Swing Beetch Swing!

cntrogen2.jpg So how can I sum up today… well, lets just say it’s been a healthy day… why? well, rather than my usual sleep, eat, surf, eat, sleep routine… I actually went to do laps for a couple of hours with ‘biya at the tracks and did a bit of heavy lifting  at the gym today…then after Maghrib, went to the driving range at the Empire with the rest of the family… I tell you, I suck….out of the hundred balls, i think half of it were out of bounds..haha….it’s been a while……. but now that I knw where the driving range is, I’ll actually have somewhere to go from now on, rather than Mall saja~ but with me being my usual capi-capi self there… i have a feeling they’ll put me in the ban list pretty soon.. hahaha~

Huge Fu*king Robots


First things first.. here is the world exclusive second trailer from the highly anticipated Transformers movie coming out next year…It’s obviously way better than the first teaser that came out a few months ago.. and it definately has the Michael Bay visuals as expected…. the Transformers that can be seen from the trailer includes Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Scorponok, Blackout, Megatron (I think) and a my all time favourite Decepticon, Starscream!! just click the banner for the trailer… enjoy 🙂

Here are more pictures of the Transformers.. “Transformers robots in disguiiisse~~ …lalalalalalalalalalalaalalalaa… the Decepticons~”



Sneaker of the day


As part of the 25th Anniversary of the Nike Air Force One..This seamless Air Force 1 comes in a cinder colorway and feature the “Original Six” players which includes the faces of Moses Malone, Bobby Jones, Calvin Natt, Mychal Thompson, Michael Cooper and Jamaal Wiler lasered onto the shoe.


courtesy of NSB.org

ASUS Karaoke Phone


This is the ASUS Z801 Karaoke Phone.. so what’s so cool about it… well, the name itself just gave it away… IT HAS A KARAOKE FEATURE!!! When you play back an MP3 on the Z801, you can sing along and the phone will speech-to-text what you say and display the words right on the phone. Cooliess~! It would’ve been perfect if they only included a pitch change button so I can sing both the Diana Ross and Lionel Richie parts of Endless Love. HAHAHAHAHA… oooh ooh, that reminds me…. I just found out that my name means singer/’penyanyi’…I always thought it meant (at least I HOPED it meant) ‘the strong one’ or or… ‘the adorable one..’ *sigh*… penyanyi pun penyayi lah…. it could’ve been worse…lyk being known as ‘hang kebun’ or something.. haha

courtesy of PhoneDaily

Cookie Cookie Cookie Just For Meee~


5 Responses to “Swing Beetch Swing!”

  1. C-Miss Says:

    “but with me being my usual capi-capi self there… i have a feeling they’ll put me in the ban list pretty soon.. hahaha~”

    -the whole point of you IS your capi-capi self…otherwise nda tia siuk! Nda kana ban tu…they’ll looooveee you…jadi mascot hehe

  2. shitsoil Says:

    C-Miss: I dont know whether to take that as a compliment or not..hahahah! Miss, u coming back anytime soon or r u back dah and laughing away w/ mamoi without me? besides..I knw how much u miss me..hahahhahaha!!

    emma29: samsung ada ‘iPhone’ wah? well, the iPhone which i posted was obviously crappy brabis..my article was just saying how Apple’s upcoming phone won’t be using the ‘iPhone’ name since Cisco beat them to it.. wonder wat name they’ll come up w/…

  3. Adi Khalid Says:

    I really can’t wait for the transformers movie when its out. Rite now the fanboy blood in me is boiling HOT after watching that trailer! Micheal Bay has received alot of flak from die hard transfans who accused him of alienating the core audience. But then lets be fair, how many times has the franchise been rebooted for the past two decades? Id say bring on the movie! “DIE, AUTOBOTS! DIE!”

    An oh yeah. Starscream is a whiny puss. 😛 Go Bumblebee!

  4. shitsoil Says:

    hahaha.. i totally agree w/ u buddy… fans have been bitching about how the robots dont look anything like the orginal.. but seriously.. fuck that… this is the live action version… hahah… im rooting for the Decepticons on this one..

  5. C-Miss Says:

    M not going back any time soon ni yaii~~ m stuck here till antah nda ku tau bila… By the by, you should take that as a compliment…people try hard to be funny, but you, you’re just funny. Banar. Just watch Songket Boyz…haha..Din, post tah arah YouTube eh…

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