I wanna be a Von Trapp

nyum.jpg I’m so HAPPY~ weee!.. i finally found my SpongeBob The Movie DVD after weeks of being frustrated finding it…so to make up for loss times…watched it tonight with a smile on my face, a Snapple on one hand and a smoked beef sandwich on the other…hehehe… now I’m in my room, just finished watching an episode of Heroes… ani taking a break for a bit and obviously blogging… and sambung lagi right after this…so I’m just gonna keep it short tonight…”whoooooooo~ lives in a pineapple under the sea~?!”

Lexus: The Next Generation


ok, I’ve talked about the new Lexus LS460 a few months ago and I talked about how shitsoil-ish (i mean that as a compliment) the IS500/IS-F is…so brace yourself, coz I’ve got more in store….Though the GS has always been my ‘motivational’ car to get my lazy ass up and finish my assignments, I always wanted a Lexus wagon…..and guess what, *jeng*jeng*jeng*… the people at Lexus are actually in the process of making one… The LF-X…. below are a couple of concept designs… so far, they look ‘nyeeehh’..let’s just hope the production version will look way better…


With the versatility of a luxury utility vehicle and the performance of a sport sedan, the Lexus LF-X is the intelligent evolution of the SUV. Powered by a 4.3-liter 300-horsepower V8 engine, its athletic chassis is built for performance. The driver-oriented instrumentation evokes the luxurious comfort and sophistication of an executive jet. The well-planned interior features full-volume bucket seats in the first two rows, while a third-row seat specifically designed for children folds into the floor.


…now all i need is a job… hahaha 😀

courtesy of Lexus

Say No To Guns Part Deux

I already warned you, guns kill and make you look foolish… I guess this guy didn’t get my memo….

As I’ve said earlier.. I’m gonna keep it short tonight.. sorry guys.. I gotta continue with my Heroes session….Assalamualaikum and goodnight 🙂


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