Ho Ho Ho!~

xmas2.jpg  It’s Christmas!~ You know, as a non-Christian… I still do tend to have that Christmas spirit in me. Putting the religious aspect aside, I see this day as a joyous and a great holiday where everyone whether he/she is a Muslim, a Christian etc can just come together and have fun just like Hari Raya… I believe that intolerance and ignorance for one another has been one of the main driving force of today’s conflict, may it be war or in a smaller scale…. I personally, have grown up and lived in Christmas-celebrating countries almost my whole life and it is safe for me to argue that respecting one another’s belief and festivities is vital if ‘peace’ is what we are really aiming for.. Sadly, it is easier said than done… Still today, discrimination, may it be on race, sex and religion remains… but I suppose we can still do our part by wishing everyone A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year… 🙂

Wham! – Last Christmas

one of my all time favourite Christmas tunes from my favourite era – the 80s – where the bigger your hair, the cooler you were… looking back at the music video, I find it odd that people couldn’t figure out that George Michael was ‘on the other team’..but then again, as Charlie Murphy have said – “..the guy who looked the most like a bitch was getting all the women” in the 80s… enjoy 🙂

ShitSoil’s Recommended Toys To Give To Your Kids For Christmas

The Wee-Wee Chopping Giraffe


‘Talk Like A Gangsta’ Wheel


My First Suicide Kit


Junior Poacher Kit


My Nieghbourhood Stranger Playset


Divorced Barbie Set


Grind For Fun


Pull My Finger (With Sound and Scent)


courtesy of Worth1000

Shady’s Christmas List

Well..if I really had a choice.. I’de probably ask Santa for cash, a mansion and a Lexus…and on top of that, a ticket to Brisbane… hee hee hee 😉 …….but then, that wouldn’t be reasonable would it~ and besides… sorry to burst your bubbles but Santa doesn’t exist kids… the one you saw was probably your dad or a guy on parole working at the mall wearing a pillow-stuffed red suit and fake beard..hahaa.. *oops* did I say that out loud? Anyhowdoodly~ I want these….

clwmchine.jpg You know those Claw Machines..and how you get extremely frustrated when it grabs a toy or a chocolate bar and just when you’re about to get it..the damn claws jst drops it due to its really crappy grip… and that’s when you know you’ve been robbed of your dollar.. and i’de usually jst start kicking and knocking it…*looks around for mall security*…and when its safe..kick it again… hahaha.. well.. I want one! I mean, with all the banging and punching walls due to the frustration..it may be good excercise for me.. and besides, I can always open the machine myself after 100 failed attempts..haha

antfrm.jpg What every kid has and what I always wanted…an ANT FARM…. Back in Brisbane, I remember going into the National Geographic store with Shuks one afternoon looking for an ant farm… and they had these! Instead of using traditional sand, it uses a Nasa-created goo which serves both food and housing for the ants.. and while the sales lady was rambling about it to me… I asked…”so can I mix red ants and black ants in this thing?” and she said yes, but they’ll probably bite each other’s heads off… and my reply to her was “COOL!” *eyes sparkling*…. but last-last… inda jua jadi mbali.. angat-angat tai ayam… BUT I SHOULD’VE! Since it was on sale! uurrgh~ so to my ‘Kambing’ yang berada di Brisbane atu…. Shady wants an ANT FAAAARM~~ Teeennxx!!! hahahaha! 😛

suparman.jpg Last but not least..I wanna be just like Superman~ hahaha… i mean, with all the gym workouts I’ve been doing…why don’t I just buy one of these~! instant muscles! haha.. with this, I can sit back, relax, eat all I want and still look..well, as Paris Hilton would say… ‘Hawt’.. I wonder if it comes with a step-by-step manual to make my hair look lyk this kid?..speaking of the kid..this picture is annoying the heck out of me really… feel like knocking those teeth out..hahaha

courtesy of IWantOneOfThose, ThinkGeek & Mattel

Boyz II Men & Brian Mcknight – Let It Snow

I’ll just end tonight’s post with another of my all time favourite Christmas song from the early 90s… This was the during the glory days of R&B music when the number of blings and bitches you had didn’t really matter….but they do look kinda tacky though.. with the whole seluar tingkai and granny-knitted sweaters..and look how skinny Brian Mcknight and the Boyz were! hahaha..nevertheless, great music 🙂

Mariah Carey – Miss You Most (At Christmas Time)


2 Responses to “Ho Ho Ho!~”

  1. nur25 Says:

    dude superman ah pakai seluar jeans! uncool eh. hmm maybe all the airlines shud replace their lifejacket with those. haha

  2. shitsoil Says:

    hahaha… yea and rename it to..’man-boobies saver’…hahha. dud! i envy u man~ u hav a white christmas over there~ well it may not be snowing yet.. but i knw its darn cold at the moment.. so expect snow in January… urrggh!! “iiiiimm dreaaamiiing of a whiiiitttteee christmaaass..”

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