KA’ DAMOI@mamoi called me up at noon today…apparently, she’s back in Brunei…the horrooorr~~! hahaha..nada waaaah ‘moi… so she came over to my place today… and I tell u, she’s still the nutty mamoi I knew…. i thought 3+ months of not seeing me was gonna convert her back into that quiet girl i met awal-awal… NOT!~ masih heng mcm dulu… and not to mention that ‘scratch chalkboard-like’ laugh~ hahahah~ but it was all good, it’s been a while since I made mamoi laugh with my stupid impressions and lame ass jokes…so what else did we do, well~ let’s just say we talked about “STUFF”…no wait, let me rephrase that… SHE talked about “STUFF”….i was just nodding my head occasionally with a little awkward smile on my face..hahaha~ anyways, thanks for being “thoughtful” and “helpful” LADIES…tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk…haha… 😛 nanti lepak mamoi.. YOUR treat~ 😛


ok… i’m off for the night… sorry no updates~ i guess i’m just tired tonight..take care guys… A’kum 🙂


3 Responses to “…’haiz’…*sigh*”

  1. KadaMoi Says:

    Thanks for ur treat during my visit at ur place last time..Kenyangku ketawa campur kenyangku makan..haha!!Cali ko ani Deh..salah seorang Pelawak CENTRO nie(rinduku ko berlakon jadi orang tua sama c Shukz)..haha..n also great chef. Nyaman sataymu.. Begitu menggiurkann..begitu enak sekali. Waduhh!!
    U’re naturally one funny guy..Jangan lupa mampir2 ke Plaza. Call aja..Jangan malu2 dong..jgn segan yea!!ehehe..
    Ok..bah..take care back there, lai..Hav u changed to the ‘right’ sleeping schedule yet?
    Like those pics..full of great memories..Good old times with CENTRO:D tsk tsk..miss u all..Btw, great blog..continue d good job!!

  2. shitsoil Says:

    Mamoii!!!!! awak pun lucu bah… macam Badut~! all u need is a circle rednose and ur on ur way… haha~ kadamoii~ sms ku again plz.. sorry, tebuang wah ur number~ tenx! jgn gauk!

  3. KadaMoi Says:

    Astah…macam mana boleh tebuang:p
    Mentang2 ko buat gambar muaku ‘ANAK HILANG’.. Semua hilang! Uwaa!! Baik jua ku hilang inda batah. But hey…I’m back:p Gonna be pretty annoying!Yeahahaha..
    Bah..krgtah ku msg ko ah…Deh..

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