Honeydosugachocolate dumplin’

Assalamualaikum! I’m baaaaacck~ ok, unlike what most thought.. I wasn’t on hiatus.. it was just one of those days..I was just plain lazy… don’t worry, I’ll surely have more of my malas blogging days.. so be on the look out for the upcoming one… so what’s been up since we last ‘met’….weeell~ I was just having my ‘indon movie’ night… a few weeks ago it was ‘Eiffel I’m In Love’.. and today it was ‘Apa Artinya Cinta?’…hmm.. yea that should be right… u know, I am honestly enjoying these indon teen movies… definately due to the hott babes… but other than that, they just tend to be really funny… so as u might imagine, I’m usually laughing my ass off at 2am alone watching these movies mcm urang gila~ hahaha…anyhooteers~ I pampered myself w/ a new haircut instead of the usual ‘surung kusung’ at a ‘Saloon’…. ok, that didn’t sound masculine.. let me rephrase that… i had haircut at a ‘MANLY’ professional babershop…. hahaha. so yipeee~! finally letting my hair grow…. a new haircut for the new me….eseh men…let’s just hope i don’t end up looking like a dork with hair…. oh oh, I also bought a SpongeBob plush toy~ naaaaiiiss~


Ding Dang


Hey, remember these?! I was at Hua Ho Sengkurong tonight and noticed that they were selling Ding Dang…these are so old skool! So I bought not one but TWO! I remember these from back in the day and i would always go to my grandpa’s (may Allah SWT bless his soul) mini mart and buy them..or at least I think I did… either that or I just took ’em and told grandpa later on about it..haha… so as i was saying, these were really cool back then.. I remember how they’de always advertise these on TV1 or TV2.. (mind you kids, this was long before ASTRO) and I would always buy into their gimmick of floating toys and ridiculously powerful water pistols….the ad went something like.. “DING DANG~~ Dengan Bebola Coklat Lazat Dan Gasing Kontot~! “..ok, ku antam pulang tu..but something like that lah…hahha…. yes, it was always about the toys… screw the chocolate balls.. they were usually ‘masuk angin’ anyways… so as I was opening the box tonight, I still had that excited kid in me~ but unfortunately, the toy was pretty crappy.. i don’t even know what it’s suppose to be… what ever happened to the whole ‘floating’ Gasing Kontot? What has the world come to!!

Eragon (Review)


Oh gosh… I just watched this movie a couple of nights ago…. personally, I thought it was your typical Fantasy movie……don’t mean to be a party pooper, but basically it’s one of those ‘cliche-ish’ movies (so it wouldn’t matter anyway)… where the main character (in this case a farmer boy) least expectedly gets chosen as a saviour…he gets a Dragon which he initially bitches about.. I mean c’mooonn! who wouldn’t want a dragon!! to make matters worse, this ‘saviour’ turns out to be a major pain in the ass… he does something stupid, his stupid actions lead to a disastrous consequence and he regrets it later…. yadayadayada~ eventually a final battle scene…he makes up for his previous wrong doings by saving the day….happy ending..WOOPDEEDOOO!…plot-wise, this movie is a direct copy of Star Wars: A New Hope….they just added dragons…… the only positive thing I can say about the movie is probably the amazing visuals during the final battle, and Jeremy Irons (who plays the mentor) who at least made an effort to bring some life in the film…..but I’m sure many would disagree w/ me… so to those who liked the movie, good news for u..like LOTR, Eragon is made up of 3 books… so there are 2 more Eragon movies coming your way…

Something for the laydees


As you notice from the picture(s), Louis Vuitton has enlisted blonde bombshell Scarlett Johansson for their new ad campaign. Be on the look out for these items to drop soon at a Louis retailer near you next year.


courtesy of Barenomore

Shrek The Third (Exclusive New Trailer)


click poster for the trailer


3 Responses to “Honeydosugachocolate dumplin’”

  1. emma29 Says:

    yeaa i like the mentor as well.. c Brom right? and u r ok lah babe cos u got the spelling for ‘salon’ wrong haha.. so stilll straight 😛

  2. shitsoil Says:

    salah kah tu? ‘salon’ panya~ hahaha *phew*

  3. emma29 Says:

    I think so… Cuba tanya c maw hehehe i tink ‘saloon’ is for cars. ‘salon’ for kadai gunting rambut yada yada yada keke

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