La Razón Eres Tú

Nada nada nada…let’s just say the whole day was gloomy today.. and in my book, Gloomy and going out don’t mix… I didn’t do shit today as always other than watch DVDs, read the paper, go online, and watch more DVDs… welcome to my world~  har har~



Nuh-uh, this is not one of your usual ‘concept’ car designs….this is the actual production version buddy.. ShitSoil presents to you the 2008 GT-R from Nissan


The GT-R is scheduled for a debut at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show.

The production due out as a 2008 model will be powered by a new 3.7-liter twin-turbo V-6 engine producing about 450 hp, working in tandem with all-wheel drive and 20-inch tires. The new GT-R will, according to rumours, also be available with a seven-speed paddle-shifted gearbox.


courtesy of TheCarConnection & ‘bidoi



Was never a HUGE fan of epic movies… not even Lord of the Rings unfortunately… SORRY~ (if it means anything.. it was pretty good though)… hehehe…but this movie might be an exception for me… Based on the epic graphic novel by Frank Miller (Batman, Sin City, Daredevil) 300 is a ferocious retelling of the ancient Battle of Thermopylae in which King Leonidas (Gerard Butler) and 300 Spartans fought to the death against Xerxes and his massive Persian army. Facing insurmountable odds, their valor and sacrifice inspire all of Greece to unite against their Persian enemy, drawing a line in the sand for democracy… Opening in theatres March 9, 2007

click on the poster for the trailer. trust me, it looks like its gonna be one cool movie…

Barbie & her..eer..hungry dog?

Ok, before you say anything… I wasn’t on a Barbie finding rampage when I found this ok~ i just found it..PERIOD…*darn, I can’t use the “i was looking for an x-mas gift for my lil sister” line since many know that I don’t have sisters*  hahahaha! lah, I found it in this humor site…..anyways, as you can tell by the picture, this is Barbie being a good public citizen by picking up her dog’s poop…which I can understand…BUT WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THAT DOG EATING?! and there’s plenty more in his bowl for goodness sake! man, that’s one sick dog I tell you..and probably extremely hungry…but it’s ok, from the looks of his little smile, he looks pretty happy with eating turds…oh well, janji heppi~ HAHAHHAHAHA



6 Responses to “La Razón Eres Tú”

  1. C-Miss Says:

    Umm, are you sure you “FOUND” Barbie? Hehe~~

  2. shitsoil Says:

    awu baaaah~ i like barbie dolls.. u shud knw dat miss. hahahaha! 😛

  3. BudinMan Says:

    gila shad hensem tani dulu atu. hahahahah time bila kan tu? c FAID inda dpt masuk tu yo circle nya ahh ia angin bayu sikit tu org nya……does were the old days….from 4 now only one in unit 28 hahahah

  4. C-Miss Says:

    Good old days~ 🙂 time kamu membujang lapuk ah…haha…time bejual nasi lamak…time menalur jobless making nonsensical video clips…I wish those clips (e.g. the chicken dance) kana masukkan YouTube…haha..then people can understand how funny you guys can be..kalah tu Russel Peters ah…Senario kah…c Faid buleh jadi mascot kamu lah…jgn ko Din, “luver” Shadi kali tu ah~~ haha…sorry Shads and Faid (if u’re reading this)…MZB (maaf zahir batin, bukan Mozambique!)

  5. BudinMan Says:

    hahahah nanti tah…..jgn saja ko hairan ko tiba2 famous…..chicken dance atu balum tu…..songket boyz yo…..feat JengJeng from the tinkerbell. hahahahah…gila boring jua summer anie ahh….jobless wah ku sampai ku re-arrange furniture d rumah wah hahah. payah wah masih ada bau c shadi and merol hahahahah….jgn marah shad hahahah

  6. shitsoil Says:

    C-Miss & BudinMan: the gud ol’ days ni…time masih young and free..haha.. merepek tia ku nah.. bah bah, jgn tah kan labih pandai and post ‘songket boyz’ atu dalam youtube..hahah.. I’m trying to look for girls~ not get rid of them k… haha…but seriously, those were the glory days ah guys…*sigh*

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