Sinking Aboutz Eeww~

bngngg.jpg Hello wahai teman-teman ku…. Tonight was my DVD/movie night… Just bought The Host.. it’s, well… I’ll just get back to that… before watching the The Host, I was channel surfing and The Bodyguard was on! brought me straight back to the early 90s… I was what, hmm.. 7 or 8 years old…and even as young as I was back then, I already liked the movie and of course, the soundtrack…those were the glory days of Whitney Houston (I used to call her Whitney Nestum back then tho..haha..) before she turned into.. well u know… High~ haha.. but she’s coming back with a new album pretty soon so be on the look out for that.. anyways, that’s beside the point.. as I was saying… man, yes The Bodyguard… and and remember, the hit song from the movie that goes  “…Aaanddd~~~ IIIIIIIII~~~ Will Alwaaaaaaayyyssss~~~~ Love Yooouuuuuuuuuu~”…  I just had to sing along to it when the end credits started rolling… while my mum probably went..”napa tia anak ku sorang ani… tinggi ‘ja pelajaran..” hahaha.. so anyways, it’s still stuck in my head so it’ll probably end up being my shower song for tomorrow/later… hahah.. next! UPDATES!

ShitSoil’s DIY Corner

Host (in a campy voice): “Ya kawan-kawan, hari ini kita akan membuat kereta mangkok!

Kids: “Yaaaayy!!”

ShitSoil: *beats up host and the kids senseless*

ok, now that we’re done with the short skit, I can now move on…. what I actually wanted to share with u was a DIY (if you haven’t figured it out…it means Do It Yourself..hahaha……. just in case)  Lap Top Stand For Your Car…… It lets you take your lappie on the road. It’s made of PVC pipes and keeps your laptop at an adjustable angle. This is perfect for those who has got a disturbing obesession for their Lap Tops to the extent that being away from it makes them have a seizure… or if you always wanted to make your car looking like a kitchen sink drain..then this is just the thing for you… for the instructions, just click HERE


courtesy of SlashGear

The Host (Review)


As I mentioned before, I bought the DVD tonight (extremely good quality I might add)… the movie was out in Brunei Cinemas here a few months ago, but I never got the chance to catch it.. so I would like to thank piracy for giving me the opportunity, coz without you.. I’d hafta buy $30 worth of DVD instead of $5..hahha..

Just a brief outline of the movie…The Host is a popular South Korean monster movie. It was a hit back there and also garnered a substantial amount of international buzz. The story is pretty simple actually. It revolves around a disfunctional family who must work together in order to save someone they dearly love from a monster. The great thing about the movie is that it doesn’t waste time by explaining how the monster came about…  put simply, the monster was just a result of the dumping of toxic chemicals into the Han river by an asshole…and from there, it was all screams…. The computer generated monster (courtesy of a creative partnership between Weta Workshop who were responsible for King Kong & LOTR and The Orphanage who were involved in Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire and Sin City) is probably one of the main attraction of the movie. Yet, other than the monster madness thrill-ride, the movie was also a human drama and a kind of Social Commentary which reflected the problems today’s world which includes unemployment, war/military (particularly Agent Yellow which was a direct reference to Agent Orange used during the Vietnam War), Government coverups and the struggles of the commoners…All in all, it’s a great and a must watch movie…so Hollywood better not screw the movie up by remaking it.. To those who haven’t had the chance to watch The Host, ShitSoil recommends it 🙂

English – The Universal Language?


2 Responses to “Sinking Aboutz Eeww~”

  1. emma29 Says:

    gosh.. i managed to catch half time of ‘the bodyguard’ as well last nite…. tarus stuck dapan tv heee it used to be one of my fav movie ever n i loved kevin costner disana…. *drools*…. now he has been quiet… well except for the guardian (? yg wif aston atu).. he hasnt been a hero lately.. *sigh*…

    i hope he wont be all wrinkly ni krg heee… have u seen the fat n wrinkly n OLD bruce willis in 16 block (ok im not sure about the number of blocks now *lol*.. )… it was an eye opener eh……… andd in ‘de javu’…. c val kilmer lagiiii…. fat n oldddddddddddd….

    urgh!!.. i wonder how the other heroes r doing at d moment…. :/

  2. The Host 2…Korean monster is back « Trylobyte’s Corner Says:

    […] You can read our review at my brother’s dormant blog. […]

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