Maybe it’s the hair…

I have one happy tummy..~ just got back from dinner a while ago…*burp*.. I’m blogging early tonight as I have a job interview tomorrow at the Min. of Foreign Affairs ~… I’de be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous… yet, i can honestly say that I am more excited.. so what am I expecting for tomorrow.. well, as usual… I’ll just hafta to go w/ the flow and try my best… if working at MFA is my ‘jodoh’..then as they always say.. “insyAllah, kalau jodoh tak kemana..” so wish me luck…. heee heee 😀

Live Free or DIE HARD


Remember back in the day when Bruce Willis was still one badass mofo in those Die Hard movies…well, good news… the one man army John McClane (Willis) is back in the latest installment of the Die Hard franchise entitled Live Free Or Die Hard. After watching the trailer, it is safe to say that is one of those movies which has enough testosterone to even grow hair on Orlando Bloom’s chest… hahaha.. In the first movie, he took on a hostage takeover, then the plane hijacking on the 2nd one… the 3rd… uuuh,, ok, I can’t remember what he was up against on that movie… all I can remember, Samuel L Jackson was on that one…… oh oh, hold on.. it’s coming back to me now, on the 3rd movie he was up against the brother of the villian from the 1st movie.. so what’s in store for Johnny this time around? Well, the fourth film of the action franchise will feature John McClane (Willis) attempting to stop a techno-terrorist from shutting down the nation’s computer systems on the Fourth of July. The story takes place around Washington, DC. The movie opens on June 29, 2007.

Click the banner to watch the trailer

the iPhone!!!!!!!


oops, sorry.. i forgot to put the word ‘NOT’ in between ‘The’ and ‘iPhone’…haha…Ok, just when I was so excited that the iPhone might be coming sooner than we thought…. well, I suppose the Chinese beat Apple to it with their very own iPhone-esque ZTC 321 ….don’t ask me what the name stands for coz I honestly don’t knwo…but there’s a good chance that it doesn’t mean jack shit… so anyways, what do I think of the ZTC 321 …*sigh*…. o, it looks like shit really… but maybe if i squint my eyes it’ll look better… *squint eyes*… no…..still shit.. sorry to disappoint u…

courtesy of MyiPhone

Protecting your ‘Values’


Due to “obvious” reasons…i would like to dedicate this YouTube clip to my good buddy Keegun@MuayThai, a fellow Centro-ian who is currently in the UK… Gun, I know how much you hate it there, so hope this makes u happy… even if its only for a lil bit.. hahahaha… cheers mate..


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