tired.jpg *yawn* I am so tired tonight so I’ll just keep it short.. and besides, the espeed’s at it again..it’s been really slow these past few days..so it’s really annoying the heck out of me… So how did the MFA interview go.. ? well Alhamdulilah, it went pretty well than expected… those who conducted the interview were friendly and I guess the whole vibe was great… and I was the first to go in~ so sanang ati, masuk awal abis pun awal~ so as I was saying, it went smoothly.. succeeded in preventing myself from looking too much like a smartass..~ haha.. surprisingly, it just took about 10-15 mins or so… so it wasn’t that bad… insyAllah, if all goes well I’ll still have another stage of the interview to go through… 🙂

THE iPHONE!!!! No Joke

crap.jpg ok, I knw I’ve been talking about the iPhone for quite some time now… but seriously… it’s finally here.. no joke whatsoever.. THIS IS THE iPhone… no bullshit…unfortunately, it’s not the Apple iPhone that you have all been anticipating…It turned out, the iPhone is a VOIP phone made by Linksys. Cisco, their parent company, has owned that trademark since 1996…so unfortunately for Apple… they’d have to come up with another name for their iPhone cellphone if it does really exist… hmmm, may i suggest it be called The Apple CiscoissuchapartypooperPhone?

Kazakhstan: Where my sister is number 4…


Forget what Borat told u. Kazakhstan may not need to worry about Borat’s portrayal of his “primitive” country because Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan will soon become one of the coolest cities in the world. Why?

Well,  because they’re planning to build a 500-foot-high “tent” over the entire metropolis to keep it warm in the winter. It’ll be made from a special material that absorbs sunlight to give the effect of summer year-round, allowing lucky Kazaks to play tennis and go swimming while the rest of Eastern Europe is stuck bundling up and trudging through snow.

This isn’t just some wishful thinking either as UK architect Norman Foster plans to have the project completed in about a year. So as Borat would put it, “I laaaiikkk~”

The Worse House Guest

time for me to schleeep~ signing off @2am…


4 Responses to “Ter-CEMPLONG”

  1. dee Says:

    iatah kali pertama ku meliat kau dibrunei darussalam setelah sekian lamanya huhuhu…meliat mubi kau kah malam atu?

  2. shitsoil Says:

    hahaha~ it’s been wat? 6 years? haha.. inda eh… kan ngisi parut.. biasa…hahaha

  3. emma29 Says:

    ohh… the samsung iphone is much more cooler than this lah tu… its a slide phone.. the front resembles mini ipod.. and once u slide it….. walla u get d phone.. i think i saw it tempat vixennova’s blog heee…

  4. dee Says:

    6 tahun kan? batah tu ehhhh…bah bila hanging? catching the up…

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