‘lo…~ went to the gym and did a couple of laps at the tracks again today… and well, just as any other Bruneian would, right after working out… eat eat and eat.. haha.. drove all the way to the Mall (surprise, surprise) tonight for dinner and of course more DVDs!! yaay! so wat did i get today? Children of Men. I was actually looking for The Pursuit of Happyness… but I guess they don’t have it yet.. but even if they do, the quality’s probably still crappy where I’de have to endure watching the movie really close due to the bad picture quality and reading subtitles that don’t even make sense…. something like..“hey let’s go for dinner” which turns into “ey, let’s go and eat her..” pokoknya something totally way out from what is really being said… so that was it really… Shady’s usual Bandar escapades – go to mall, eat, buy pirated DVDs… then straight home… I’m still waiting for the ‘shave kambing’s goatee’ adventure.. ah ah Sa~ hahaha….



Looky looky~ i actually found out this afternoon…ShitSoil “…..broke the 100 referral mark for November” in RanoAdidas…. hurraaah! haha..i knw it’s probably not a big deal for most, but please, this is my moment~ so let me be..*skipping sissy-ly w/ pride & joy* haha..but on a serious note, big cheers to Ranz for the acknowledgement….. it’s probably a one time thing, unless I keep on pressing the refresh button over and over again…. wait, does that even work…..? *evil sneer* haha

screen shot courtesy of RanoAdidas

‘Walking in a Winter Wonderlaaaaand~’ ……in Brunei


picture courtesy of AnakBrunei

I’m sure many have seen the new Christmas Decorations nearby the Lexus showroom…. And it really looks puurtyy~ I haven’t had the chance to take pictures there since many are still hogging the place at the moment.. so hopefully, I’ll get a chance really soon.. so if menjadi, I’ll  take decent pictures and of course the ‘usual’ Shady pictures if you know wat i mean…..ShitSoil coming throouugh~ AnakBrunei took some great shots of the decos.. so check em out by clicking the link



Nissan collaborated with the well-known athletic company to create this 159-inch-long (13.3 feet), 1.5-liter study whose stated purpose is to have a “wearable” exterior and interior. The grille, the bodysides, and the wheels mimic the bottom of a tennis shoe. Inside, durable, colorful sportswear fabrics and rubber materials have been applied to the doors and the instrument panel, and the enameled glove box is opened and closed with a zipper


courtesy of CrookedTongues

Vacuum Shoes from Electrolux


This is way cool, not only does it let u clean ur house just by walking, it also gives you the daily excercise you need~ ………Bye! gotta vacuum my room now..*clickedeeclack*clickedeeclack* ok, i don’t really know what walking sounds like… hahaha

courtesy of T3

Before I end tonight’s post.. i just wanna say Bon Voyage to a very good friend of mine, c Dud who will be leaving for Tokyo today! Have fun dud! I guarantee you’ll have a blast  there… and remember, gambar kan rumah ku lama which is right next to the Brunei Embassy keh! “ai wanda if u knw how dey libu in tokeeyo~ pas and puriioooossss~” 


8 Responses to “Septembro”

  1. nur25 Says:

    ai aku pun inda sampat begmbr arah nbt ah, ready sudah jacket for full effect. haha. thanks dude! will see you when I get back nanti. kau lanja ah! =p
    bah be good.

  2. Saaaa! Says:

    Shadyy kambeeeeng!!!
    oredy target any kambing??here nada kambing so i cant,if got target pun it wont be fun if i cukur the goatee by myself!wahahaha…oooh before we cukur, we tocang the goatee keh?

  3. emma29 Says:

    Lol… Sampat lagi lagu teriyaki bois tu… Buleh my friend n i didnt get the ‘fast n furiouss’ bit unti someone told us heee.. We thought it was some japanese word….. *lol*

  4. Moreira Says:

    Shadi, alum abis ku membaca blog my ah. Singan ko buat laps dan sebagainya. Di mana gym mu ani?? Aku mauuuuuu~~~ I need gym mannnn!!

  5. shitsoil Says:

    Nur: haha.. bah u have fun in tokyo ah dud.. jgn ‘lost in translation’, gambar rumah ku lama besides the bru embassy and uum.. oleh-oleh! jgn slipar jipun lah ah.. yg ‘murah’ like nintendo wii saja.. haha..bah u have a gud one

    Sarah: “NOTCHEEETTT!!” alum ada yg panjang janggut… gimme a few months..haha.. bah u tocang and i make dread locks or corn haha. ok, i’ll be waiting 😀 eh apa sa.. “vote for pedro” ? hahaha

    Rosie: haha… pas an puriiioouussss kali aah~ drift drift drift ‘cher….haha

    Marha: haha.. bah baca pulaaang~ graduate udaaah~ apa lagi kan d ingau kan.. ‘jujur’ lagi tu.. stedi! jalan cheng! u drive! and ur treat! haha.. well, w/ regards to the gym, dont expect nything lyk Fitness First.. haha..aku penganggur kali masih ah.. so i jst go to the sports complex in tutong.. and its free! they have a good running track and badminton facility and a mini gym…a bit rusty tho~ but like i sed.. ITS FREE!! hehe

  6. mash Says:

    lol. have your friend take a picture of MY house too. remember which one?coz i remember yours. 😛 hahha

  7. shitsoil Says:

    haha.. yes Dud if ur reading this.. rumah c Mash d belakang brunei embassy~ haha.. those were the good old days ah mash… when was that 1994-95 is it?

  8. mash Says:

    hahaha. was it? oh yea, 94-95. Giiiilaaaaaa. Hahahaha. Seriously, we gotta catch up. Its been too long. hehehe.

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