..but it sure sounds catchier than ‘TuneView Remote’. It is basically a remote for your iPod. It consists of a 2-way RF remote with color LCD screen, a universal iPod dock, a USB power adapter, audio and USB cables, and selected dock inserts. Using this remote, you can sit back, relax and charge or browse through your iPod playlist while the iPod’s connected to the stereo. However, the downside to it is its price tag which runs at US$179. But hey, at last… something for the lazy people out there 🙂

courtesy of keyspan.com

Something for the Kids

ok guys… I AM SOOO SORRY for tonight’s minimal updates… but as I mentioned earlier… I got an early morning tomorrow… and those who know me should know that I’m not a morning person since jobless ani… and besides… I got a take-away Nasi Ayam waiting for me… “eat me~ eat meeee~”….. Will do Mr.Chicken rice.. *evil laugh*


14 Responses to “Osh Kosh Bigosh!”

  1. Sas Says:

    she jacked up the price sky high. nda lagi nampak awan. hahahahaha.

  2. C-Miss Says:

    Haha! Awu Shadi~~ Nyamaaan berabis KK donuts ah…I finished four of em …paning kpala ulehnya…so yummy…imagine sinking your teeth into those sweetly glazed KK donuts! Btw, good luck withthe written test…and *ehem* hehe…

  3. emma29 Says:

    aiii aku pun tais liur membaca the comments nah.. haha.. ‘C-Miss’ kejam 🙂

  4. shitsoil Says:

    Sash: klau inda cana kan untung~ hahahahha!

    C-Miss: yeah yeah~ tell me smthing i don’t knoww~ hahaha … ” *ehem* ” HAHAHA

    emma29: C Miss daling ku nomor~ uuumm… brapa miss? haha

  5. C-Miss Says:

    *rolls eyes* bilaaa juaaa~~~ hehe

  6. emma29 Says:

    lol… aku booking number 29 bleh? 😛

  7. BEAVER Says:

    HAHAHAHA!! Sapa suruh balik nah???? sapa suruh pintar bener balik awalll….. hew hew hew… nyaman makan d melbourne che~~!! mun bule sumwa ku tapau!! KANYANG!

    Balik tah kmari shadi.GF mu nunggu. Ya inda mau ko foya foya d brunei atu!;-P

  8. C-Miss Says:

    Hahaha! *hi-five* BEAVER! Yumm! Egg Benedict…I like~!…sampai ani ku terasa sauce nya atu Sel…sia2pun~~~

  9. shitsoil Says:

    yea yea yea~ mana saja kamuu~ cheh! hahah… ‘GF’ ku menunggu.. that’s a gud one~ pffft~ hahahaha

  10. AnakBrunei Says:

    What?? Someone’s selling KK’s here in Brunei?? Where? When? I want some!!! This is one cool ass blog u got here bro… I likes it… a lot… keep it comin!

    Sidenote: How do u do those funky effects on your pics in the banner? Its so cool lah! How bout doing a tutorial as one of your posts? Heheh!

  11. shitsoil Says:

    Welkam AnakBrunei…I’m glad u lyk the site.. 🙂 oh how i wish they were selling KKs in Brunei.. my friend were selling them in Brisbane unfortunately..

    with regards to the ‘effects’ on my banner.. well, there’s really no fancy work done to it actually.. I just drew them :).. keep on visiting buddy 🙂 cheers

  12. emma29 Says:

    nah kan haha c AnakBrunei pun mau tutorial 😛

  13. BudinMan Says:

    nah shitsoil aku pun mau tu tutorial ahh. Bila? karit nie c shitsoil ahh inda ya mau mengajar nie.

  14. emma29 Says:

    BudinMan: i knowwww!!!! *jalings shitsoil* hehehehe ia ckp draw draw draw mcm sanang bah heheheehe

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