Take A Chance

Went to the Mall tonight… brought my lil brother along for dinner and met up w/ ‘bidoi for a bit… nothing new really since I last went there….except for the BMW “car show” I suppose…. wanted to catch a movie.. but nothing worth watching yet.. so instead, went to buy a couple of DVDs… The Fountain being one of them….I’ll review that in a bit.. so hmm~ what else ah~ well, my frequent readers should know that I don’t go out much in Brunei.. so as usual, nada yang speshal-speshal…

The Fountain (Review)



One word to describe this movie….. MASTERPIECE… it’s probably one of those deeply emotional/powerful/eye-opener films that I’ve seen in recent years with its main theme being about life, the circle of life and death… Hugh Jackman definately was at his best in this movie… Though story-wise, I’m sure most people here would probably say that it is an extremely slow movie.. I mean for goodness sake, I’ve had people say that Casino Royale was slow.. but personally, I do think that it’s slow..as a matter of fact it’s slow throughout the whole movie..and not to mention confusing due to the ‘back and forth’ sequences..but that’s what’s so great about it… it enables the audience to really ‘know’ the characters and the struggles that the main character goes through…..Visually, not only in terms of special effects, but shooting-wise (angles/juxtaposition of scenes etc), Darren Aronofsky (Requiem For a Dream, Pi) did an excellent job and actually brought something unique and new to the table….I don’t know if it’ll come out here in Brunei considering the fact that I haven’t seen the trailer or even the poster around… but I hope it does….. although~ I don’t see the movie marketable to the mass audience here… no offence… but let’s just say, it’s an ‘ART-y’ rather than a blockbuster type of film… but again, I really hope it does…


Motorola ROKR E6


Motorola announced that it will ship its music phone later this month (DEC) . Other than the obvious (‘MUSIC’ phone), it has a 2-megapixel camera and a relatively large 2.4-inch display. It also has an FM radio and an SD card slot for up to two gigs of storage. Unfortunately, its not compatible with iTunes as hoped for. Perhaps the iTunes contract has expired just in time for Apple’s upcoming iPhone.

Pemugut: How to ‘Hack’ a Vending Machine

Ok, i don’t know if I shud post this… uumm~ ok… just so you know, this is for viewing pleasure ONLY.. SHITSOIL does not encourage vandalism… oh what the heck, like you’ll listen to me anyway…just in case, you did NOT get this from me… hahah

bah ok.. lapar ku.. masak indo mee jap.. and watch the Grudge 2 subuh-subuh ani… wooooooo~ hehe… signing off@2:30Am… 😉


3 Responses to “Take A Chance”

  1. emma29 Says:

    Masih jua posting subuh2 kan hehe krg sudah keraja susah tu lai. U better adjust ur bodyclock hehe

  2. BEAVER Says:

    mati wah .. selow site mu ani.neways. i dont get the video. vandalism ka? mcm biasa pun org bali snacks from vending machine? explain plis if im missing sumthing . hew hew

  3. shitsoil Says:

    BEAVER: eeeh~ tada paham~ well.. its not really vandalism plg.. haha..anways, it jst shows a way of getting 2 snacks from a vending machine for the price of one~.. as you can tell from the video, you block the first snack from going down.. then the machine asssumes that there was an error so it returns ur money… so insert lagi the change given to you and jst get another one..~ and voila! u get two~

    emma29: masiih~ biarkan tia~ hahaha~ ill find away to knock myself out b4 12 klau ku kraja nanti..hehe

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