Just go with the flow~

unf.jpg Ahoy there! it was 9am (10/12/06) and mummy barged into my room and told me to attend a wedding ceremony nearby while i gave her my ‘puhleeezz~ i need my sleep’ look…..maaan, why can’t they have one of those mass weddings like they do in china and just get it over with…..so anyways, it turned out to be an okay function i suppose… it wasn’t hot and of course the free food… hehe..this was actually my 1st wedding function for the year…so with nothing to do and while waiting for someone to say.. “bah silakan tah…” i managed to be my random self and lied to my little brother telling him that I was nervous coz I’ll be singing karaoke for the newlyweds later on.. and his reaction, “AAAAAAAAAH??! *eyes about to pop out*”… ahaha.. with a reaction like that, I suppose I succeeded in making someone go ‘what the…~’ on me…after that, it was staying home the whole afternoon…with nothing to do but sleep~ malam saja, went out to pasar malam gadong, which was also my first time this year….so the highlight of today was probably the food frenzy.. lemme see~ i had a chilli dog, satay, lekor, spaghetti…and i also managed to get free tongkeng ayam from one of the stalls…though I’m not really a tongkeng eater, I’m willing to try anything even if its chicken rectum…haha..*burp*

Happy 25th


On December 10th, Nike celebrated their 25th Anniversary of the Nike Air Force 1…

When the Nike Air Force One made its debut 25 years ago, the founding father designers shared the same goal as the ones behind the blueprints today: raise the standard of craftsmanship in the product. With a team highly dedicated to premium production and strict guiding principals like original designer Bruce Kilgore’s framework, the Air Force One has achieved an iconic status in the footwear industry.

What many of the younger generation sneaker aficionados forget to remember is that the Air Force One was produced with a technical mind set first, fashion second. It was the shoe that gave birth to Nike Air Technology, and provided basketball legends with precise cushioning that had yet to be seen in footwear. Fast forward to years later and the meticulous detailing remains. Tip reinforcement, collar lining, cushioned inserts and cupsole stitching have been tirelessly examined to ensure the highest quality of comfort as each new model is manufactured. With a commitment to authentic, never duplicated craftsmanship, the brand promises that the sneaker will continue to improve with time.

The past 6 years, has seen the sneaker become the centerpiece in fashion forward people’s wardrobe, and in 2007 Nike will unveil an updated Air Force 1 collection of basketball and footwear apparel. With models ranging from the ultra-exclusive colorways, to the more subtle tradition color-ups the Air Force One continues to be highly sought after. White on white colorways are improving too, the color tone has been made richer and upgraded, thanks to a 10A full grain leather finish. Each shoe string of every Air Force 1 have even been addressed, now fully refined and stained making them more resistant to dirt.

Whether you fell in love for the Air Force one for its look, or for its feel, realize there’s a never ending thought of improvement present in the production. Twenty-five years ago a vision and obligation to excellence in developing a product was drawn up and that mindset has resulted in a legacy that will never die.

courtesy of H.Beast

As part of commemorating the 25th anniverdsary of the Air Force 1 sneakers, Nike will be releasing special editions of the sneakers which includes two completely new AF1s, Italian crafted-Real Crocodile Skin AF1 (with 24k plated lace lock & a 24k plated removable lace tips) and Italian crafted-Real Anaconda Skin AF1 (with 24k plated lace lock & a 24k plated removable lace tips)

The two Italian made AF1s (Crocodile & Anaconda) are set to be released by special order (extremely limited per order basis) in January of 2007  and will retail at a price point of $2000



courtesy of Kix&thecity

More TRANSFORMERS THE MOVIE images/designs

This is Bumblebee.. enjoy 🙂



The Sweet Mary Poppins?

Apparently Mary Poppins have had it with taking care of darn lil brats and she’s now gone all ‘koo-koo’…KIDDING! Olululululu~ no need to cry kids, she’s still the sweet Mary Poppins that you all know and love (but still wierd)… but this footage just shows how film and video editing can easily change the mood of a film…see for yourself… its actually pretty creepy.. haha


5 Responses to “Just go with the flow~”

  1. nur25 Says:

    Dude baik tah kau practise bekaraoke arah org kawin. Nanti aku kawin kau mesti nyanyi tu!

  2. shitsoil Says:

    “selamaaaaaat~ pengantin baaaruuu~ selamaaaaat, berbahgiaaa~” HAHAHAHHA! U WISH!.. 😛

  3. emma29 Says:

    eh lagu ‘renjis renjis’ siuk.. 😛 u shud practice that for MY wedding.. u have to sing as well haha

  4. shitsoil Says:

    inda inda inda~! haha

  5. emma29 Says:

    aiiiiii kawan cemani????? 😛

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