Jual kacang

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! it was a great day to sleep in today…it’s been raining since noon tadi~..asyiik~ but other than that…keborengan ku.. alum tia sampai2 kan be-jalan ani.. damn son eh…

Sneakers of the Day



courtesy of NikeSkateboarding



You should know how much I love my Lexus..a couple of months ago I mentioned a bit about the upcoming Lexus IS500… well, it’s finally here…. well sorta..since it’ll be called LEXUS IS-F instead.. According to the Toyota Press Release, Lexus will stage the world premiere of the 2008 IS-F sport performance car and an exciting concept vehicle at a press conference at the 2007 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

The IS-F is an all-new high-performance version of the popular Lexus IS 250/350 sport sedans. It will feature unique styling and a substantial boost in power from a V8 powerplant that will captivate performance car enthusiasts when it goes on sale next year. In addition to the IS-F, Lexus will unveil an exotic sports concept.

courtesy of Lexus & ‘bidoi


Here’s another exclusive picture from the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End… as you can tell from the picture, Chow Yun Fat having a role in the movie is confirmed..


thanx to N-man for the heads up

Beep Beep!

Just a while ago, c Dud was asking me who I thought was jahat between Tom and Jerry…and it got me thinking~ and I ended up saying that the darn mouse is the evil one… and I hope he gets eaten really soon… head first! haha.. but seriously, I hate that cartoon… why can’t that mouse just choke on his cheese and die…. speaking of hating cartoon characters.. I got another one which i DESPISE BERABIS…. Road Runner man… everytime I eat chicken, I’de be like.. “nyaman ko nah! ku makan..! *stabs meat using knife repeatedly*” haha… ok, I lied about that bit…that’s just plain disturbing maaan.. pokoknya aku inda suka lah.. soooooooooooooooooo~ to those who agree with me… please watch this video coz it sure is satisfying… haha…



4 Responses to “Jual kacang”

  1. Sarah Says:

    wuuu~look look!nice car..haha..anyway just wanna drop by to say hi..your blog very interesting ah..heyy i grew up watching tom n jerry n i like jerry!but err not really keen on the road runner but still!!lols okeh okeh..shhh

  2. alyaap Says:

    tapinya kan no matter how dead road runner is… mcm inda mau mati right? mesti idup balik… i mean he’ll show up again somewhere. Eh.. road runner makes that beep beep sound right… or was that speedy gonzalez!! hahahaha… ok between tweety and the cat.. siapa lagi jahat?? hehehe

  3. shitsoil Says:

    Sarah: SAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~ HEWO! hehe… lawa ah banar the IS-F..well, based on the teaser pic that is..i’ll post the full body nanti.. 🙂 if only dapat layby~ *wishful thinking*…with regards to Jerry and the Road Runner, i’ll agree w/ anything u say baybee~ hahaha! inda, inda! i take that back!..not this time…i still hate that damn mouse~ hahah… HEP! … anyways, thanx for visiting beh~ 😀

    Alyaap: banar… yatah bisai di sembalih tu~ n yeap, road runner goes ‘BEEP BEEP!’ while Speedy Gonzalez goes ‘Ari ba! Ari Ba!’ ..hahaha.. ketara meliat katun saja…Between Sylvester and Tweety..I’de hafta say it’s like a love/hate relationship though i do get annoyed w/ tweety’s extremely BIG head at times… haha

  4. emma29 Says:

    semua jua katun nda mo mati.. its irritating!! even southpark character atu.. sapa tu namanya.. lupaku.. yg mati tah ganya ah.. but ada jua masih in the next episode!! *grrr*

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