Lovely As a Summer’s Day

Let me just start off by saying ‘Bwwwohhh~’ .. don’t ask what it refers to but God knows how many times that word has been used today~ haha.. kan kan kan~ 😛 anyways, just got back from dinner… today was seriously a one-man feast day… let’s see, I had king prawns, Ayam penyet rice, $13 worth of satay… now don’t me wrong.. I am not ‘gelojoh’ as you might think… the satay was for sharing… but then again, I probably ate more than half of it myself…. ok fine.. I am gelojoh~ haha.. pedahal I already said my ‘before meal Bismillah‘… guess I was just hungry~ and yet, I said I was gonna live healthy.. hahah~ oh well, lapar maaan~ hmm wat else wat else… oh, i knw this is totally out there and random… but i just realized that I’ve become darker… skin tone-wise that is….  I mean, a few years ago when wearing baggy jeans and pretending u were black was the IN thing, I wouldn’t have complained as much since I would have been a step closer from becoming 50 Cent…all i needed was my own bitch and get shot… hahaha.. ok, as usual I’m drifting away from what i was talking about.. so yes, mikin itam ku che~ i guess this place is jst too darn hot~ thank gudness for photo editing..hahahah… oh well…. anak MELAYOOO kali aah~ anak MELAYU KAMPUNG for that matter… and u knw wat, I love the lifestyle~ *c Shady bubut ayam* …………… “baleek kampoong~ oooh ooh ooh, baleek kampppoongg~”

The Silver Surfer

I’ve talked about the Fantastic 4: Rise of The Silver Surfer earlier this month and of course, based from the title itself… the Silver Surfer will have a mjor role in this one… so here’s an exclusive first look at the Silver dude himself… (he’ll fully be in CGI just so u knw)


Pirates go Arrrr~

Even since the 2nd installment of the Pirates of The Caribbean franchise came out, rumors have been circulating with regards to Keith Richards (of The Rolling Stones) playing  Jack Sparrow’s (Depp) father… Although the producers and cast have been tight lipped on the matter.. it can now be confirmed that Keith Richards will indeed play the father of Jack Sparrow in Pirates of The Caribbean: At Worlds End .. yipeee!!


Cubic egg anyone?

Seriously, of all the gadgets that I’ve posted on ShitSoil… this has got to be the coolest invention/gadget so far~ *in an advertising voice* Ever felt bored with your breakfast? Well~ worry no more! Coz u can now have a cube-shaped boiled egg! Impossible u say? *smack* of course not! see for yourself smartass


what did i tell ya~ cool huh? so how does it work? well, the egg cuber thingy takes in a still-warm egg and squashes it into a cubic shape, all without leaking out the yolk inside. Take the pleasure of freaking out kids and your grannys with this thing~ haha…

iPhone? probably fake..yet believable


yea yea yea, here I am again… ranting about the ‘possibly not even gonna come out Apple phone’…. not sure if this is the real thing… but real or not, this is probably the most credible as compared to the other fakers… There’s the dual-screen touch-screen system as  previously rumored… Secondly, there’s a touch-sensitive bottom section which can be either a wheel or phone buttons, plus the iPod Nano-esque body that matches what other rumors, and Kevin Rose have said. BUT, the poster still uses the name iPhone… so there’s a chance that we’re being duped here once again since…… well…. just read it here

courtesy of amobileme a box

it took me a while to stop laughing after watching this SNL (Saturday Night Live) skit featuring Andy Samburg and Justin Timberlake…considerng the holiday season is here, i just thought this was very suitable… hahaha! enjoy…


One Response to “Lovely As a Summer’s Day”

  1. Tina Says:

    Oh, a friend of mine has got the iPhone, is it called? Yea, she got it from China. Costs less than $500, if I remember correctly.

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