How Will I Know…

“There’s a ribbon in the skyyy~” don’t mind me… just in the Stevie mood at the moment… so anyhooters~ as you might already know.. I had my ‘ujian bertulis’ for the Executive Officer position… so how did it go… hahaha~ uum~ well, let’s just say as soon as I flipped open the questions, they were all in malay.. and that’s when I realized that I was fucked… hahahah.. but Alhamdulilah I answered them all… bahasa melayu kapal pun kapal laaah~ but I’m still annoyed that I got the Philippine President’s name wrong.. I don’t even remember if I wrote Gloria Macapagal Arroyo or Gloria Arroyo Macapagal… CURSE YOOOOOOOUU~! cubatah sanang-sanang nama atu.. something like ‘Lisa Simpson’ maybe?… aah.. biar kan chia.. if it’s meant to be..then meant to be… buuutt~ maaan… I’m just having one of those night’s where my mind just keeps on going ‘what if..’ ‘i should’ve’…’eh kacau eh’… and no, i’m not only talking about today’s exam… I’ve just been thinking about Brisbane lately… what I would have been doing if I was still there…don’t know why…though I’de probably sit around, do nothing or annoy the heck of all the centro-lites….hmm~ i suppose I just miss that damn place..Krispy Kreme ni punya pasal! haha..out.. ok none of this emo shit now…NEXT!




Ok, ever since last night’s post.. I’ve had a couple of people come up to me (well not literally, but you know what I mean) and ask what the big fuss is all about with regards to Krispy Kreme donuts…I’ve had questions ranging from the usual “where can I get ’em?”; “you know how to make them? do you have the recipe?” (well if I did, I wouldn’t have to crave for them and nalan air liur saja won’t I),  and soalan bonus.. “do they look round and have a hole in the middle?” and my 1st reaction to that question was, “man you better be kidding coz I’m about to smack you senseless right about now..” and to make matters worse.. when i answered the question politely by saying “yes of course, they are donuts after all…. *vains about to pop*”, di jawab nya “aaaah.. so what’s the difference w/ the donuts here then..” hahaha~ inda papa.. menguji kesabaran ku ni… so yes, my fellow curious colleagues let me give you a brief overview on Krispy Kreme:

Krispy Kreme is a popular chain of donut stores which was first opened on July 13 1937. Though the store sells different variety of donuts, it is most famous for its traditional glazed donuts, often served warm. Krispy Kreme stores have a neon sign that, when lit (usually morning and evening), tells customers that hot, fresh doughnuts are coming off the line at that moment. Today, Krispy Kreme have stores worldwide, including the United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan. To those who want a taste, the closest Krispy Kreme store you could go to are the ones in the Philippines (2 stores) and Indonesia (3 stores).

So there you go. Though this doesn’t really explain how delicious they are, at least you learn something new right 🙂 …maaan I better get paid for promoting this… oh oh better yet…. “Dear Mr. Krispy Kreme, I do not expect any payment for my generous promotion… but if it’s no hassle, a lifetime supply of Krispy Kreme donuts will make my day………and maybe you can also give me one of your Krispy Kreme delivery trucks just something for me to remember about….Tengkiu”

…... haha.. *reality check*..ok abis! closes chapter on Krispy Kreme so stop asking me ridiculous questions/harrassing me/nagging about it… pokoknya nyaman! Shush~ :p


click the logo for the official Krispy Kreme site

Something for the kids Part Deux


7 Responses to “How Will I Know…”

  1. emma29 Says:

    oooo how come some of them does not have ‘hole’ one? *dumb question i know* hahahahaha.. 😛 :p 😛 :p 😛

  2. intanzie Says:

    Hey there~ about krispy kreme, well..i’ve never tried them, so when i asked my cousin (who’s been bragging about it) if he could bring some to bru for me, he instead gave me a link to this site ->

    Just thought i’d share that with you, but haven’t tried it myself plang, hehe. nanti tah 😛

  3. shitsoil Says:

    hey welkam..and thanx… but i doubt it’ll taste 100% like the real thing~ it’s missing that special yeast-raised donut recipe~ haha.. but daripada nada.. nantitah mencuba~ 🙂

  4. BudinMan Says:

    hahah baik makan dreamy donut che. lindt white choclate. baru ku makan tadi ah…….anyway shad adang tah d panggil Din@28pornking atu yai…..retired sudah che hahahah

  5. shitsoil Says:

    retired?! OMG.. it’s a miracle!!!!! hahaha..

  6. zeerah Says:

    Krispy Kreme. Finally… Someone who talks about the real hard hitting issues!

  7. shitsoil Says:

    Krispy Kreme.. the only way to go~ haha.. Welkam to ShitSoil Zeerah 🙂

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